Download a Free Memo Template for Google Docs (3 Types)

Download a free memo template for Google Docs below, or learn to make your own template from scratch.

What Is a Memo?

A memorandum, or memo for short, is a written document often used for an organization’s internal communication. It is an important workplace document and is usually used to convey updates, requests, or other general information to the other staff in the company, including colleagues, department heads, and managers. They are commonly used to communicate about changes made to the policies in the organization, upcoming events, reports on the progress of a project, and to share important news or updates.

Types of Memos

There are several kinds of memos. These include:

  • Request Memo: The purpose of this memo is to get a favorable response to the needs stated in the document. The requests in this document should be stated clearly, and the reason for the request should be stated. Financial costs would also be mentioned and explained in detail, and the expenses should be justified.
  • Confirmation Memo: This memo is written to confirm something in writing. Make sure you are specific about the major points that were agreed upon. You can number the points to be emphasized. Encourage feedback for any unclear or misunderstood points.
  • Report Memo: These are also known as periodic reports and are used to provide cost reports. These can be written for monthly, quarterly, and yearly cost reports. As these are written frequently, they are usually created using pre-made templates.
  • Suggestion Memo: These memos are often used to communicate suggestions or ideas. Make sure to use a much more direct approach in the suggestions memo. Start with providing positive comments, and then provide an opinion for a change.
  • Results Memo: As the name suggests, result memos are used to convey the results of a study in an informal manner. The results are shown in an easy-to-understand way. Like the other types of memos, use headings to ensure the memo is readable and present the data in a Findings section.

Elements of a Memo

Before we look at how you can create a memorandum template in Google Docs, here are some of the memo elements:

  • Heading:  The heading part of your memo should contain the date, subject, name, recipient, and sender. Make sure the subject line is specific so the reader can know about the subject with just a glance.
  • Opening: The opening of the memo should introduce the memo and provide a bit of context. This can include background information or the events that lead up to the memo.
  • Body: The body of your memo document should give all the details about the topic. It should be clear and concise. Use numbered lists, subheadings, or bullet points to ensure the memo’s information is easy to follow.
  • Conclusion: The concluding part should summarize the main points and reiterate any steps that need to be taken or any action items.
  • Closing: The closing part of the memo can request further action. This can also include the name, title, and relevant contact information.
  • Attachments: Memos can also include optional attachments like charts, reports, and other data to provide context for the information in the memo. This can be labeled and referenced in the memo if attached. It’s best to group ideas based on the subject and use headings to highlight them.

How to Make a Memo Template for Google Docs

Before we take a look at some of the free pre-made memorandum forms templates, here is how to create a memo template in Google Docs:

  1. Open Google Docs in your browser and head to Docs.New to open a dew document.
Change the page setup
  1. Choose the proper page setup you want for your memo. To do this, click on File in the top bar and then on Page setup. In the window, select Orientation, Paper size, and Margins. We suggest using margins around 0.5, which allows for much more flexible editing. Click on the blue OK button to save the changes.
Add a table
  1. Using tables allows you to position the elements in the memo template. To insert a table, click on Insert in the main toolbar and click on Table. Here, select the table size using the grid.
  2. After adding the table, enter the elements and resize the table by clicking and dragging on one of the sides of the cells.
Change the table options
  1. You can hide the cell borders of the table entirely, or you can hide some of the borders. To hide the entire table’s borders, click inside the table and then click on Table options in the main toolbar. You can learn more on how to add a border in Google Docs from the linked article.
Change border color and thickness
  1. In the Table properties sidebar, expand the Color section. Here, change the Table border width to 0 pt to hide it.
Change line thickness
  1. We wish to show the bottom border of the table for this memo template. To do this, click and select the border you wish to show. If you want to show multiple borders, press Ctrl and click to select multiple borders. With the borders selected, click on the Border width icon in the main toolbar and choose the line width you prefer.

Whether you’re creating a memo template or simply want to highlight text, strikethrough is a great feature to know about. Here is how to strikethrough on Google Docs.

Free Downloadable Google Docs Memo Templates

Simple Memo Template for Google Docs

Memo template for Google Docs 1

Access Template

This first memo format sample template is great for general-purpose use. The top part is the heading, where you can edit the text to show the company’s name. Underneath the header, you can add a phone number, location, and email address. Below the header line, you can add the Subject, Date, Recipient, and Sender name.

After adding header elements, you can now add the text for the momo body. Here, you should look to add the Opening, Body, and Conclusion elements of the memo format Google Docs. Finally, you can add your signature on the line below. You can add your signature by taking a picture of it and adding that picture, or you can use the built-in Google Drawings tool.

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Business Memo Template Google Docs

Memo template Google Docs 2

Access Template

This template is better suited for use in business environments where you’re sending out a lot of memos. The business memo template Google Docs is formatted in a way where you don’t have to perform a lot of edits. The top part features a section where you can add the Subject, Date, To, and From.

Below the header, you can add the body of the template. We have already added placeholder text for the Opening, Summary, and Conclusion sections. Feel free to replace the text to add your own. The last part of the official memo template includes space for CC and any Attachments you may want to add to the memo.

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Internal Memo Template for Google Docs

Memo template Google Docs 3

Access Template

This memo template includes a bit of color, which is crucial if you want to add a bit of your company’s theme to the template. Simply edit the colors of the template to match your company’s theme. The memo is divided into two distinct sections. The first one allows you to add the header elements like the Date, To, From, and Subject.

The next section allows you to add the body of the memo. You can divide this section into smaller subsections to add the other elements like the Opening, Body, Conclusion, and Closing.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, you found a memo template for Google Docs that you can use within your corporation. If you found the templates here useful, then you’ll love our premium templates too. You can use the code SSP to save 50% on any download you make from our paid template library.

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