6 Payment Receipt Templates for Google Docs (Free!)

While not legally required for purchases under $20, customers can still request receipts to record their expenses and financial transactions. They can also be used for legal purposes when they contain substantial information (name, contact number, etc.).

If you don’t have spare time to design receipt layouts, we’ve got you! Today, we explore some of the easiest receipt templates in Google Docs, along with tips to customize them for professional and accurate records of transactions. To create a Google receipts template from scratch, we’ll give you advice on that, too!

The Best Receipt Templates in Google Docs

The following receipt templates in Google Docs are the most popular free options.

1. Simple Sales Receipt

Receipt template Google Docs—preview of simple sales receipt template


If you’re in retail or a service-focused business, this is a handy Google receipt template for providing clients with proof of transactions. List every item or service that a customer purchased, along with its unit cost, quantity/hours, and amount.

You can completely customize this Google Docs sales receipt template to fit your brand. For example, you should insert your business’s logo, name, address, and contact information into the header section.

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2. Residential Rent Payment Receipt

Preview of residential rent payment template


Having a polished brand image can help you keep clients while attracting new ones. This mindset should also manifest in your written documents, including a residential rental receipt.

In this receipt template, we’ve included a table that helps you organize your tenants’ payment details. There’s also an acknowledgment clause wherein your tenant can sign and confirm their rental payment.

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3. Commercial Property Lease Payment Receipt

Preview of commercial lease receipt template


Regarding business taxes, a commercial property lease is typically a tax-deductible expense. Therefore, businesses wanting to lease your property will almost certainly request a receipt before the tax season.

If you want a quick yet consistent receipt layout, our corporate-style commercial lease receipt template is a great pick.

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4. Cash Acknowledgement Receipt

Preview of Cash Acknowledgement Receipt


Sure, your customers can casually hand over their payment to you. In the business world, however, formally documenting every financial transaction is essential for accurate financial records, accountability, and even dispute resolution. You can help achieve this by using our free receipt template in Google Docs.

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5. Basic Cash Payment Form

Preview of basic cash payment form template in Google Docs


If you’re looking for a receipt template for general purposes, this document might be what you need. This simple form indicates the payer’s details, the amount received, any unpaid balance, and other relevant pieces of information.

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6. Non-profit Donation Receipt

Preview of non-profit donation receipt template


Qualified charitable contributions and donations may be deducted from a business’ taxes. Business owners must keep any document that records the contribution, such as a bank record or a receipt. These papers should indicate the organization’s name, amount, and donation date.

If donors request such a receipt, this template will be incredibly helpful. Be sure to indicate donor information, donation details, and your organization’s details.

There’s also an acknowledgment section where you can fill out the name of your organization, the donated amount, and even a word of thanks.

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How to Use Our Receipt Templates

To get started, click one of the provided receipt template links above. When you’re directed to the “Copy document” interface, click the “Make a copy” button.

Screenshot of how to make a copy of a Google Doc

What to Include on a Receipt

A receipt provides proof of a transaction between a buyer and a seller. It’s important to include all of the necessary information on a receipt to ensure it’s accurate and can be used for record-keeping, tax reporting, or reimbursement purposes.

Essential elements that should be included on every receipt are:

  • Vendor information (i.e., name, address, and contact details of the seller/vendor)
  • Receipt number and transaction date
  • List of services or products purchased (e.g., description, quantity, price, taxes, discounts)
  • Total amount paid (including any taxes or fees)
  • Payment method (e.g., cash, credit card, check)
  • For card and check transactions, buyer information (i.e., name, contact information)
  • Business logo or branding

How to Make a Receipt in Google Docs

If you didn’t find a receipt template that matches your use case, you can also make one from scratch in Google Docs.

Step 1: Establish Company Branding

  1. Go to Google Docs and start a new document.
  2. Click on Insert > Headers & footers > Header.
How to insert a header in Google Docs


  1. Insert (and adjust) your company logo by choosing Insert > Images, then select your preferred method of inserting an image.
How to insert an image in Google Docs


  1. Type your company details, such as its name, address, and contact information.
  2. Modify your text’s typeface, font size, and color to ensure that it aligns with your company branding.
How to format a header section in Google Docs


  1. Click outside the header section to save your changes.

You can go a step further by adding footnotes to your Google document. This section is a great place to indicate details such as thank-you notes and other branding elements.

Screenshot showing a thank you footnote in Google Docs

Step 2: Indicate the Payer’s Details

  1. On the first line of your document, type “Payer’s Information.”
  2. Select and bold text by clicking the “B” icon in the toolbar. Alternatively, you can press “Ctrl” + “B” (or “Command” + “B” on Mac).
How to bold text in Google Docs


  1. Press the Enter or Return button on your keyboard, then indicate the following on separate lines:
    • Payer’s name
    • Client ID
    • Contact information
    • Address
    • Receipt number
    • Receipt date
Entering the details of a receipt in a Google Document


  1. Adjust the text’s formatting as necessary.

Step 3: Describe the Products Sold or Services Rendered

  1. Just below the payer’s information, add a 4 x 10 table by clicking Insert > Table.
How to insert a table in Google Docs


  1. In the first row of your table, type the following categories: description, unit cost, qty/hours, and amount.
  2. Bold the category text.
  3. Fill out the cells under this row with relevant information for each category.

Step 4: Enter the Amount Involved

  1. Insert more rows at the bottom of your table by clicking the “plus (+)” button (on the left).
How to insert new rows in an existing Google Docs table


  1. Type the following categories in the same column as the “Qty/Hours” field:
  • Subtotal
  • Discount
  • Tax Rate
  • Tax
  • Total
  1. Enter the required information about the transaction amount to the right of the categories mentioned in Step 2.
Entering receipt information in a Google Docs table


  1. Type “Account Details” on a new line.
  2. Click on Align > Right align in the toolbar. Alternatively, you can press Ctrl + Shift + R (or Command + Shift + R on Mac).
How to align text to the right in Google Docs


  1. Enter the account details of the payer below “Account Details”:
    • Account name
    • Account number
    • Payment method
    • Other information
Screenshot of account details section in a receipt

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Google Docs Have a Receipt Template?

Unfortunately, no. Google Docs doesn’t offer a receipt template in its gallery. If you need pre-designed receipt samples for your business or organization, Spreadsheet Point offers a variety of free Google Docs receipt templates.

Can You Write Your Own Receipt?

Yes, you can write your own receipts, either electronically or handwritten.

For electronic receipts, you can use online tools like Google Docs. Start by going to https://docs.google.com/ and creating a new document. Here, you can indicate your transaction details, such as the receipt date, amount, and product or service description.

What Makes a Receipt Legal?

Receipts can be used for legal purposes when they clearly indicate the seller, transaction date, the amount involved, payment method, and product (or service) description.

Final Thoughts

Receipts are crucial in business and serve as proof of transactions between you and your clients. Implement them quickly in your enterprise by using one of our receipt templates in Google Docs.

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