About Spreadsheet Point

Welcome to Spreadsheet Point!

My name is Sumit and I have started this website to share all the awesome things you can do with Google Sheets.

While I have been using Excel Spreadsheets for 10+ years now (and still love and use it every day), I see a lot of people using Google Sheets nowadays.

Due to its low cost and online access and collaboration, Google Sheets has become the spreadsheet choice for many (especially small businesses and freelancers). Google Sheets have been getting new features and functionalities every now and then and it has become a lot more powerful and user-friendly in the last few years

Through this site, I aim to share some useful tips and tutorials that can help you become a better spreadsheet user and get the work done faster. 

There are hundreds of simple tricks that only takes a few minutes to learn, and can end up saving you hours and hours on a daily basis. I hope you find some such tricks on this site.

In case you’re interested in learning Excel, you can check out my other site – TrumpExcel.com. I also have a Excel training for beginners (12+ hours of videos available for free)

If you have any feedback for me or this site (Spreadsheet Point) or want to reach out with any query, you can fill the contact form below.