7 Best Google Data Studio Certification Courses in 2024

To transform raw numbers into insightful reports and dashboards, countless businesses use tools like Google Data Studio (now rebranded as Looker Studio), a free and powerful data visualization platform.

Understandably, there’s a growing need for professionals who can use such tools. If you want to break into this industry, we recommend having a certificate to validate your skills. Keep reading for the best Google Data Studio certification courses you can take in 2024.

Best Google Data Studio Courses in 2024

The Best Google Data Studio Certification Courses: Reviewed

1. Coursera: Create a Custom Google Data Studio Analytics Dashboard – Best Overall

Coursera: Create a Custom Google Data Studio Analytics Dashboard

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Level Intermediate
Cost Free
Length 2 hours
Rating 4.4 out of 5 (90+ ratings)

Key Features

  • A split-screen layout that lets you learn hands-on while being guided by the instructor
  • Discussion on Google Data Studio basics and creating a custom dashboard
  • Desktop access only

This short, guided Coursera project lets you explore Google Data Studio as an instructor teaches you. The course content and assessments are delivered in the first hour, while practical exercise follows in the succeeding hour.

You’ll learn how to make an account for Google Data Studio, explore its interface, start connecting data sources, and build your dashboard. These knowledge points are provided using the Coursera split-screen mode (with an active workspace on the left side and a video tutorial on the right).

Most importantly, this course earns you a sharable Data Studio certification that shows up on your LinkedIn profile.


2. Udemy: Google Data Studio A-Z: Looker Studio for Data Visualization – Best on Udemy

Udemy: Google Data Studio A-Z: Looker Studio for Data Visualization

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Level Beginner to Advanced
Cost Paid — $
Length 45 lectures, 4h 28m in total
Rating 4.6 out of 5 (2,500+ ratings)

Key Features

  • Tackles creating various types of charts in Google Data Studio, as well as using advanced features like data blends and handling date and time information in time series
  • Instructor support for learner’s questions
  • Practical exercises that enhance your data visualization skills
  • Certificate of completion that can be verified on Udemy

Like the other beginner courses we’ve discussed, Udemy details the theoretical concepts and chart types. It also tackles advanced functionalities like data filters, external embeds, and report branding principles.

These topics are delivered in 44 short video lessons, alongside three informative articles and four resources you can download. You’ll have lifetime access to these resources, allowing you to browse through lesson updates whenever you need a refresher.

Top companies have used this course for employee training, including Box and Volkswagen. Also, this course has already been accessed by more than 170K students. Note that you can also access this course with Udemy’s personal plan.


3. Google Analytics Academy: Introduction to Data Studio — Best for Beginners

Google Analytics Academy: Introduction to Data Studio

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Level Beginner
Cost Free
Length 4 units, 13 lessons in total

Key Features

  • Free access to an introductory Google Data Studio course
  • Short but insightful video lessons targeted at marketers, data analysts, and similar professions
  • Practical exercises for hands-on learning

Produced by Google, this course is great for people who are just starting to explore Looker Studio. Over four units, students will be taught how to connect their data to their reports, develop excellent dashboards and graphics, and share their work with their teammates.

There are quizzes and activities in between lessons. If you happen to make mistakes in these tests, the course directs you back to the previous lessons where the specific question topic was discussed.

This course utilizes short lessons — and you might even be able to finish it in just two to five hours. You’ll receive a certificate upon completion if you score above 80% on all tests.


4. Udemy: Google Data Studio 2019: The Complete A-Z Guide – Best Older Course

Udemy: Google Data Studio 2019: The Complete A-Z Guide

Learn More

Level Beginner to Advanced
Cost Paid — $
Length 46 lessons, 3h 25m in total
Rating 4.5 out of 5 (300+ ratings)

Key Features

  • Lifetime access to video lessons that you can watch independently of one another
  • Discussion on revealing data patterns (e.g., sales trends, customer behavior)
  • Individual dataset used per learning section
  • Instructor support to utilize when you have questions about the lessons

While this course was created in 2019, it remains an excellent resource for those starting with Google Data Studio today. Minus branding, the platform’s interface, and features haven’t changed much over the years.

The tutor discusses everything from basic features (like creating interactive Google Data Studio dashboards) to more complex topics like aggregations, report filters, and multiple data source reports.

An excellent element of this course is being able to ask your tutor questions if something is unclear. This is especially handy for those who are completely new to Google Data Studio.


5. CXL: Google Data Studio Certification — Best for Exploring Google Data Studio In-Depth

CXL: Google Data Studio Certification — Best for Exploring Google Data Studio In-Depth

Learn More

Level Beginner to Advanced
Cost Paid — $$$
Length 13 lessons, 4h 30m in total

Key Features

  • Walk-throughs on tidying data and making insightful reports
  • Lessons on creating dashboards that other viewers and collaborators can navigate
  • Various knowledge points like data sources, funnel visualizations, calculated fields, and more
  • Interactive online community providing real-time support

If you’re aiming to become a competent data professional, it’s not enough for you to grasp the basics of Google Data Studio’s interface. You’ll want to ensure that you can utilize its functions well in real-world applications.

In addition to discussing the basic interface of the platform, this course tackles concepts like data blends, updating data sources, the implications of color blindness in data visualizations, and more. These concepts are delivered through 13 lessons, as well as various tests and a final assessment.

The most beneficial thing about this course is the certificate you can add directly to your LinkedIn profile. CXL is an authorized education provider on the said platform. It’s also well-known for having trained employees from big companies like Amazon, Ikea, and Google.


6. Loves Data: Looker Studio Course — Best for Dashboards

Google Data Studio certification—Loves Data: Looker Studio Course

Learn More

Level Beginner to Advanced
Cost Paid — $$
Length 6 units, 23 lessons in total

Key Features

  • Complete access to up-to-date video lessons to learn Google Data Studio
  • Offers various quizzes and activities to examine your understanding of the concepts discussed
  • An intellectual forum where you can communicate with other learners
  • Provides fourteen dashboard templates that you can utilize for your projects
  • Comes with a course completion certificate that you can add to your portfolio

Loves Data’s Looker Studio Course will teach you how to transform raw data (on Google Sheets and Google Analytics) into insightful reports. This entails learning data visualization techniques, creating reports and dashboards, and sharing your reports with other people.

You can access guided walkthroughs in Google Data Studio. Moreover, students can join a discussion space to interact and exchange ideas with other learners.

This course also offers various quizzes and practical exercises that validate your learning (and put these learned techniques into action).


7. LinkedIn Learning: Looker Studio for Beginners – Best on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Learning: Looker Studio for Beginners

Learn More

Level Beginner
Cost Paid — $
Length 15 lessons, 46m in total
Rating 4.8 out of 5 (300+ ratings)

Key Features

  • Accessible on both smartphones and tablets
  • Provides one project file
  • Shareable LinkedIn certificate of completion

If you’re currently building your LinkedIn profile and want to include Google Data Studio in your skillset, this course is an excellent pick. A major selling point is receiving a certificate of completion from LinkedIn, meaning you can display it in your profile’s “Licenses and Certificates” section.

As you explore this course, the instructor will start by familiarizing you with the interface of Google Data Studio. You’ll learn about the ins and outs of data sources, including the different platforms you can connect to.

You’ll also discover how to generate responsive charts on a Data Studio dashboard, as well as how to modify report formatting. Lastly, the instructor covers various sharing options for sending your dashboard to collaborators. Note that we also cover Data Studio templates in detail.

Criteria for Finding a Google Data Studio Certification Course

If you’re researching Google Data Studio courses, plenty have high ratings from previous students. But whether they suit you depends on your specific learning style, time availability, and budget.

Here are some useful criteria that you can use to pick a Google Data Studio training course that will suit your current outlook:


Courses often display their particular difficulty level — and for good reason! If you’re a complete newbie, you definitely shouldn’t choose one that’s been designed for advanced users. Whatever your experience, select a course that caters to your current skill level.


If you’re looking for courses that provide certificates, be prepared to spend some money. While a few free courses are on the market, these are usually introductory. This is great if you’re a beginner, but it’s not much use if you need something more comprehensive.


Depending on the difficulty, your course could last anywhere between days to months. We recommend choosing one that lets you study at your own pace, especially if it requires a long-term commitment.

Content Delivery

Some courses might be loaded with content, but they’re lacking useful exercises and assessments. Be sure to pick one with a good balance of video lessons, practical activities, and resources to read.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s cover a few of the most common questions about learning Data Studio.

Is There a Certification for Google Data Studio?

While there’s no official certification for Google Data Studio, there are many certificates you can earn to prove your proficiency. Many popular online course providers have instructions for using the platform, too. You can earn Google Data Studio certification from Udemy, Coursera, LinkedIn Learning, and CXL. Simply enroll in one of their certification courses, go through the lessons, and pass their assessments.

Is Google Data Studio Difficult to Learn?

If you’re a complete beginner to the Google ecosystem, this tool might be difficult at the start. Its challenges depend on individual learning speed and capacity. When compared to more advanced platforms like Tableau and Power BI, Google Data Studio is relatively easier to master.

Final Thoughts

People who transform scattered data into powerful reports are highly sought-after. And if you’re looking for career opportunities in this field, it might be extremely useful to get your Google Data Studio certification(s) from a top learning platform.

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