How to Make Labels in Google Docs [Free Template]

Labels are a crucial component of any office or home organization system. They help you quickly identify items and maintain an organized workspace. This guide will show you how to make labels in Google Docs and print them.

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Can You Make Labels in Google Docs?

Yes, you can create labels in Google Docs. It’s possible that many people are unaware of this feature, considering that most people use specialized label-making software for their labels. However, by using tables or label-making add-ons available in Google Docs, you can quickly create and print labels directly from your document.

What Is the Best Tool for Creating Labels?

Thanks to its user-friendly interface, Google Docs is one of the most popular options for creating labels. Users can import pre-existing labels or create their own custom labels — and it offers tons of customizations.

4 Benefits of Creating Labels with Google Docs

Labels are excellent tools for categorizing and organizing information in a clear and accessible way. They are used in various contexts, including stores, warehouses, and factories.

The use of labels is beneficial for several reasons, including:

1. Organization

Labels can help categorize different items by their size, weight, color, and more. By providing spaces for these items, you can dramatically cut down on clutter.

2. Efficiency

Labels can increase efficiency by making it easier to locate items quickly. For example, labeling boxes can make it faster to find specific documents when you need them.

3. Branding

You can add your brand logo to a label in Google Docs. Whichever envelopes or packages you use them on, this can help increase brand recognition.

4. Mailing

You’ll speed up shipping processes when you know how to create mailing labels in Google Docs. Add recipient addresses, postal codes, and barcodes to ensure your parcel heads to the right place.

Which Google Docs Label Template Should I Use?

Although Google Docs doesn’t have any built-in label templates, you can find free label templates for Google Docs online on sites like Label Maker and Foxy Labels. Both of these tools are available as add-ons for Google Docs.

How to Make Labels on Google Docs

Making labels in Google Docs is easy. You can create labels using tables or a Google Docs add-on for labels.

If you want to create your own labels, the following two methods are the easiest options to get started:

Method 1: Use a Table

The easiest way to create labels in Google Docs is by using a table. You can create a table with the number of rows and columns you need, then add your text to each cell.

Note: If you don’t wish to create your own labels, check out our pre-made label template in Google Docs below.

Access Template

To create your own label template:

  1. Open a new Google Docs document.
  2. Select “Insert” > “Table” from the top menu and choose the number of rows and columns you need.
How to make labels in Google Docs—Choose rows and columns for Google Docs labels


  1. Click on the first cell and type the desired text for your label.
How to create labels in Google Docs table


  1. Continue adding text to each cell until you’ve filled in all of your labels.
Completed Google Docs table filled with word label

Format Your Labels

  1. To increase the height and width of the labels, pull down on the borders.
Increase height and width of labels


  1. You can bold the text in the labels by selecting everything and clicking the “B” icon (bold) in the top menu bar.
Formatting tables with bold text in Google Docs


  1. You can color your labels by selecting everything and clicking on the three vertical dots (⋮) in the top menu. Next, click the background color icon.
Changing color in Google Docs labels


  1. You can align the text in the labels by clicking on the “center align” icon from the top menu bar.
How to center align labels in Google Docs

Method 2: Use a Labelmaker Add-on

As mentioned above, if you want access to a number of free pre-made label templates, we recommend using the Label Maker add-on. This will help you create amazing labels without requiring much effort.

  1. Open a new Google Docs document.
  2. Select “Add-ons” > “Get add-ons.”
Where to find add-ons in Google Docs


  1. Search for “Labelmaker” and click on “Create & Print labels” by Labelmaker
Labelmaker in Google Docs add-ons


  1. Click on the “Install” button.
Install Labelmaker on Google Docs


  1. Return to the doc and select “Extensions” > “Create & Print Labels” and click on “Create labels.”
Create labels with Labelmaker in Google Docs


  1. Choose your desired configurations and click on “Create labels.”
Configuring Labelmaker in Google Docs


  1. You can customize the labels by following the same process described in Method 1.

How to Print Labels in Google Docs

Once you’ve created your labels in Google Docs, you can print them just like any other document:

  1. Make sure your printer is connected to your computer and turned on.
  2. Click the printer icon in the top menu or use CTRL + P on Windows (CMD + P on macOS).
Printing labels in Google Docs


  1. Select your printer and adjust any print settings as needed. Choose the correct paper size, margins, scale, and orientation (portrait or landscape) to match that of your labels or sticker. Your label packages should include directions.
Print settings for labels


  1. Click “Print.”
Print settings in Google Docs

Method 3: Using Mail Merge

You can also use the “mail merge” feature to create labels. To learn more about the mail merge feature, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Print Labels from Google Docs?

Yes, you can print labels from Google Docs! Once you’ve created your labels, you can print them just like any other document. You must, however, ensure that your print settings are set to match the size, margins, scale, and orientation of your custom sticker labels.

Are There Label Templates in Google Docs?

While Google Docs doesn’t have any built-in label templates, there are plenty of free label templates for Google Docs online. Labels Merge and Foxy Labels are just a handful of sites that offer free label templates that are designed for Google Docs.


Creating labels in Google Docs is a straightforward process that can save time and improve your organizational systems. Now that you know how to make labels in Google Docs, creating and printing your labels has never been easier! If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to create labels, then check out our pre-made label template below.


Access Template



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