7 Best Press Release Templates in Google Docs [For Free!]

Have some exciting business news to announce? Looking to advertise an upcoming product launch or event? Our pre-designed press release templates in Google Docs can easily be customized to fit your needs.

Let’s explore some of our best press release templates, along with expert tips on how to write one like a pro.

Why You Need a Press Release Template

Here are some reasons templates might be a convenient solution for you when releasing press materials:

Meeting Deadlines

If you plan to announce events, you should follow a content calendar. PR templates can be used to lay out content more efficiently, giving you plenty of time to create press releases.

Improving Company Image

Because press release templates come pre-formatted, your content will remain consistent and well-designed. In turn, this makes your business appear more professional and organized.

Increasing Versatility

With a prepared template, you can easily adapt content that’s been planned for release. For example, you can turn a general event press release template into a product launch PR with minimal changes.

Our 7 Best Press Release Google Docs Templates (for Free!)

Here are some of the best free press release templates available in Google Docs. These templates are easily customizable, allowing you to adjust the layout, formatting, and content to fit your specific needs. Whether you need a template for announcing business milestones or sharing awards, you’ll find them below.

1. New Product Launch Press Release

Press release template Google Docs—new product launch press release template


If you’re releasing a new product, cultivate buyer interest by using this product launch press release template. Be sure to include a sneak peek of what they can expect from the product and its potential benefits.

Also, indicate essential details like the release date and location. By announcing such pieces of information about your product launch, you’ll gather publicity and hype for your latest offer.

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2. Partnership Announcement Press Release Template

Business partnership press release template


If your company has recently entered a partnership — or merged — with another enterprise, ensure everyone knows about it. A well-crafted partnership announcement press release is vital for these situations — and this template fulfills that need.

There are plenty of reasons to release a statement, including:

  • Outlining the benefits of the partnership. This is good news for customers and investors alike.
  • Increasing the value and credibility of your business, especially if you’re pairing/merging with a reputable company.
  • Expanding your market reach. After all, the customers and investors of the other company get to learn more about you.

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3. Company Milestone Press Release

Company milestone press release template


Creating a trustworthy reputation is a huge part of company branding. This helps retain and attract customers in a specific industry. One way to achieve this is to share crucial business milestones, including what your business is capable of and the impact it will have.

Use our press release template to highlight your company’s achievements and indicate its effects on your customers (and the industry). Be sure to share your future business steps in the template, too.

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4. Executive Appointment Press Release

New executive press release template


In many ways, a company’s credibility can heavily depend on its executives. For example, tech companies with prestigious CEOs and directors often attract more attention than enterprises without them.

Showcasing the skills and expertise of your company’s new decision-makers can maintain — and improve — your credibility. If you need an executive appointment press release template, be sure to use ours.

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5. Corporate Social Responsibility Press Release

Corporate social responsibility press release template


Cultivating a positive reputation that goes beyond your core business operations is essential in the business world. In terms of corporate social responsibility, this involves sharing your initiatives, donating to foundations, taking sustainability-focused steps, and committing to environmental maintenance.

Use this press release template to highlight your company’s commitment to CSR and improve its image.

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6. Recognition Press Release Template

Awards and recognitions press release template


Awards and recognition can help your company position itself as a leader. Since these accolades pave the way for increased publicity and improved business relationships, your enterprise should always announce awards received from reputable organizations.

Our PR template lets you quickly release a well-designed publication of your most recent recognitions.

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7. Event Press Release Template

Event announcement press release template


Have you got an event coming up soon? Ensure your expected participants know about it with this event press release template. Here, you can detail what your event is about, along with important information like date, time, venue, and key activities.

Inside our template, you’ll find a few tips on what you should have in your publication. These tips include indicating attendance benefits, such as the opportunity to listen to keynote speakers and panel discussions. Get yourself a copy of our template to find out more.

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Tips for Writing a Press Release in Google Docs

Are you ready to write your press release? Here are some expert tips you can apply.

Tip 1: Pick a Topic Worth Highlighting

Press releases are just like TV news, except that they’re used by organizations for marketing purposes and public relations. For example, a business can publish press releases to announce one of its upcoming products in 2024.

Consider the following when choosing a topic:

Timeliness of Your Press Release

Choose a topic that’s still relevant to the current date. For example, you don’t want to release press materials for last year’s award or a product launch that’s slated for next year.

Audience Resonance

Pick topics that are intriguing enough to appeal to readers. Consider creating a press release about a highly-anticipated app update that’s expected to roll out within a few weeks.

Tip 2: Observe the Tone of Your Press Materials

Avoid using high-level technical jargon in your press release (unless it’s explained in the PR). Stick to words that are appropriate for your industry.

For example, corporate-related words should be used when writing about an upcoming business conference. You’ll resonate with your readers, convey the information clearly, and keep them more interested in your press release.

Tip 3: Use Google Docs Press Release Templates

Given the number of press release templates available, is it really necessary to make one from scratch? You can make a copy of our templates (above) and customize them with your specific details.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Format for a Press Release?

There’s no standard format for a press release. Generally speaking, good PR material should have a headline, summary subheading, dateline, and compelling lead paragraph. Extra elements include supporting information, quotes from notable people, contact information, and a boilerplate.

Does Google Docs Have a Press Release Template?

No, Google Docs doesn’t have a press release template. If you need one, feel free to browse our collection at Spreadsheet Point.

Final Thoughts

Releasing press involves writing announcements and designing the publication material. Save your team substantial time by using our awesome press release templates in Google Docs!

Looking for more advanced resources? When you check out our premium templates today, you’ll get them at a 50% discount with the code “SSP.”


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