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Google Sheets Calendar Templates: The 10 Best for 2024

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A Google Sheets calendar template makes life a lot easier. Planning weeks, months, or years in advance will make you more efficient and productive. But there are so many different types of calendar spreadsheet templates on the web that it can get overwhelming. So I assembled a complete list of the best Google Sheets calendar templates. Find one that suits your needs.

The 10 Best Google Sheets Calendar Templates

Although you can easily create a calendar template in Google Sheets (and in Google Docs), doing so can be a time-consuming process. If you wish to avoid going through the process of creating one, here are 10 calendar templates you can use in Google Sheets. The first 3 are basic calendars in different formats while the others are for more complex uses.

1) List-Style Monthly Calendar Template in Google Sheets

This calendar template for Google Sheets is very similar to the one we discussed above. However, where the previous free Google Sheets calendar template was built for you to use on a screen or in printed form, this template is better suited for mobile users or desktop users who wish to have a small calendar window on their screen. Similar to the previous template, this Google Sheets calendar has 12 sheets for each month of the year.

list style google sheets calendar template

Access Template (Go to File > Make a Copy)

This calendar format is made for people who wish to track their tasks throughout the month in a small, easy-to-use format. The list format means you can view all the dates in portrait view with the tasks you wish to achieve right beside the days. This template is great for people on the go as you can add the calendar tasks in one sitting and check them on your phone whenever you want.

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2) Multiple-Month 2024 Google Sheet Calendar Template

This Google Sheets calendar template is aimed at people who wish to view the entire year on one spreadsheet. The template isn’t designed for you to be able to write extensive notes regarding the tasks you wish to perform that day. However, by using different colors to mark different tasks, you can highlight the important cells. If you want to make notes in this annual calendar template, you can right-click on any date and create a comment. This makes it helpful for simple collaboration, as you can share the sheet and tag other people in the comments.

Access Template (Go to File > Make a Copy)

One of the most helpful uses for this calendar template? Mark birthdays or days when you have to submit an important assignment or even upcoming holidays. This template can also be printed on a single sheet of paper and be used physically. We created the template for use in landscape, so you may have trouble using this template on a mobile device.

Note: Remember to select File > Make a copy when you download this free spreadsheet calendar template!

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3) Google Sheets Social Media Calendar

Social media campaigns are extremely hard to stay on top of. Luckily you can use SpreadsheetPoints social media calendar to make sure all your posts reach your audience at the right time. Although this template only uses Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram, you can add more social channels if you need to or use one of the other many social calendars in the full article.

A social media calendar

Access Template (Go to File > Make a Copy)

My social media calendar template tracks days of the week and specific dates, plus it gives you a visual reference for updates to your top social networks. As with my other templates, feel free to change the column headings if you work with other social networks (like TikTok!).

4) Content Calendar for Google Sheets

Similar to a social media calendar, a content calendar will help you track your website or business’s output of content. The difference being this template is designed more for blog posts, FAQs, and other website content. But you could just as easily add your social media content into this template too. This template is also perfect for writers that need to track all of their posts for all the different websites they work for.

A content calendar template

Access Template (Go to File > Make a Copy)

Looking for more ways to optimize content marketing? I made more content calendar templates in Google Sheets, too! They offer even more ways to track your production. If you’re an editor, an editorial calendar template helps organize who’s working on what. . . and when!

5) Daily Schedule Calendar

Although this schedule template is technically a daily planner, you can very easily use this as an incredibly detailed calendar. All you have to do is head to the sheet name in the bottom left of the page and right-click it. Then, go to Copy to > Existing spreadsheet. Then you simply have to name the new sheet after the next date and repeat for as long as you need the calendar to go for.

Daily schedule template

Access Template (Go to File > Make a Copy)

I love planner templates like this one when I go on vacation, as they can help create a viable itinerary on busy days.

6) Google Sheets Template Library Yearly Calendar

Don’t worry that this template is directly from the Google Sheets template library. It is still highly customizable, accurate, easy to use, and, most importantly—free! The second tab of this calendar template allows you to easily change the style of your calendar to match your vibe. It also allows you to change the theme by heading to Format > Theme.

2024 calendar template in google sheets

Access Template (Go to File > Make a Copy)

The best thing about this annual calendar template? It automatically updates for your current year. That means you can come back in 12 months, select the same button, and end up with a totally refreshed calendar template.

7) Auto-Updating Monthly and Yearly Calendar

This calendar comes from this calendar article on our sister site Productivity Spot. On it you can simply change the date at the top left of the first page and have an automatically updating monthly calendar on the first page, followed by a yearly calendar on the second sheet. It’s Great if you need to look at your short and long-term goals at once.

automatically updating calendar spreadsheet in google sheets

Access Template (Go to File > Make a Copy)

This is the calendar template I recommend in my video on specifically what to look for in a calendar template in Google Sheets. Just note that the Saturday and Sunday dates are to the right. Many calendar templates keep Sundays at the start of the week, so the format may look unfamiliar if you don’t usually work with this type of style.

8) Gannt Chart Calendar Template

A Gantt chart is essentially a calendar that allows you to manage a project with your team (or even just by yourself). You essentially compare project timelines with dates and where they overlap. This can be a pretty complicated type of calendar, so we’d recommend reading our full Gantt Chart guide if you aren’t already familiar with how they work.

Gannt chart calendar

Access Template (Go to File > Make a Copy)

9) Google Sheets Attendance Calendar

Attendance over the course of a year is vital to schools and workplaces. You can easily keep track of that in Google Sheets with an attendance template. This calendar tracks whether or not your team members or students were present and provides space for you to figure out why they weren’t there on specific dates.

Attendance calendar

Access Template (Go to File > Make a Copy)

10) Printable Google Sheets Calendar Template

The design for the first calendar template in this list is based on the traditional table calendars. As Google Sheets allows you to have multiple sheets in a single spreadsheet, we have added 12 sheets for each month. That can be helpful when you want to plan ahead.

Basic Google Sheets calendar template

Access Template (Go to File > Make a Copy)

Remember, a 2024 Google Sheets calendar will look different than one in 2025 and 2026.

Make a copy to use

To use this spreadsheet template (and those like my spreadsheet for rental properties), open it in your web browser while logged into Google Sheets. Now, select on File in the top left corner of the main header bar. This will open a drop-down menu. Here, select Make a copy. This will open the template in your Google Sheets while automatically syncing it to the cloud.

Why Should You Use a Calendar in Google Sheets?

There can be many benefits to using a calendar in Google Sheets. Some of these include:

  1. You can access your calendar anywhere. One of the best parts about using Google Sheets over other spreadsheet software is that the spreadsheets are saved to Google Drive. Any changes made to the spreadsheet are synced instantly. This means that if you access your Google Sheets calendar on your desktop and make changes, you can access them on your smartphone almost immediately.
  2. Calendars help you plan ahead. Calendars don’t only let you plan the upcoming day or week, but they help you plan the upcoming months in advance. No one can keep track of multiple upcoming important dates, so having a calendar can be crucial for someone dealing with many scheduled assignments or deadlines.
  3. You can share the calendar with others. Google Sheets has a fantastic feature that allows users to collaborate on a single spreadsheet in real time. The feature is seamless and can be used with a few simple selections. This means you can create a calendar you want your employees to follow and share it with them. Any changes you make to your spreadsheet will be instantly updated for them, so you won’t have to notify them anytime you add a new activity to the calendar.
  4. Calendars help you break down larger tasks. Planning for large events or projects can be a considerable undertaking, but dividing it into smaller milestones can make your job easier. Break down the large task, plan a date to complete these smaller steps, and add these dates to your Google Sheets calendar template. This way, you can focus on working towards a smaller goal instead of worrying about the big one.

How to Make a Calendar Template in Google Sheets

A great part about using Google Sheets to create a calendar is that it can be as complex or as simple as you want it to be. Here are some of the steps using which we can create calendar in Google Sheets:

  1. Add a header bar towards the top of the sheet that signifies the month or the year for that specific sheet.
  2. In the row below, add the names for the days in the weeks.
  3. Now, write the month’s first date under the month’s first day.
  4. Now, press Ctrl, select the cell, and drag your cursor to autofill the days in the month.

This will complete the basic structure of the Google Sheets calendar. Feel free to format the calendar according to your needs, add other elements like cell fill color borders, and resize some important cells to make sure they stand out. You can also use conditional formatting to ensure that cells filled with specific events stand out while the empty cells stay white.

Note that this same process applies when you want to make an Excel calendar template. The key for making these as useful as possible is to use the empty columns and rows to create visual buffers. That, in addition to removing unwanted cell lines, will help you make a monthly calendar template for any year.

Remember to check your dates for each month. January started on a Monday in 2024, but it starts on Wednesday in 2025.

What to Look for in a Calendar Template: Video

I also made a video on what to look for in your Google Sheets calendar spreadsheet template. Check out my YouTube channel for more guides.

Limitations of Using Google Sheets for Calendars

I also wanted to examine the limitations of utilizing a spreadsheet as a calendar. So let’s explore the quirks and quibbles.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I rely on my spreadsheet calendars. I have several. That’s why I compiled my favorite templates here. That said, there are some common hiccups that deserve our attention. So, let’s break it down.


The most common issue? Spreadsheet calendars usually have limited functionality. Remember, we’re talking about Google Sheets. It’s made for crunching numbers and playing with text. It wasn’t designed to be 2024 calendar wizard. That means most templates lack features that dedicated calendar apps flaunt, like automatic reminders, email buddies, and collaborative scheduling.

Modification for Recurring Events

Another potential pitfall of a spreadsheet calendar template? They cannot usually easily modify recurring events. Wrangling those in a spreadsheet can be like herding cats – cumbersome and prone to mix-ups. Dedicated calendar apps (Google Calendar, for example), come prepared with built-in options for handling daily, weekly, monthly, or other custom-tailored recurring events.

But wait, there’s more!

Visibility and Access

Spreadsheet calendars also come with some visibility and access issues. Finding specific dates or events can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. You’ve got to scroll through rows and columns, which can be a real challenge if you’re dealing with several years worth of data.

Now, here’s the deal-breaker for some businesses: no synchronization. Most spreadsheets don’t do that thing where your calendar syncs across all your devices and platforms. So, if you’re on the move or want to share your schedule, you might hit a bit of a roadblock.

That said, Google Sheets offers notoriously reliable sharability. Unlike other spreadsheet tools, it’s actually really well designed for calendar templates. You can use Google Sheets to make schedules, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the FAQs! I’ve included these to provide precise answers to common queries as you explore the power of Google Sheets for your calendars. Whether you’re a seasoned user or new to digital calendaring, rest assured that our responses are tailored to enhance your proficiency. Join me as I simplify complexities and ensure seamless integration of Google Sheets into your 2024 calendar.

Can I Create a Calendar in Sheets?

Creating a calendar in Google Sheets is simple. Create a new spreadsheet and add a header for the month you wish to create the calendar. Now, add the days of the week in one of the rows. Now, enter the first date of the month under the correct weekday. Visit on the cell containing the date. Now, press and hold Ctrl and select and drag the bottom right part of the cell to autofill the dates in the cell. Keep repeating the process to fill in the dates for the entire month.

Does Google Sheets Offer a Pre Built Template for Me to Use?

Google Sheets has an entire gallery of built-in templates that has pre-made templates that you can use. The templates are professionally designed and they’re versatile. You’ll find spreadsheet templates ranging from calendars, timesheets, invoices, and schedules to budgeting tools and resumes. You can access the template gallery by opening the main page of Google Sheets and selecting Template Gallery in the top right corner of the screen.

Otherwise, consider using some of our free spreadsheet templates. Our experts build these from scratch and make them freely available for accountants, project managers, entrepreneurs, and anyone else who needs a premade solution.

Wrapping Up

In this article, I discussed Google Sheets calendar templates. I also analyzed the benefits of each option. Finally, I reviewed some potential pitfalls of using a spreadsheet for a calendar. Hopefully, you found the perfect Google Sheets Calendar template. If you think we missed a calendar type you’d like to add, let me know in the comments.


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