4 Free Google Sheets Itinerary Templates To Plan Your Trip

Traveling can be stressful, especially when you don’t have a laid-out plan on how to spend your time at your destination. You’d be stressing over your accommodation, things to bring, where to eat, and other similar details. If you’re on a business-related trip, how to manage your projects at your target location is another thing to consider.

Putting all of these factors into one Google Sheets itinerary template allows you to use your time more efficiently and is less taxing on your mind. So follow along as we explore four types of the best itinerary templates you can use to plan your trip way ahead.

4 Itinerary Templates on Google Sheets for Better Planning

1. Business Trip Itinerary Template

business trip itinerary template


Get the template here: Business Trip Itinerary Template 

When going out on business trips, you want to keep your travels as organized as possible. This lets you reach your destinations within the correct schedule, which respects the time of both you and the people you’re going to meet.

Setting up an itinerary starting from your departure flight to your lodging details are some ways you can arrive quickly and safely at your business trip location. By detailing your flight schedule, which hotel room you’re going to stay in, and your business agenda, you can make your business trip a success.

You can do this easily with a business trip itinerary template that lets you record your flight information to and fro, your to-do list (e.g., the conferences and meetings you need to attend there), and your accommodation.

2. Basic Google Sheets Travel Itinerary Template

basic google sheets itinerary template


Get the template here: Basic Google Sheets Itinerary Template 

You can also use itinerary templates for just about any planned journeys you’re going to do in the future. If your travel is not entirely business-related, you might want to look for a general-purpose Google Sheets trip planner template that still lets you record the important details.

Our basic itinerary template features four sections dedicated to your flight details, hotel reservations, your task list, and important notes. Of course, it lets you organize your to-do list by date, time, and location too.

3. Packing List Itinerary Template

packing list itinerary template


Get the template here: Packing List Itinerary Template 

One of the most crucial details that you shouldn’t forget for your journeys is your packing list unless you’re ready to buy your supplies abroad. Well, you can actually make one by listing all the things you think you’ll need on a piece of paper. But, putting them in an itinerary template spreadsheet does have its advantages.

For one, it’s easily accessible on your computer as long as you’re connected to the internet. This makes it easy for you to keep a check on the things you bring to your destination and notice if anything goes missing.

Using our packing list itinerary template, you can detail the usual weather and temperature there to decide what you should and should not put in your luggage. If you’re visiting multiple locations in your destination country or state, you can also categorize the essentials to bring.

4. Day by Day Travel Itinerary

day by day travel itinerary


Get the template here: Day by Day Itinerary Template 

One of the best practices that you’d want to apply in making your itinerary is detailing your activities per day. This allows for efficient time allocation and ensures that you finish the things that you need and want to do within your travel schedule.

It would be helpful to list the time and location of your to-dos ahead of time, plus the places where you can fill your belly. But this aside, you also want to detail how much time you’re giving yourself in a particular location as well as the essentials that you’d need to bring with you.

Why Use an Itinerary Template?

While itinerary templates serve little purpose on occasional daily trips around your town, things are different when you go on cross-state and international travels. Using our templates to plan ahead of time lets you maximize the following benefits:

  • Allocating your time: Your itinerary would usually include how long you’d spend on a particular place, together with surplus time to avoid schedule conflicts. This makes your trips more flexible and manageable.
  • Prioritizing the places you need to visit: Business trips for team building and general vacations come with numerous places to visit. By listing all of them in a trip planning spreadsheet template, you can rearrange them according to their importance or to your preferences.
  • Better budgeting: Since you are anticipating every place you’ll go to, you can plan your finances more clearly and effectively. Itineraries also let you note all the things you need to bring, as well as the food and lodging, which helps you budget.
  • Knowing what to bring and do: You would be anticipating everything about your destination — the weather forecasts, customs, and similar factors. Itinerary templates usually have dedicated fields for these notes.
  • Ease of travel: By setting up your planned trip, you have the opportunity to optimize your route. This allows you to arrange an easier and more comfortable journey, whether you want to visit the places near your main destination or travel in a loop.

What Should a Good Google Sheets Itinerary Template Have?

The standards actually vary depending on the institution you belong to (for business trips) and your preferences (for personal vacations). But here are some categories and fields that you’d like to look for in a travel spreadsheet template:

  • Flight and transportation details: This is the most important field as it tells your time and date of departure and arrival, your airline and airport, and other relevant information.
  • Scheduled activities: This is the essence of an itinerary — you want to plan out your activities over the duration of your journey. On top of that, it should also contain fields for location, time, date, and landmarks for better navigation of the locale.
  • Accommodation details: While you can arbitrarily choose a hotel for your stay, there’s the risk of not getting good lodgings. Therefore, you want to book a room way ahead of your trip and record your lodging details.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Google Have a Planner App?

Google has no dedicated application for your vacation plans and business trips. Although it did launch a mobile software for this purpose back in 2016, known as Google Travel (or Trips), the application has been officially shut down in August 2019. The great thing, though, is that most of its features have been integrated into the Google Maps app.

2. Does Google Have an Itinerary Template?

Indeed, Google does have two itinerary templates you can use for your plans under Google Sheets. One is a general travel planner, while the other lets you decide on the best destinations you can visit. But of course, if you find these two unsuitable for your taste, you can always create one yourself or download any of our free templates above.

Wrapping it Up

Readying your flight details, hotel lodgings, agenda, and luggage essentials in one Google Sheets itinerary template makes for stress-free and time-efficient international trips, whether it’s for business or personal enrichment.

Make sure to read our other blogs for more tips on how to use Google Sheets in your daily life.


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