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How to Use IFERROR Function in Google Sheets

How to Use IFERROR in Google Sheets [with Examples]

Error handling is an important part of data processing. When you perform operations on data, there is almost always a possibility for errors. Good thing Google Sheets is well-equipped to detect these errors and notify

GOOGLEFINANCE Function in Google Sheets: Beginner's Guide

GOOGLEFINANCE Function: An Easy Beginner’s Guide

The GOOGLEFINANCE function is an amazing tool for people who need to work with real-time finance or stock-related data. This single function gives you not only the current prices of stocks and conversion rates of currencies,

Google Sheets FORECAST Function

Google Sheets Forecast Function: Easy Beginner’s Guide

Discovering trends and predicting values is an essential application of financial data analysis. Google Sheets, like most spreadsheet processors, includes multiple tools for financial analytics. In fact, just for data forecasting based on current trends,