The 12 Best Google Sheets Templates to Streamline Your Life

Using Google Sheets templates can significantly speed up your workflow. Whether you build your own specific ones from scratch, use the Google Sheets template library, or download others from the web, you’re bound to benefit. Join us as we guide you through our best free templates. Read on to find the ones that are useful to you.

Custom Google Spreadsheet Templates

Google provides several prebuilt templates to use. However, if the templates offered by Google don’t suit your needs, you can download ones from other sites such as ours or You can even design your own custom templates from scratch.

All you have to do is enter the information and formatting you want for your template and simply navigate to File > Make a copy each time you want to make a new edit for the template. We’d recommend following these steps every time you use a premade template from the web too.

Here are a few standard templates that you can use on Google Sheets.

Google Sheets Financial Templates

Google Sheets Expense Tracker Template

Expense trackers allow you to keep track of your costs, letting you see how much you spend and earn throughout the year. This helps you plan where to spend your money and set attainable goals and realistic budgets.

Google Sheets Templates - Expense Tracker

Our Google Sheets expense tracker template is easy and free to use, with a simple-to-use UI that professionals and total beginners can use. The template is divided into two parts, which are the expenses and the income. Add your expenses by clicking on the sheet towards the bottom and adding data in the Money In and Money Out columns.

The template also includes a pie chart that visualizes the expenses by categories, and a bar graph shows your expenses and your total income for that month.

Check out our Google Sheets expense tracker article for more information.

Google Sheets Ledger Template

Ledgers are financial documents that can be used to track your expenses and assets. It lists all financial transactions in separate accounts called balance sheets, which allow you to review them when needed. This helps you manage finances and identify any miscalculations. Different types of ledgers include sales ledgers, purchase ledgers, and general ledgers.

Google Sheets Ledger Template

The process of keeping financial accounts takes a lot of focus. Our ledger template has all the elements of a general ledger, including the dates, references, account, credit and debit amount, and balance to help you keep track of everything. All the elements of the ledger template exist on a single, compact sheet, so you won’t have to change the sheet or scroll to find a specific account.

The template is meant to add the accounts for a year. However, you can change it to monthly or quarterly, depending on the size of your business. To create accounts for multiple months, you can create multiple sheets by simply duplicating the original one, like this:

  1. Right-click on the sheet’s name and click on the Duplicate option.
  2. Right-click on the duplicated sheet’s name and click on the Rename option.

Check out our article on the free Google Sheets ledger template for more information.

Google Sheets Profit and Loss Template

A profit and loss statement is one of the crucial documents used in a scaling company. It helps you know your financial standing, which then helps you make the right strategic decisions. Profit and loss statements summarize the company’s profits, losses, revenue, and expenses over a tax year. Learning the origin of the expenses can help you cut down costs, which will help make your business more profitable. P&L statements can also be used to fill tax reports.

Google Sheets Template for Profits and Losses

Our Google Sheets profit and loss template has all the basic elements of the P&L statement. Every individual data column is used to specify the month, while the rows have various elements like sales, costs, operating expenses, and add-backs. The spreadsheet then uses several simple formulas, to sum up the values. A yearly total of a specific parameter is shown in the column towards the very right.

Check out our article on the free Google Sheets profit and loss template for more information.

Google Sheets Payroll Template

Keeping a payroll spreadsheet for your organization or business is the key to boosting productivity and reducing errors. It also allows you to ensure that your employees are paid on time which can increase their job satisfaction. Using payroll management software can sometimes be tedious and cost you money, which is why we created a free payroll template that can be great for small businesses.

A Monthly Payroll Template for Google Sheets

Our monthly payroll template is great for tracking a monthly payroll for the employees. The template has all of the most essential elements, such as the payment data, period, employee name, total hours, and gross pay. The payroll template has formulas that can calculate the gross and net pay automatically once you add the total hours.

You can make copies of the sheet for multiple businesses or departments in a company. The template can also be shared with other team members, and any changes made will be updated in real-time.

For more information, check out our article on the free payroll template for Google Sheets.

Google Sheets Business Planning Templates

We also found Google Sheets templates specifically designed for business planning. Here are a few of our favorites.

Google Sheets Content Calendar Template

A content calendar allows you to arrange your content. It will enable you to create a schedule of where and when you want to publish content and other things you want to keep track of, such as keywords, descriptions, type of content, and much more.

Google Sheets Templates - Content Calendar

Our content calendar template allows you to plan the upcoming months using the simple-to-understand and use interface. The template has a small calendar towards the left corner that gives you an overview of the entire month. Towards the screen’s right side is a heading containing some essential details for your content, such as the title, format, due date, and links.

A checklist allows you to track the status of your content, and a dropdown menu will allow you to select the status of the content. A notes section also allows you to add additional information about your content.

Check out our Google Sheets content calendar templates article for more information.

Google Sheets Project Management Template

Being a project manager can be demanding as you have to ensure that the project flow is efficient and completed without problems. A project management spreadsheet gives you the outline of elements youneed to complete within a timeframe. These allow you to schedule work, prioritize tasks, keep track of deadlines, and ensure that the project doesn’t exceed the budget.

You can easily find a project management template online or use a third-party one. To use one of the prebuilt project management templates by Google, follow these steps:

  1. Open Google Sheets on your web browser and log in.
Access the Template Gallery
  1. Click on the Template gallery option towards the top right of the main interface.
Project Management Templates
  1. Scroll down to find the Project management section and choose a template that suits your needs.

Make the necessary changes to the template and add the details of your project. Check out our article on 5 useful Google Sheets project management templates for more information.

Personal Growth and Productivity Spreadsheets for Google Sheets

Google Sheets Meal Planning Template

Meal planning has become increasingly important due to the availability of expensive, unhealthy food options. Using a meal planning template saves you a lot of time as your shopping trips will become shorter and less frequent. You’ll also stop buying unnecessary items when you plan out your meals, which saves you money.

Meal Planning Google Sheets Template

Our meal planner template has two components. The first is the meal planner, while the second is a grocery list on a separate sheet. In the meal planner sheet, you can add the recipes in the Notes section and items to the grocery list sheet.

The grocery list sheet is intended to be used as a checklist for when you go shopping. You can click on the checkmark beside the item to mark it as purchased. The spreadsheet doesn’t use formulas, so it should be very easy for people new to Google Sheets.

Check out our article on meal planning spreadsheet template for Google Sheets.

Google Sheets Address Book Template

Spreadsheet software like Google Sheets has made it easy to create, maintain and share address books. These address books can be shared with friends and family who can make edits in real-time. You can keep an updated contact list that can be accessed on any device with a browser and an internet connection.

Address Book Template for Google Sheets

The template has a very easy-to-use interface that allows you to add names, phone numbers, emails, and addresses. The address book template has two other sheets. The first is a sorted contact list, while the other is a search list that allows you to enter a search term toward the top of the sheet. The template will filter the search and show the results accordingly.

The template can be hard to create for someone just starting out with Google Sheets. However, creating a basic version of the address book template is fairly easy, even if you don’t have any prior knowledge about Google Sheets.

Check out our article on the free Google Sheets address book template for more information.

Google Sheets Task List Template

A task list allows you to keep track of upcoming tasks or events, and you can mark the tasks once you complete them. You can prioritize certain tasks or even break large tasks down into smaller ones so you can work on them at your own pace.

Task List Google Sheets Template

You can use the prebuilt to-do list in Google Sheets, or you can create your own template. If you’re a Google Sheets beginner, you can keep the task list template simple, but if you know your way around Google Sheets, you can easily create a to-do list that fulfills your needs. You can add checkboxes, conditional formatting, and progress bars.

Check out our article on the free Google Sheets task list template for more information.

Google Sheets Sales & Marketing Templates

Sales and marketing teams also rely on Google Sheets templates to conduct business. We found a few that connect directly with your data sources, which automatically update right inside your spreadsheet. These are  offered by Coefficient. The tool features more than 30 Google Sheets templates that sync with live data from platforms like HubSpot, Salesforce, Google Analytics, Mailchimp, Quickbooks, Stripe, and others. Below are a few of our favorites.

HubSpot MRR Dashboard

This MRR dashboard is an ideal solution for PLG and SaaS firms focused on generating consistent monthly recurring revenue, as opposed to sporadic one-time transactions. By seamlessly integrating your real-time HubSpot data into this template, you can effectively monitor both MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) and ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) directly within your spreadsheet.

Additionally, this tool empowers you to delve into comprehensive insights, including total customer counts, churn rates, the reasons behind churn, and net revenue retention, enabling you to quickly identify emerging trends and address potential issues.

Salesforce Pipeline Analysis Template

Salesforce sales pipeline analysis dashboard

Need to track your pipeline? Use this Google Sheets template to monitor critical sales metrics and conduct rigorous month-over-month analyses of pipeline generation, win rates, average deal maturity and magnitude, and sales velocity.

It uses embedded filters that empower you to dissect and visualize data by sales team, time span, or opportunity category. That means the Google Sheets template refines your data. It applies filters based on sales teams, time intervals, or opportunity types. This comprehensive perspective enables sales leaders to follow the progression of leads through the sales funnel, pinpoint bottlenecks, identify pipeline delays, and pinpoint optimal conversion junctures. Handy!

Google Analytics Web Performance Template

Need visibility across key stakeholders that aren’t familiar on how to drill down into the data inside of Google Analytics? Sync your live GA data into this free Google Sheets template. Your website traffic is critical to understand where you should double down and where you should shift focus. With this template, visualize web performance in real-time and dive deep into acquisition and best performing pages and campaigns.

As with the others, it syncs with your live data. That means the whole team gets the latest site stats without manual data entry.

Paid Google Sheets Templates

Creating a template from scratch can be a hassle for many users of Google Sheets. This can be due to several reasons. Some users don’t know enough about Google Sheets to create an in-depth template, while some wish to save time, some simply don’t want to go through the hassle of creating a Google Sheets template.

While there are many excellent free template, the best of the best are almost always paid options.

Using a suitable spreadsheet template can make it easier and more enjoyable. Check out some of the best Google Sheets templates, that you can check out from our store. Here are some of the templates you can expect to find in our store:

  • Inventory and Sales Tracking Spreadsheet Template
  • Weight Loss Spreadsheet Template
  • Simple Investment Template
  • Mortgage Calculator Spreadsheet with Amortization Table
  • Extra-Payment Mortgage Calculator
  • Google Sheets Wedding Budget Template

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, you’ve found the perfect template for your needs from our list of the best free Google Sheets templates. If not, make sure you check out our template store for our most useful templates. If you’d like to make a request for a particular type of template, please let us know in the comments.


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