How to Create a Google Docs Checklist Template [10 Free Templates]

Checklists are powerful tools that can help you stay organized, keep track of your tasks, and boost your productivity. They’re very simple to make and use too! For example, you can write your chores on a piece of paper and simply strike them off one by one as you do each item.

Google Docs checklist templates are much more convenient than pen-and-paper lists. To make one, simply open a new document on the platform. Then, press “Ctrl” + “Shift” + “9” (or “Cmd” + “Shift” + “9” for Mac) on your keyboard.

In this article, we’ll discuss more on how to create a checklist in Google Docs in detail. We’ll also talk about ready-to-use checklists, why you should use them, and 10 powerful templates you should try.

How to Create a Checklist Template in Google Docs

While there are a lot of pre-made templates you can access online, creating a checklist from scratch allows you to better personalize it to your preferences.

Here’s a quick and easy step-by-step guide on how to create a checklist template in Google Docs.

  1. Launch your browser, then go to
  2. Create a new document by clicking on “Blank.”
Start a new document in Google Docs


  1. Type the title of your checklist on the first line of your page. (You can skip this step in the meantime if you’re still undecided on the title).
  2. Click the “Checklist menu” on the top toolbar (the drop-down arrow beside the icon with two check marks).
Where is the Checklist menu button in Google Docs


  1. If you want a strikethrough on your text once you’ve marked a list item done, select the first option.
Strikethrough checklist in Google Docs


  1. Alternatively, you can press the keys “Ctrl” + “Shift” + “9” (or “Cmd” + “Shift” + “9” for Macs) on your keyboard to insert this.
  2. If you prefer your text to be tidy with no strikethroughs, click on the second option.
No strikethrough checklist in Google Docs


And that’s it! Your checklist template is now ready to be used. The checkboxes generated in a Google Docs checklist are clickable, so a checkmark would appear inside the box each time you mark them as done.

Checklist template Google Docs


Whenever you need to create a new checklist, simply open your template and edit the items as needed.

Why Use Our Google Docs Checklist Templates?

Although making a checklist from scratch can be fun (especially when you add font colors and other creative elements), it does take time and effort. If your time availability doesn’t allow it, using one of our ready-to-use templates at Spreadsheet Point would be a good decision. Here’s why.

No-to-Minimal Costs

In addition to the fact that you can use Google Docs for free, we offer most of our templates for free to our readers. Templates with a fee are usually low-cost and applicable to advanced templates only.

Accessible Offline

You can take advantage of the offline mode feature in Google Docs. This way, you can access the templates even without an internet connection.

Easy Sharing

The platform allows users to share and collaborate on documents either by link-sharing or email tagging. This is handy when using collaborative templates like packing checklists, cleaning checklists, and more.

Clean Formatting

We made sure to give you a clear and tidy view of your checklists by utilizing color coding for the fields and categories inside the templates.

Work Checklist Templates

1. Google Docs To-Do List Template

Google Docs To-Do List Template screenshot


It’s common for people to get overwhelmed with tasks as they continue to pile up. By using this task checklist template, you can organize your to-do list according to priority, deadline, and similar aspects. It’s also a great way to ensure that you don’t miss out on any tasks while allowing you to map out how much time you will spend on a particular job.

Access Template

If you’re dealing with lengthy task lists, it might be time for you to use a Google Sheets checklist template. Check out this guide on how to make one: The Free Google Sheets Task List Template [Easy Guide].

2. Onboarding Checklist Template

Onboarding Checklist Template screenshot


If you’re working in the human resources department, you know how important it is to establish a good image among new employees. You have plenty of opportunities to do this during the onboarding process.

Having a solid onboarding procedure helps your new employee settle down, get familiar with your company, and integrate with the existing interpersonal relationships in the workplace. To achieve these benefits, you can use this employee onboarding checklist.

Access Template

3. Project Planning Checklist Template

Project Planning Checklist screenshot

Planning is a crucial facet of any project, whether on a small or large scale. With a project planning checklist, teams can map out the steps to take throughout the planning and preparation phase.

Project heads can utilize this checklist template to manage their work systematically. It includes steps like task allocation, risk management, and other related steps commonly found on a project. This checklist is also built on top of Google Docs, making it usable as a centralized task management dashboard using its collaboration features.

Access Template


Home-Related Checklists

1. Grocery Checklist Template

Grocery Checklist screenshot


Keeping a grocery checklist saves you time buying what you need. This is because you have a clear and complete list of what to purchase, meaning you won’t have to wander down the supermarket aisles aimlessly. This also prevents you from forgetting tp some grocery items or buying unnecessary items.

Additionally, using a grocery checklist is helpful if you’re wanting to save money because it helps you to avoid impulsive buying, provided you stick to your list.

This checklist template contains common grocery items like apples, cheese, chicken, and more. These are classified into several categories, including “Fruits and vegetables,” “Dairy,” “Meat,” and others. Feel free to modify the items inside for your specific use.

Access Template

2. Cleaning Checklist Template

Cleaning Checklist screenshot


Checklists are also helpful when cleaning your house. Making one before starting your chores avoids overlooking areas that may need cleaning. It also helps you plan which things need to be cleaned first, making your work more efficient.

This checklist template contains common cleaning steps applicable to any household. For example, there are tasks like “Mop or sweep the floor,” “Wipe down the appliances,” and more. These tasks are categorized by area — bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, etc. Of course, these are only predefined chores, and you have the freedom to add or remove tasks for your use.

Access Template

3. Moving Checklist Template

Moving Checklist screenshot


Moving to a new home can be stressful. Before moving out, you’d have to do cleaning, discuss with your landlord, process some paperwork, pack your things, and others. Then, you would do another set of tasks when it’s time for you to move in. Overwhelming, right?

You can streamline this heap of to-dos with this moving checklist template. Here, we prepared a set of steps most people take when moving. In addition, you can indicate the due date of each task to ensure you don’t leave any commitments hanging.

Access Template

Personal Checklist Templates

1. Bucket List Template

Bucket List screenshot


Having a bucket list would be great when setting goals for yourself, exploring new hobbies, and trying new things. This would allow you to prioritize your time and resources in fulfilling your aims.

This bucket checklist template contains multiple categories you can fill out with the things that interest you. We also included a notes section at the top of the template for your thoughts and ideas.

Access Template

2. Weekly To-Do Checklist Template

Weekly To-Do Checklist screenshot


If you’re currently having trouble managing your time, you can consider mapping out your week with the tasks you need to accomplish. This way, you’re less likely to waste time figuring out what you need to work on. It also reduces stress since you can break down your tasks into multiple tolerable chunks.

You can use this weekly to-do checklist template to start. Here, we set a seven-day layout that allows you to list five daily tasks (which you can increase or decrease for your specific use). We also included two fields where you can indicate the current month and week, respectively.

Access Template

Travel Templates

1. Trip Preparation Checklist Template

Trip Preparation Checklist screenshot


Unless you’re entirely okay with spontaneous and unplanned trips (and have the finances to do so,) planning before your trip would always be necessary. For instance, you can first check whether your medical and travel insurance still covers you during your journey.

Another example is finding the best hotels that you can afford at your destination. The to-do list before your departure can go on forever! To keep track of the most important tasks, you can use this trip preparation checklist.

Access Template

2. Packing List Template

Packing List screenshot


You don’t want to show up on your flight bringing all your bags but not your passport. This is where a packing checklist template comes in handy. By listing everything you need to carry with you on your journey, you get to ensure that your essentials enter your luggage before leaving.

Access Template

Final Thoughts

Checklists are a must-have for organizing your tasks, mapping out your schedule, and keeping track of things that matter to you. Related: Free Google Docs Funeral Program Templates

To create a Google Docs checklist template, all you have to do is press “Ctrl/Cmd” + “Shift” + “9” on your keyboard. Or better yet, why not use one of the ten checklist templates we’ve included in this article?

To access more of these useful templates, visit our Gumroad profile today. Also, don’t forget to use the promo code “SSP” to get 50% off on all template designs!


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