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We scoured the internet for the very best Google Sheets courses. Our evaluation uncovered several fantastic resources. Read on to find out what the top 15 Google Sheets online courses are, who they are perfect for, and what real users are saying about them.

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16 Best Google Sheets Courses Online in 2024

Below, we’ll go deep into each course, including what they cover and where each provides the most value.

Google Forms and Sheets Masterclass: Best Course on Forms and Sheets

SpreadsheetPoint is excited to announce our first-ever course offering: The Google Forms and Sheets Masterclass.

Students learn from Yahya Zakir Sait, a Google Certified Professional with experience giving in-person and online courses on the same subject.

Upon completion of this course, students will possess the ability to effortlessly produce and modify Google forms, establish connections between forms and Google Sheets, sort form responses, generate pivot tables, alter the orientation of data, and showcase other useful abilities pertaining to spreadsheets.

Enroll at Thinkific


  • Teaches how to use Google Forms and Sheets together
  • Includes useful spreadsheet skills many other courses skip
  • Perfect for beginners


  • Brand new course, so not much feedback yet from users

We also have a brand new course called Spreadsheets for Everyone, where you can learn spreadsheet fundamentals, problem-solving, and advanced formulas in Google Sheets with this seven-hour, expert-led course. It’s the best Google Sheets course for beginners.

The Premium Microsoft Excel & Data Certification Bundle: Best Bundle of Spreadsheet Courses

This bundle of spreadsheet courses covers a variety of topics. The biggest value here? The discount. Sold individually, these courses would cost more than $500. The whole bundle sells for about $70. We like that it covers Excel, Power BI, and even Python for Finance.

Enroll at Skillwise


  • Exceptional variety of course topics
  • Deep discount
  • 24 courses included
  • More than 85 hours of content


  • Various instructors (multiple styles)
  • Not yet much feedback

The Complete Google Sheets Course: Beginner to Advanced: Best Udemy Course on Spreadsheets

This Udemy Google Sheets class is exactly what it sounds like — a comprehensive and thorough course that will turn you from a Sheets novice into a Sheets expert. It’s one of the best Google Sheets training courses with a comprehensive approach.

Even if you’ve never used a spreadsheet in your life, this course will teach you the most basic features, and then continue to build upon your skills until you are a pro.

Expect to learn how to use tons of formatting tricks, how to manipulate text in formulas, connect multiple sheets together, analyze data sets, build stunning data visualizations, and much more.

This course is perfect for: People who seriously want to level up their Google Sheets skills, and are willing to put some time and effort in.

Enroll at Udemy


  • Many different Sheets skills covered
  • Easy-to-follow lesson outlines


  • Mostly video video-format lessons aren’t ideal for some users

Useful things to know:

  • 8 hours of video content
  • 2 articles
  • Earn a certificate upon completion
  • English and French subtitles available

What real users say about this course:

“This course has been helping me prepare to enter a new job field, and there’s no way I’d be able to prepare myself so quickly if it were not for Evan and this amazing series of lectures and activities!” — Nick Morganella

“This course has been incredible! Evan explains everything so well. I’m using my knowledge from this course and directly applying it to my work in real-time. Thank you!” — Vivian Nicastro

DataCamp: Introduction to Spreadsheets: Best Data-Focused Course on Spreadsheets

Thousands of elite companies, such as Google, Intel, Uber, and Deloitte utilize DataCamp to close their employees’ data skill gaps.

This course by DataCamp teaches the very basics of using spreadsheet software like Google Sheets. You will learn how to work with rows, columns, addresses, and ranges. Then you will create your very own formulas and learn how to use Google Sheets references to level up your spreadsheet skills. It’s an excellent Google Sheets online course to get you comfortable with using spreadsheets in no time.

This course is perfect for: Complete beginners who just need a quick and simple course to teach them the basics. People interested in expanding their data skills beyond just Google Sheets.

Enroll at Datacamp


  • Often on sale
  • Free first chapter


  • A subscription-based model might not suit all users

Useful things to know:

  • 2 hours of content
  • 23 exercises
  • The first chapter of the course is free

What real users say about this course:

“I’ve tried many different online training options. Datacamp has the best format for learning, in my opinion. What I like is, you are introduced visually to some material to learn, then you have to take that and complete some learning exercises before continuing. You always have the option to skip to the solution if you are completely stumped, but if you are serious about learning, you will use all the resources you can muster to complete the material on your own. The points you earn give you an idea of how you are doing.” — Buddy Goertz

Spreadsheets for Beginners with Google Sheets: Best Project-Based Google Sheets Course

This Coursera offering is a bit different than a regular course — it’s a Guided Project. It’s a split-screen video designed to allow you to work on your project step-by-step as your instructor leads you through each task.

This Guided Project will allow you to get hands-on experience with a wide range of Google Sheets’ most important features, such as: basic data entry, formatting, and calculations; relative and absolute cell references; basic and advanced functions; dealing with error messages; data visualization; and more.

You will then apply these concepts by creating a spreadsheet model that helps analyze your household expenses.

Enroll at Coursera

This course is perfect for: People who prefer learning through hands-on projects.


  • Great for newbies
  • Project-based learning


  • The course style may not suit all learners

Useful things to know:

  • 2 hours of guided instruction
  • 4.7 / 5 star rating
  • Desktop only

What real users say about this course:

“This has been a wonderful experience learning the core of using Excel and Google Sheets in detail, understanding the use of every function and formulas and their application in real world problems.” — T.M.

“This course is a great introduction to using Google Sheets. While the functions are similar to Excel, they are not the same and some functions may be located in different areas. Having someone go through the process with me was helpful in deciphering the differences.” — Eve

Pluralsight’s Google Sheets Course: Best Spreadsheet Course for Professionals

Pluralsight helps individuals and companies develop their technology skills with assessments, learning paths, and courses authored by industry experts.

In their Google Sheets course taught by Google Cloud, users can expect to create new spreadsheets from scratch and from templates; learn how to add, import, sort, filter, and format data; utilize formulas and functions to make quick calculations and more efficiently use your data; and learn how to add charts to your spreadsheets. They also discuss how you can easily share and collaborate with others on your Google Sheets.

This course is perfect for: Google Sheets newbies who want a broad overview of all of Google Sheets’s features. Busy professionals who need a quick and short course.

Enroll at Pluralsight


  • Broad overview
  • Free trial


  • Short

Useful things to know:

  • 50-minute duration
  • Pluralsight frequently updates this course to have the most up-to-date information
  • They offer a 10-day free trial

What real users say about this course:

“Pluralsight is a great platform and has a lot of great tech courses. It also has one of the best, if not the best mobile app in comparison to other platforms. Before committing to taking out a subscription it’s worth signing up for a trial to look over the courses and get a feel for the style.” — James

Getting Things Done with Google Sheets: Best Short Google Sheets Course

Skillshare is a hugely popular online learning platform. Millions of people use Skillshare to take classes on thousands of topics, from illustration to business analytics — and everything in between.

They have a bunch of different courses for people looking to learn Google Sheets, depending what your unique needs are.

The Getting Things Done with Google Sheets course is specifically designed for people looking to use Google Sheets as an effective tool for being more organized and productive. You will learn how to build a system in Google Sheets that will track your projects, actions, and outcomes.

This course is perfect for: Anyone interested in using Google Sheets to become more organized and productive, whether in their professional or personal life.

Enroll at Skillshare


  • Multiple courses available depending on skill level
  • Hands-on learning


  • Only 12 lessons

Useful things to know:

  • 1 hour and 22 minutes of video content
  • 12 lessons
  • A template is provided for you to customize
  • Hands-on class project component

What real users say about this course:

“Excellent course. Learned a lot about what you can do (for free!) about organizing your projects and life.” — Jessica Sharpe

“This is awesome. I had just started thinking about how to use Google Sheets for GTD and here it is already, way beyond anything I could have imagined so it is a great jump start on using GTD. Best of all, while learning how to use Sheets we are also entering stuff that we’re going to use anyway … it doesn’t get much better than that.” — Anonymous

Google Sheets 2022 Google Workspace Spreadsheet Help Tips

In this newer course on Skillshare, participants will learn both the basics of using spreadsheets with Google Sheets, as well as more advanced features — like using functions to make dynamic spreadsheets that reference data across multiple sources. You will also become familiar with generating visualizations of data using features such as pie charts and trend lines.

This course is perfect for: Those that want to go more in-depth with how to use Google Sheets, without it becoming overwhelming.

Enroll at Skillshare


  • Lessons are broken down into shorter, more digestible videos at a maximum of about 20 minutes
  • Talks about topics from the very fundamentals to more advanced topics
  • Hands-on project included


  • A bit newer so not there is not as much feedback from previous learners yet

Useful things to know:

  • 5 hours and 10 minutes of video content
  • 42 bite-sized lessons for all levels of learners
  • Instructor Laurence Svekis is a Google Developer Expert for Google Workspace
  • Hands-on class projects included

What real users say about this course:

“This class has exceeded my expectations!” – Hdjs Bdnrn

Google Sheets Basics at Skillshare

This Skillshare class will teach you the basics of creating, designing, and sharing within Google Sheets.

You will come away with knowledge on: enhancing style to provide clearer insights, using cell references, creating flexible formulas, sorting and filtering data, summarizing data with pivot tables, and much more. You will also learn the top 10 most popular Google Sheets functions.

This course is perfect for: Busy professionals that just want the most important information on how to use Google Sheets effectively.

Enroll at Skillshare


  • Easy to understand
  • Showcases the most used functions


  • No in-depth lessons on complicated functions

Useful things to know:

  • 1 hour and 8 minutes of video content
  • 10 lessons
  • Hands-on class project component

What real users say about this course:

“Great class! I learned lots and the instruction is clear, simple, and to the point. Great organization too.” — Brooklyn Braithwaite

“I love this instructor. He is very effective. Looking forward to more classes.” — Victoria Berman

Visit Skillshare: Google Sheets Basics

The FPA&A Guy: Modeling Design Principles: Best Modeling Design Course

Modeling Design Principles

This course will teach you 10 principles of modeling design. Expect to learn why proper model design is the basis of building useful financial models. Furthermore, you will learn how to make sure your models are well-designed.

During the course, Paul Burnhurst, a qualified finance professional, reviews 10 best practice design principles that will transform the way you build financial models, including poorly and well-designed models.

While this course is not limited to Google Sheets, this is an overview of modeling design principles, which applies to Google Sheets (and Excel, and every other spreadsheet tool). It was created by the popular LinkedIn influencer The FP&A Guy.

This course is perfect for: Beginners who want to know more about modeling but don’t know where to start.

Enroll at Thinkific


  • It has many different areas of Modeling covered
  • It is divided into bite-sized sections


  • Short

Useful things to know:

  • 1 hour of video content
  • 7 sections + 1 bonus video
  • Includes Excel templates

What real users say about this course:

“As a Financial Modeler, I always prefer to design the Model keeping in view my audience. The way you distinguish poorly designed models is Superb. After this course, the importance of design has cleared. Now I’ll also look my models from this point of view. Love to learn from ‘The FP&A Guy.'” — Moshin Idrees

“This is the perfect course for someone who wants to know modeling, but doesn’t know where to start. Paul does a great job creating a ‘map’ of the world of financial modeling. That ranges from the ‘why to ‘here’s how to start.’ Some great Excel templates here too!” — Andrew Childress

Doing More with Google Sheets

Image courtesy of Coursera

Coursera is a very popular online learning platform that partners with leading universities and companies to bring affordable, flexible, and job-relevant courses to the masses.

The Doing More with Google Sheets course is offered by Google themselves, meaning you get to learn directly from the source.

In this flexible online Google Sheet course, you will learn how to input and format your data; how to use formulas, functions, and other Sheets features to accelerate your data analysis; and you will also receive some insider tips on team collaboration within your spreadsheets.

This course is perfect for: New Google Sheets users looking to level-up their career skills. Users that prefer to take a course in their native language.

Enroll at Coursera

Useful things to know:

  • Takes approximately 5 hours to complete
  • Earn a certificate upon completion
  • Subtitles available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian
  • 33% got a tangible career benefit from this course
  • 17% got a pay increase or promotion

What real users say about this course:

“A great, user-friendly intro to Sheets functionality. The info was extremely easy to digest and reiterate. Great resources provided for learners.” — Brandon H.

“Solid introductory course. Will leave you intrigued as to what more you can learn about the abilities of Google Sheets.” — Adrienne O.

Google Sheets — The Comprehensive Masterclass

Udemy is an online learning platform known for having courses on anything and everything under the sun — so it’s no surprise that they offer multiple courses dedicated to mastering Google Sheets.

The Comprehensive Masterclass is a huge, in-depth resource that teaches all the Google Sheets features and functions that most people never even begin to scratch the surface of. This class can help you learn tons of hacks and hidden features that even experts don’t know about.

You’ll learn how to solve a wide variety of spreadsheet challenges; create interactive dashboards; import and append data from other spreadsheets; learn advanced functions like QUERY, IMPORTHTML, IMPORTXML, and more; master pivot tables, charts, and sparklines; automate your work with Macros and Google Apps Script; and a whole lot more.

If you’re looking for a more advanced Google Sheets course that will take you through everything you need to know, starting from the basics, this masterclass is a good choice.

This course is perfect for: Those that are committed to becoming a true Google Sheets master. Those looking to learn deep Google Sheets skills that most other courses don’t delve into.

Enroll at Udemy


  • Udemy courses are often on sale
  • Huge lesson library


  • The breadth of the content may be overwhelming for new users

Useful things to know:

  • 14 hours of video content
  • 20 articles
  • 6 downloadable resources
  • Earn a certificate upon completion

What real users say about this course:

“This is a terrific course. So many topics covered well. I thought I had a good understanding from years of using Excel and this course taught me so many practical tips for using Google Sheets. Well done!” — Jim Greene

“Fantastic course and a fantastic instructor. I learned much more than I expected. The lessons were well thought out and clearly explained. The provided example sheets and solutions were great. Couldn’t recommend more.” — George Mitsuoka

Master Google Sheets (and see why it’s better than Excel)

This Google Sheets class covers both the fundamentals as well as some of the more advanced features that Sheets offers.

The Master Google Sheets course was designed more specifically for people who have some experience using Microsoft Excel, and are wishing to migrate over to using Google Sheets. The course makes sure to highlight what features Sheets has that Excel doesn’t.

The course covers how to navigate around spreadsheets and adjust displays; how to write formulas quickly; how to create calculations; how to visually represent your data with charts and graphs; how to use data tools; how to automate tasks with scripts and addons; how to harvest data from the web; and a lot more.

This course is perfect for: Microsoft Excel users who wish to migrate over to using Google Sheets.

Enroll at Udemy

Useful things to know:

  • 2 hours and 30 minutes of video content
  • 16 articles
  • Multiple challenges and quizzes throughout
  • Earn a certificate upon completion

What real users say about this course:

“Great intro to Google Sheets course, delivered in bite-size videos that allow them to be easily processed and understood.” — Kiran Sewparsad

“I know Excel fairly well, and it was good to see Sheets is very similar. And, I like how he is getting into modifying logical functions now, because I am just learning how to do that. No one ever taught me how to do that before. I only learned by doing Google searches, which is sometimes very time consuming, and sometimes you end up with inaccurate instructions as well.” — Margaret Kluga

LinkedIn Learning: Google Sheets Essential Training

LinkedIn Learning is a treasure trove of useful courses designed to grow your skills and advance your career. As such, LinkedIn Learning offers several different Google Sheet training options, depending on your needs.

The Google Sheets Essential Training is exactly that — just the essentials you need to get started with using Google Sheets effectively.

You will learn about formatting, formula and function features, collaboration tools, and smart ways to make your data work for you.

This course is perfect for: Those who just need to learn the essential features of Google Sheets. It’s also helpful for those who would like to have a Google Sheets certification.

Enroll at LinkedIn


  • Learning is through a career improving lens
  • Works on essential functions
  • LinkedIn certification


  • Not for advanced users

Useful things to know:

  • 1 hour and 52 minutes of content
  • 7 quizzes
  • Certificate of completion you can add to your LinkedIn profile
  • Free trial for one month

What real users say about this course:

“There are courses about anything you could think of, almost unlimited choices. People can benefit from using LinkedIn Learning by posting it to your feed/account. LinkedIn Learning can let your connections and future employees know that you are actively taking courses to improve. The certificates LinkedIn gives you will stay on your profile until you remove it; this may give you the edge over another candidate.” — Ryan B.

Google Sheets: Advanced Formulas and Functions

This LinkedIn Learning class gets a lot more in-depth with what Google Sheets is capable of. This is not a course for complete beginners, but rather for those looking to really level up their Google Sheets expertise.

In this course, you will learn about intermediate and advanced functions for summarizing data, learn how to perform statistics, analyze financial data, use references and named ranges, apply mathematical functions, identify outliers and rank values, calculate investments and loan payments, and much more.

This course is perfect for: People familiar with using Google Sheets who are looking to really level up their expertise.

Enroll at LinkedIn


  • In-depth analysis of complex functions


  • Not great for beginners

Useful things to know:

  • 3 hours and 11 minutes of content
  • 7 quizzes
  • Certificate of completion you can add to your LinkedIn profile
  • Free trial for one month

What real users say about this course:

“I loved how easily accessible the classes were. Some of the classes are very in-depth and you can easily get college-level instruction free. I also love that the classes are more professional than the ones on other popular sites.” — Anonymous

Google Sheets Quick Tips

Are you a busy person looking for bite-sized info that tells you exactly what you need to know about using Google Sheets? Then this LinkedIn Learning course could be for you.

This course provides you with short Google Sheets tutorials that can help you become more efficient with Google Sheets in just a matter of minutes. And by short, we mean short — the individual lessons range from 30 seconds to 2 minutes long! This Google Sheets certification course is a great way to learn how to use spreadsheets and formulas.

You can easily follow along as you go, learning the most useful features of Google Sheets such as: how to format text and other data times, move rows, protect your worksheets, add reference sheets, add passwords, and more.

This course is perfect for: Novices that want a very quick and easy way to learn the most important features of Google Sheets.

Enroll at LinkedIn


  • Short, easy-to-understand lessons
  • Certification


  • Shallow

Useful things to know:

  • 29 minutes of content
  • Certificate of completion you can add to your LinkedIn profile
  • Free trial for one month

What real users say about this course:

“LinkedIn Learning provides a great opportunity for gaining industry knowledge and gives users a platform to study and hone their craft. Also comes with a shiny certificate at the end for credentials.” — Ben Z.

Visit Linkedin Learning: Google Sheets Quick Tips

Bonus Course: edX: Analyzing Data with Excel

Analyzing Data with Excel

“Analyzing Data with Excel” is a noteworthy online course offered by IBM, which focuses on providing fundamental knowledge for performing basic data analysis using Excel. While the emphasis is on Excel, those interested in learning about Google Sheets would find a lot of cross-over value in the content. The concepts taught in this course, such as data quality, filtering and sorting data, and data cleaning and preparation, are not only applicable to Excel but also to Google Sheets.

Enroll at edX

Moreover, it goes beyond just learning a tool; it lays a solid foundation for understanding spreadsheet applications as a whole, making you adept at using similar tools like Google Sheets. As a bonus, upon successful completion, learners earn a skill badge, a digital credential verifying the acquired knowledge and skills. So, if you’re seeking to strengthen your understanding of spreadsheet applications and data analysis while also becoming an expert in Excel, this course could be an ideal fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we hear about Google Sheets and Excel courses. If we missed anything, please let us know!

Is there a course for Google Sheets?

Yes — there are plenty of courses for you to learn Google Sheets whether you’re a complete beginner or more on the intermediate level. Consider more affordable courses from platforms like Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, and PluralSight, which are offered in video format so you can follow along as you learn.

How much time will it take to learn Google Sheets?

It depends entirely on your learning style and speed. If you are a bit more tech-savvy, Google Sheets will be a bit easier overall to pick up. You can learn and understand enough about Google Sheets in one day to be able to use most of it, but advanced features can take a few days to a few weeks (or more). Remember to learn at your own pace.

Should I learn Excel or Google Sheets?

The answer to this question depends on your needs — if you know you’ll be working with massive spreadsheets, Excel might be better so you don’t run into any limits. If you’d like to have something a bit more convenient and shareable, Google Sheets might be a better choice for you. Google Sheets also ties in a little better with the Google Workspace apps like Docs, Forms, and more.

Are there any free resources where I can learn Google Sheets?

The best free resource is still and our YouTube channel. We regularly update both with expert advice on Google Sheets and Excel.

The Bottom Line

Whether you are looking to become the ultimate Google Sheets master, or just need a quick overview of what Google Sheets can do, we hope you found a few options on this list that are right for you.

Hopefully, you’ve found the best Google Sheets course for you. No matter which course you choose, we wish you all the best as you learn the amazing things that Google Sheets has to offer!

If you’re looking for some of the best Google Sheets tutorials or free Google Sheets training, check out some of our most popular step-by-step guides:

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