How to Add Fonts to Google Docs [Step-by-Step Guide]

Have you ever wondered how to add fonts to Google Docs? Typography can make or break a design project — and it’s no different when it comes to writing and formatting documents. While Google Docs offers a decent selection of fonts, you may need something a little more unique to make your project stand out. Fortunately, Google Docs fonts only require a few clicks.

To add fonts to Google Docs, simply go to the “Font” menu, choose “More Fonts,” then click on your desired font and select “OK.”

Whether you’re a designer, writer, or someone looking to add a little personality, this guide will help you enhance your creative projects and give your writing a fresh new look.

How to Change Default Font on Google Docs

Knowing how to change Google Docs fonts is essential. With a few simple steps, you can easily change the font of any document.

Here’s what you should do:

  1. Open your Google Docs document.
  2. Highlight the text you want to change
How to add fonts to Google Docs—Highlighting text to change font in Google Docs


  1. Click on the “Font” dropdown menu located in the toolbar. It’s labeled with the name of the current font.
  2. Upon clicking, a list of available fonts will appear. Scroll through the list and click the one you want to use.
Where to find the font menu in Google Docs


  1. Selecting a variant (e.g., normal, medium, thin) is possible with certain font types. Hover your cursor over the arrow next to the font name and click the desired version.
Where to find font variants in Google Docs


  1. The selected text will now change to the new font.

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How to Change Preferred Fonts in Google Docs Dropdown

Adding new fonts means having more options for your document. A greater selection of fonts allows for more personalization and creativity.

To add more Google Docs fonts to an article, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Launch Google Docs.
  2. Go to the font section on the menu bar on the right side of the text styles. Click “More fonts” from the dropdown menu.
How to add font to Google Docs
  1. A new window containing hundreds of available fonts will appear. Optional: To narrow your search of the font you want to add, use the filtering and search options at the top.
How to choose fonts for Google Docs


  1. To add a new font to Google Docs, click on which style you like. It will show up on the right side under “My Fonts.” You can add as many fonts as you like.
Selecting fonts in Google Docs


  1. Click OK once you’ve finished adding fonts to Google Docs.
Click OK to add fonts


  1. When you check the Font menu, it should include all the new fonts you have selected.
New fonts added in Google Docs menu


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How to Install Fonts on Google Docs

When adding more fonts to Google Docs, you can use the Extension option (or “Add-ons”). This simple feature provides a massive range of styles and fonts to create more visually appealing documents. To import a font to Google Docs using an extension:

  1. Open Google Docs.
  2. On the menu bar, click Extensions. Next, hover over Add-ons and click “Get add-ons.”
Where to find add-ons in Google Docs


  1. In the Add-ons store, search for a font add-on you like (e.g., Extensis Fonts, Google Fonts).
Extensis Fonts in Google workspace add-ons


  1. Click on the font add-on you want, then click the Install button.
Extensis Fonts with Google Docs view


  1. Follow the prompts to grant permissions and complete the installation. Click Continue.
Finish prompt to install Extensis Fonts


  1. Once the installation is complete, refresh your Google Docs document.
  2. Click on Extensions in the top menu bar again, hover over the font add-on you just installed, and click “Start” from the dropdown menu.
Installing font add-ons in GDocs


  1. Upon clicking, a sidebar will appear, showing the available fonts. Highlight a text, then click on the font you want to add to your document.
New font add-on in Google Docs


  1. After that, the font will be added to the list of fonts in the “Font” dropdown menu located in the toolbar.
Aclonica font style in GDocs


That’s it! You can now use these new, downloaded fonts in Google Docs!

How to Use Google Fonts Locally on Windows

You can make Windows look more attractive and creative by using the Google Docs’ font feature. Here’s how to do it:

  1.  Visit
  2. Browse through the list of available fonts or use the search function to find a font you like.
Pick Google fonts for Windows


  1. Click on a font and open its page.
Install Google font for local Windows


  1. On the font’s page, click on the “Download family” button (located in the upper-right corner of the page).
Download Google font family for Windows


  1. Upon clicking, a .zip file containing the font files will be downloaded to your computer. Extract these files from the .zip folder.
Zip file containing font files


  1. Open the extracted file of your downloaded font.
Open and extract zip folder of fonts


  1. Select the font variable you want to open.
Choose font variable for local Windows


  1. You’ll see a preview of the font. Click “Install” on the upper-left corner of the window.
Install the font style for Windows use


  1. The font will now be installed on your Windows computer and can be used in any application that supports custom fonts (including Google Docs). To use it with Windows, head over to your computer settings and click Personalization.
Computer settings personalization


  1. Then, select Fonts.
Personalization fonts for Windows


  1. After that, select the font you want to use.
Available Google downloaded fonts for Windows

12. Click your preferred font. You can customize it however you’d like.

Customize chosen font style for Windows


And there you have it! You can now use your newly-installed Google Font in your Windows applications. To use it in Google Docs, simply select the font from the “Font” dropdown menu in the toolbar.

How to Add Google Fonts to Windows with SkyFonts

SkyFonts makes it simple to add character and effectiveness to your document. Choose from a vast selection of Google fonts (and styles) and try them out for free before purchasing them.

To add SkyFonts to your Windows computer, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the SkyFonts website in your web browser. Click Browse on the top left corner of the page.
Browse skyfonts website


  1. Browse thousands of Google fonts and choose what you would like to use.
Viewing skyfonts fonts


  1. Click the Google font you want, choose from different styles, and click “Add to Card.”
Add skyfont to cart


  1. After that, you’ll be able to download it and use it on your Windows.

Other Cool Font and Text Effects in Google Docs

While Google Docs makes professional-looking documents easy, it also allows you to express creativity and individuality via eye-catching text styles and vibrant, cute fonts. It’s the perfect tool for all types of projects, whether they be academic papers, business presentations, or creative stories.

Magic Rainbow Unicorns

Magic Rainbow Unicorns font


Magic Rainbow Unicorns have captured the hearts of people everywhere. This Google Docs “add-on” lets you explore technicolor options with a variety of fantastical fonts and text designs. With its easy-to-use interface and customizable options, Magic Rainbow Unicorns has become an extremely popular font option.

Fun Text

Fun Text for Google Docs


Fun Text is a simple word art add-on that gives your text amusing visual effects. You can change the text’s size, color, shape, placement, and even language – there’s a ton to do! This font’s range of customization options really allows users to express their personalities.

Word Cloud for Docs

Word Cloud for Docs


With the help of the word cloud generator, it’s quick and easy to produce word clouds from your Google Doc. Premium members have complete control over the colors, angles, word count, and words they’d prefer to ignore.

This is a great tool to help users quickly and easily produce aesthetically pleasing visual representations of their documents. Whether you are creating documents for work, school, or personal use, make your words stand out.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know how to add fonts in Google Docs, you can take your work to the next level with ease. Why not give it a try and see how much of a difference it can make in your writing and design projects?

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