20 Best Calligraphy Fonts on Google Docs

Are you thinking of a simple way to make casual and business documents look more appealing? You can use calligraphy fonts on Google Docs to spice things up.

With their elaborate ornaments and sweeping strokes, calligraphy fonts can add an artistic flair to your projects. In addition, they convey elegance and sophistication to your readers.

We handpicked the best calligraphy fonts from Google below. Make sure to check them out and use them as needed.

What Are Calligraphy Fonts in Google Docs?

Calligraphy fonts belong to a typeface that resembles the appearance of handwritten calligraphy writing. They’re commonly used for printed and digital materials like certificates, invitations, and posters.

You’ll easily catch calligraphy fonts in Google Docs because of their distinctive features:

  • Style: Calligraphy fonts are reminiscent of handwritten typography because of their flowing and interconnected characters.
  • Appearance: Calligraphy fonts have irregular letterforms and varying heights, giving them a more authentic feel.
  • Stroke: Calligraphy fonts have varying stroke widths — thin upstrokes and thick downstrokes. They also have elaborate flourishes and decorative elements on their letterforms.

The appearance of calligraphy fonts may vary from each other, adding more personality and charm to them.

Pros and Cons of Using Calligraphy Fonts on Google Docs

Unlike other fonts on Google Docs, popular calligraphy fonts add more personality and creativity to your documents, making your work more visually appealing to your audience.

However, calligraphy Google fonts may have poor readability for long blocks of text. It’s also difficult to read them in smaller font sizes. On top of this, some Google calligraphy fonts may not always work well on formal or business-related documents.

Best Calligraphy Fonts on Google Docs

It can be overwhelming to choose the right calligraphy font for your document. Some fonts may be too formal, while others might be too playful.

So here are our top picks for the best calligraphy fonts for Google Docs:

1. Great Vibes

Great Vibes is an elegant script font filled with decorative ornaments. It evokes the classic hand-drawn calligraphy aesthetic — ideal for formal documents like wedding invitations. It’s also highly readable for headlines and titles.

Calligraphy Fonts on Google Docs—Sample text using Great Vibes

Get Great Vibes from Google here.

2. Montez

You can bring a sense of boldness and elegance to your projects with Montez. It’s a versatile font that features thick strokes complemented by sharp curves. You can use it on headings, logos, and other branding materials like posters and flyers.

Sample text using Montez

Get Montez from Google here.

3. UnifrakturMaguntia

Achieving a medieval look is possible with UnifrakturMaguntia. This blackletter-style font evokes a dramatic appearance reminiscent of the old Gothic script. In addition, it has elaborate ornaments and strokes, so you can use it for invitations or vintage-themed documents like certificates.

Sample text using UnifrakturMaguntia

Get UnifrakturMaguntia from Google here.

4. Dancing Script

You can create playful projects with Dancing Script. This lively calligraphy font has a smooth, bouncing appearance because of its casual and formal features. It has long swashes and varying stroke thicknesses. You can use this font for invitations and greeting cards.

Sample text using Dancing Script

Get Dancing Script from Google here.

5. Alex Brush

Alex Brush screams sophistication and elegance because of its smooth and sweeping strokes. Yet, despite this unique feature, it still has a touch of friendliness to it. As a result, this font works well on blog headers, invitations, and logos.

Sample text using Alex Brush

Get Alex Brush from Google here.

6. Felipa

If you’re going for a more personal and friendly vibe, then Felipa will be a favorite pick. It has a brushlike appearance that creates playful strokes. As a result, you can use this font to design blog headers, greeting cards, and personalized notes.

Sample text using Felipa

Get Felipa from Google here.

7. Pacifico

Pacifico is a casual and retro-inspired calligraphy font with a friendly appearance. It has bold and rounded letterforms that work nicely on personal projects, informal invitations, and posters.

Sample text using Pacifico

Get Pacifico from Google here.

8. Berkshire Swash

If you need a decorative calligraphy font, check out Berkshire Swash. It has the right mix of intricateness and playfulness in its letterforms. With this, you can produce eye-catching headlines, logos, and posters. You can also use it on other creative projects done on Google Docs.

Sample text using Berkshire Swash

Get Berkshire Swash from Google here.

9. Niconne

You’ll easily catch Niconne’s unique, handcrafted appearance. It has varying letter heights that give it its striking personality. This font also evokes a friendly and nostalgic vibe when used on greeting cards and personal blogs. On top of this, Niconne has good legibility, unlike most calligraphy fonts.

Sample text using Niconne

Get Niconne from Google here.

10. Imperial Script

Imperial Script is a calligraphy font with bold and sweeping strokes. Because of this, it exudes a majestic aesthetic. Its intricate letterforms also add a touch of elegance to it. This font is ideal for certificates and invitations.

Sample text using Imperial Script

Get Imperial Script from Google here.

11. Allura

There’s no other calligraphy font as versatile as Allura. Despite its intricate letterforms and elegant curves, it still has good readability for diverse designs like invitations, announcements, and headings.

Sample text using Allura

Get Allura from Google here.

12. Euphoria Script

With its flowing and intricate design, Euphoria Script exudes a luxurious feel. This font has ornamental flourishes and swashes that are perfect for majestic designs. You use it on invitations, certificates, or other high-end branding materials.

Sample text using Euphoria Script

Get Euphoria Script from Google here.

13. Jim Nightshade

If you’re looking for a dynamic calligraphy font that mimics the strokes of brushes, you may want to consider Jim Nightshade. It has varying letter heights that make it look more lively and spontaneous. Hence, you can use this font for posters and other creative designs.

Sample text using Jim Nightshade

Get Jim Nightshade from Google here.

14. Sacramento

Sacramento is a delicate and elegant calligraphy font for formal and romantic occasions. It has thin, flowing lines decorated with subtle flourishes. Because of this, it works well on wedding invitations and certificates. This font also has good readability for both headers and body text.

Sample text using Sacramento

Get Sacramento from Google here.

15. Water Brush

Water Brush mimics the strokes created by traditional paint brushes — soft and playful. This feature gives the font a more personal and friendly feel. Hence, it’s perfect for greeting cards, invitations, and other creative materials.

Sample text using Water Brush

Get Water Brush from Google here.

16. Bilbo Swash Caps

Bilbo Swash Caps is good for uppercase letters with intricate flourishes and swashes. This calligraphy font is reminiscent of traditional lettering designs. It evokes an old-world charm for headings, titles, and other decorative purposes.

Sample text using Bilbo Swash Caps

Get Bilbo Swash Caps from Google here.

17. Mr Bedfort

Mr Bedfort is another retro-themed calligraphy font on Google Docs. It has intricate letterforms and decorative swirls that add to its old-school aesthetic. You can use the font for invitations.

Sample text using Mr Bedfort

Get Mr Bedfort from Google here.

18. Italianno

Italianno is a classic yet formal calligraphy font with a sense of old-world personality. It has sweeping strokes that vary in thickness, similar to traditional cursive handwriting. As a result, it’s an ideal font for formal invitations, vintage-themed projects, and headlines. It also fits nicely on large headings and short blocks of text.

Sample text using Italianno

Get Italianno from Google here.

19. Mea Culpa

Mea Culpa has smooth and flowing lines complemented by well-defined letterforms. It exudes elegance, sophistication, and grace, balanced with a retro feel. It’s an ideal font for formal documents, invitations, and certificates.

Sample text using Mea Culpa

Get Mea Culpa from Google here.

20. Carattere

Carattere is another popular handwritten calligraphy font on Google Docs. It evokes a casual aesthetic reminiscent of traditional brush strokes. You can use this font for creative projects like posters and flyers.

Sample text using Carattere

Get Carattere from Google here.

How To Insert Calligraphy Google Fonts

There are hundreds of calligraphy fonts from Google that are up for grabs. That’s why we listed the steps on how to add the best calligraphy fonts to your Google Docs file below:

  1. Open a new document on Google Docs.
  2. Navigate the toolbar and look for the “Font” section.
  3. Click the drop-down menu beside the font name.
  4. Press “More Fonts” to see more calligraphy fonts from Google.
Where to find the more fonts option in Google Docs


  1. Look for your desired calligraphy font and press it. Make sure there’s a checkmark beside the font name.
  2. Click “OK” to apply the font to your text.
How to Insert Calligraphy Google Fonts


Learn more about adding different font styles to your document in our How To Add Fonts To Google Docs guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Good Calligraphy Fonts in Google Docs?

Yes, there are hundreds of calligraphy fonts on Google Docs. Just click “More Fonts” to find your desired font style.

What Are Popular Calligraphy Fonts for Google Docs?

The best calligraphy fonts will depend on your style and preferences. But some classic and versatile fonts include UnifrakturMaguntia, Great Vibes, and Niconne.

Final Thoughts

Using calligraphy fonts on Google Docs is a simple way to spruce up your documents. Whether it be for invitations, posters, or certificates, the right font will ultimately depend on your needs.

And luckily, your artistic expression isn’t limited to Google Docs. You can also create eye-catching projects on Google Sheets and Google Slides.

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