30 Best Cursive Fonts on Google Docs to Elevate Your Style

If you want to add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your Google documents, cursive fonts are a great option.

With over 200 cursive fonts on Google Docs, you can give your work a personal and polished feel, making it suitable for various purposes, from wedding invitations to business proposals.

However, with so many cursive fonts to choose from, it can be challenging to know which ones are the best. To help you out, we’ve handpicked the best cursive fonts on Google Docs that will elevate your style and make your writing stand out.

What Are Google Cursive Fonts?

Cursive fonts are Google script fonts with conjoined characters and symbols. They have a handwritten appearance that conveys a human touch.

Some cursive Google fonts fall under different typefaces — hand lettering, calligraphy, and brush-based. Because of this, they work well on diverse materials like:

  • Anecdotes
  • Company letterheads
  • Formal documents
  • Headings and headlines
  • Magazine headers
  • Quotations

You can easily find a cursive font in Google Docs by default, but you can also explore and add hundreds of other typefaces from its extensive database. Check out our How to Add Fonts to Google Docs guide to learn more.

Pros and Cons of Using Cursive Fonts Google Docs

Google cursive fonts can help you establish a unique visual identity and add character and emphasis to lines of text. They can also effectively convey the intended emotions to your audience.

However, cursive fonts may not be the best choice for long-form texts and guidelines, as they can appear messy and be hard on the eyes. Additionally, they may not be readable in small font sizes, which can limit their usability in certain contexts.

Best Cursive Fonts on Google Docs

1. Great Vibes

Cursive fonts on Google Docs—Sample text using Great Vibes font

With over 400 glyphs available, Great Vibes is a strong contender for the best cursive Google font. This font is elegant and feminine, with graceful curves and delicate strokes that give it a romantic feel. It’s perfect for wedding invitations or anything that requires a touch of sophistication.

2. Zeyada

Sample text using Zeyada font

Zeyada differs from your typical cursive font because its letters are only slightly connected. Despite this, it has elegant and sophisticated curls and curves that imitate handwriting on paper. As a result, you can use it for invitations, greeting cards, quotations, and anecdotes.

3. Dancing Script

Sample text using Dancing Script font

Created by Pablo Impallari, Dancing Script adds a vintage touch to your texts. It has lively, bouncing letters with slight changes in their size. This gives the font a playful and spontaneous look, making it a suitable choice for informal or creative projects. However, it can be unreadable at times.

4. Pacifico

Sample text using Pacifico font

The Pacifico brush script font gives off a beachy, laid-back vibe similar to that of early American surf culture. It exhibits bold, bouncy letters by default and works best for artistic texts. Unfortunately, it has poor readability as a body copy.

5. Arizonia

Sample text using Arizonia font

If you’re looking for a charming cursive font for any document, you can use Arizonia. It has a slanted and flowing style, along with thick, contrasting strokes that give it a contemporary vibe. It also has remarkable readability. Just don’t use this font in all caps.

6. Sofia

Sample text using Sofia font

Sofia is a versatile cursive font with a romantic and feminine feel. It has graceful curves and gentle strokes, making it ideal for wedding invitations, love letters, and other sentimental documents. In addition, using it won’t be too hard on the eyes.

7. Mr De Haviland

Sample text using Mr De Haviland font

Mr De Haviland is among the many cursive fonts in the Charles Bluemlein Script Collection. A quick look at this font will take you back to the early days of hand lettering. It adds a classic and elegant touch to your texts.

8. Parisienne

Sample text using Parisienne font

Known as a stylish yet free-spirited font, Parisienne works well for artistic purposes or anything that requires a touch of romance or playfulness. Its feminine and delicate letters have a slight bounce and casually connect with each other. However, it may not have good readability for long-form texts.

9. Tangerine

Sample text using Tangerine font

Tangerine features a majestic typeface that draws inspiration from the early calligraphy of the 16th century. Its most unique characteristic is its tall ascenders. It also has wide line spaces, ideal for headings or titles.

10. Croissant One

Sample text using Croissant One font

Embodying the French spirit, Croissant One reminds you of classic French writing. Its uppercase letters have the classic Parisian look, while its lowercase letters have a smooth, rounded form.

11. Rochester

Sample text using Rochester font

Rochester is a sleek typeface for formal documents with a vintage feel. It takes its roots from the Victorian and Art Deco eras.

12. Alex Brush

Sample text using Alex Brush font

Alex Brush is among the many brush Google script fonts with beautifully flowing strokes that are easy on the eyes. It’s excellent for invitations, greeting cards, or other personal correspondence.

13. Style Script

Sample text using Style Script font

You can count on Style Script for casual or formal documents. It has three stylistic sets — formal, plain, and script — that give you more creativity and flexibility in your work. Despite its retro look, it can keep up with modern 21st-century demands.

14. Ms Madi

Sample text using Ms Madi font

Ms Madi is a monoline cursive font that screams elegance. It has clean strokes between its uppercase and lowercase letters. It’s also a great addition to casual yet sophisticated documents.

15. Meow Script

Sample text using Meow Script font

With six stylistic sets available, Meow Script lets you exercise creative freedom on your documents. Its curls add a fun and whimsical look to your projects. This font is best for posters, ads, and invitations made on Google Docs.

16. Euphoria Script

Sample text using Euphoria Script font

You can have an informal cursive font style with Euphoria Script. It appears playful and lively on documents because of its brush strokes. Its letters also have sharp curves with slightly slanted angles. Despite this, it has good readability. You can even use it for titles and short phrases.

17. Allura

Sample text using Allura font

Thanks to TypeSETit, you can use Allura for almost any document. It’s suitable for titles, headers, and body copies. You’ll also find this font in three styles, but you can download more alternate glyphs and graphics if needed.

18. Cookie

Sample text using Cookie font

Cookie is a close imitation of the cursive handwriting style back in the early 1950s. It adds a unique touch to your documents because of its retro feel. However, it’s still easy to read and has smooth-flowing strokes.

19. Homemade Apple

Sample text using Homemade Apple font

If you need a versatile font, Homemade Apple may be the answer. It has sharp yet stylish letters that work well on formal and informal documents. In addition, you can use it for headlines, titles, and quotes.

20. Lobster

Sample text using Lobster font

You can achieve a classic feel to your documents with Lobster. It’s a bold cursive font with slightly slanted yet connected letters. This combination looks extremely beautiful when used. Sadly, it becomes unreadable in smaller font sizes, so it’s only suitable for titles or decorative purposes.

21. Windsong

Sample text using Windsong font

Like Arizonia, you can hit two birds with one stone using Windsong. It fits the classic cursive aesthetic but with a contemporary mix. As a result, it can make your documents feel retro yet trendy. Besides this, you’ll find this font in multiple stylistic sets for sophisticated projects.

22. Italianno

Sample text using Italianno font

Italianno embodies the classic calligraphic look. Its bold and fluid style blends well on invitations, certificates, headlines, or anything that requires a touch of drama. On top of this, it’s an elegant cursive font with clean connecting strokes for each letter.

23. Qwigley

Sample text using Qwigley font

Beautiful and contemporary amply describe the typeface of Qwigley. It has non-traditional letterforms that give it a modern look. This font is charming and decorative, especially on titles, invitations, and greeting cards.

24. Cedarville Cursive

Sample text using Cedarville Cursive font

Cedarville Cursive comes from the actual handwriting style of a preschool teacher from Cedarville University. It’s a quirky font that exhibits a spidery look with edgy curves. Sadly, it can be challenging to get a harmonious feel to it because not all its letters mix well with each other.

25. Leckerli One

Sample text using Leckerli One font

You can personalize your documents with Leckerli One. It’s a thick cursive font that adds a sweet touch to your projects because of its cheerful loops. This font also exhibits irregular brush strokes, making it more suitable for shorter texts like titles and headings.

26. League Script

Sample text using League Script font

Created in the 1920s, League Script is still here to stay for the coming years. It has adapted to become a modern-looking cursive font with its beautiful ligatures. It also has thin letter lines — ideal for personal documents like greeting cards and invitations.

27. Clicker Script

Sample text using Clicker Script font

Inspired by the RCA Records Stereo Action Series, Clicker Script adds a playful yet elegant feel to your documents. It features slightly bouncing letters that bring out your project’s happy-go-lucky side.

28. Dynalight

Sample text using Dynalight font

Dynalight is a joyful and dynamic cursive font based on the vintage luggage tag of the Southern Pacific 4449 locomotive. Its letters are full of curves and light angles. It’s also a good font for posters, flyers, and invitations.

29. Yesteryear

Sample text using Yesteryear font

Yesteryear is a knockoff of the title screen of The Palm Beach Story film in the 1940s. Like most cursive fonts, it features sharp yet connected letters. Using this font also gives your work a vintage feel.

30. Sail

Sample text using Sail font

Based on its name, Sail has windy uppercase and clean lowercase letters. It’s suitable for headings, posters, and even long-form texts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Cursive Font in Google Docs?

Yes, there are several cursive fonts you can find in Google Docs by default.

To access them, simply open a new Google Docs document, select “Font” from the toolbar, and click on “More fonts.”

From there, you can search for and select a cursive font that suits your needs. Google Docs also allows you to add hundreds of other cursive fonts to its database if you want more options.

What Font on Google Docs Looks Like Cursive?

There are hundreds of calligraphy fonts available on Google Docs. Some of the popular cursive fonts on Google Docs include Great Vibes, Dancing Script, Sofia, Pacifico, Meow Script, or any of the cursive fonts mentioned on our list above.

Final Thoughts

With so many options available to choose from, you can find the perfect cursive font that matches your writing style and the tone of your document.

And the best part is, these fonts aren’t limited to just Google Docs! You can also use them on Google Sheets and Google Slides to maintain consistency throughout your projects.

If you’re looking for even more ways to take your documents to the next level, check out our premium templates! And don’t forget to use the promo code ‘SSP’ to get 50% off on your next purchase!


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