20 Best Handwriting Fonts on Google Docs to Add a Personal Touch

If you’re looking for a font that adds a personal touch and creative feel to your Google Documents, handwriting fonts are an excellent option.

Handwriting fonts make your notes feel more “human.” They range from casual styles to sophisticated typefaces that can be used to create a range of documents, such as personal notes and invitations.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the best handwriting fonts available on Google Docs and why you should use them.

What Are Handwriting Fonts?

A handwriting font on Google Docs is a digital font that mimics the appearance of handwriting. It replicates the way letters and characters are written on paper.

Similar to our individual handwriting styles, handwritten fonts have unique typefaces that can feature various strokes, spacing between letters, heights, and sizes to match your preferences.

Although Google Docs comes with some handwriting fonts by default, you can always add more fonts to expand your options and further personalize your documents.

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Benefits of Handwriting Fonts on Google Docs

Google Docs provides users with access to thousands of fonts. However, incorporating some handwriting fonts into your collection can add a unique and personalized touch to your documents.

Each handwriting font available on Google Docs possesses distinct qualities and strengths, including the following:

1. Handwriting Fonts Are Unique

Using handwriting fonts on Google Docs can make your documents stand out from other documents while adding a unique and personalized touch. Unlike the common and widely-used default fonts like Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman, handwriting fonts offer a one-of-a-kind typeface that can make your work more distinct.

2. Handwriting Fonts Add More Personality to Your Document

Unlike Google Docs’ default fonts, fonts that look like handwriting can bring out your quirky and creative personality. In addition, they can help you express your emotions and make your work more sentimental than generic fonts can convey.

For instance, using a handwritten font on a birthday card can give it a more playful and fun feel. On the other hand, using a cursive font when creating a more formal document can make it look more elegant and sophisticated.

3. Handwriting Fonts Are Engaging

Handwriting fonts on Google Docs are more engaging and memorable for your readers. Unlike generic fonts, they have a more human and personalized touch, which can help capture your readers’ attention and make them feel more connected to your content.

For example, a handwritten font on a wedding invitation can make it feel more intimate and personal, while a fun and playful font on a children’s book can make it more engaging and entertaining. Adding handwriting fonts to your Google Docs collection can give you more options to create the right tone and mood for your documents.

The Best Handwriting Fonts on Google Docs in 2024

Below are some of the best handwriting fonts on Google Docs that can help make your documents stand out:

1. Delius

Handwriting fonts Google Docs—Sample text using Delius font

If you’re looking for a typeface that has a playful, comic-book-style vibe, Delius might be the perfect match. With thick ends and good readability in all font sizes and letter cases, it can add a fun and whimsical touch to your documents. Additionally, the font “Delius Swash Caps,” a sister font with more decorative strokes, can provide even more variety and flair to your writing.

Delius font could be suitable for documents that require a playful or casual tone, such as children’s books, comics, or invitations to informal events like birthday parties. It may not be the best option for more formal documents such as business reports or academic papers.


2. Sacramento

Sample text using Sacramento font

Sacramento is one of the cleanest handwriting fonts because of its consistent letter size and spacing. Its typeface also falls between casual and formal font styles. Although it has poor readability for smaller font sizes, it does the job for short and long paragraphs.


3. Indie Flower

Sample text using Indie Flower font

Indie Flower has remarkable readability compared to other handwriting fonts. Its rounded edges give off a warm and bubbly feel to its readers. It’s also available in only one font weight: regular.


4. Cedarville Cursive

Sample text using Cedarville Cursive font

The Cedarville font pays tribute to a preschool teacher at Cedarville University. It has an edgy stroke that mimics authentic handwriting styles. However, its readability depends on the letters you use for your document.


5. Rock Salt

Sample text using Rock Salt font

Rock Salt can be your go-to font if you want a more explosive handwriting font on Google Docs. It’s in all caps and has big and bold text. Its edges also have a similar texture to those of felt-tip markers. Unfortunately, its readability is fairly poor for body copies.


6. Kalam

Sample text using Kalam font

Kalam is the closest typeface on Google Docs to authentic handwriting styles. It exhibits a steep slant and is written in a ballpoint pen-like texture. So it’s a great font for documents and books. You can also vary its font weight to be light, regular, or bold.

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7. Rochester

Sample text using Rochester font

Rochester draws inspiration from the Victorian and Art Deco eras. It has a classy and smart-looking typeface that takes you back to the early 1900s.


8. Chewy

Sample text using Chewy font

One of the most fun yet simple handwriting fonts on Google Docs is Chewy. It consists of narrow letters with condensed letter spacing. But surprisingly, its readability is still excellent in all font sizes.


9. Amatic SC

Sample text using Amatic SC font

You can create striking headlines and titles with Amatic SC. It’s available in two font weights: regular and bold. It also has a sister font called “Amatica SC,” which has a much wider letter spacing.


10. Dancing Script

Sample text using Dancing Script font

Your letters can give off a lively bouncing effect with Dancing Script. Although its letter sizes gradually change, this handwriting font can create a spontaneous look.


11. Yellowtail

Sample text using Yellowtail font

Individuals who want to mimic the old-school brush handwriting styles can benefit from Yellowtail. It has a thick stroke, so using it for your main body of text may not be suitable. However, you can use it for headlines and logos.


12. Short Stack

Sample text using Short Stack font

We all need a fun and childish font like Short Stack. It’s a semi-geometric typeface with a big personality. It also works well with medium-to-large text sizes.


13. Dekko

Sample text using Dekko font

Inspired by Modular Infotech 4948, Dekko gives a warm and casual personality. It also has a wide letter spacing, making it ideal for smaller screen sizes.


14. Marck Script

Sample text using Marck Script font

Because it’s a non-connected script font, Marck Script offers various letter spacings to its users. It also has a marker-like texture, which is perfect for headlines, logos, and short texts.


15. Mrs Sheppards

Sample text using Mrs Sheppards font

An old-school handwriting font like Mrs Sheppards exhibits a mix of brush lettering and calligraphy. This typeface can be tricky and unreadable, but it also produces striking text when properly used. Users should use Mrs Sheppards with discretion.


16. Walter Turncoat

Sample text using Walter Turncoat font

Another stylish handwritten font for your title and headings is Walter Turncoat. While it is highly readable, it only comes in all caps, therefore, it would not be appropriate for formal documents.


17. Just Another Hand

Sample text using Just Another Hand font

Just Another Hand got its look from the handwriting style of its creator back during their high school days. It’s drawn from a narrow brush and can work on all types of projects.


18. Niconne

Sample text using Niconne font

If you want a traditional handwriting font, Niconne has your back. It flows smoothly with a slight tilt, giving off an elegant feel. It also has good readability and versatility because of its minimal decoration.


19. Kristi

Sample text using Kristi font

Kristi mimics quick, bold movements from a felt-tip pen. It has a similar look to the old Chancery typeface with tall letters and little twists between characters. While it can be difficult to read, it does have an elegant feel to it.


20. La Belle Aurore

Sample text using La Belle Aurore font

La Belle Aurore is a Casablanca-inspired handwriting font. It has several curls to replicate a romantic feel.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use a Handwriting Font in Google Docs on My Mobile Device?

Yes, you can use handwriting fonts on the Google Docs mobile app. However, note that you can only add more fonts from Google to your browser.

How Do I Make My Handwriting Font Look More Realistic in Google Docs?

Choosing the right handwriting font is the best way to make your documents look more realistic on Google Docs. Don’t forget to compare different font styles, strokes, and weights.

Are There Any Handwriting Fonts Available in Google Docs by Default?

No, there are no handwriting fonts available on Google Docs by default. You’ll only see basic fonts like Arial and Times New Roman. However, you can add handwriting fonts to your collection through the “More Fonts” option.

Final Thoughts

There are several excellent handwriting fonts available on Google Docs, including Sacramento, Kalam, and Niconne. No matter which font you choose for your projects, choosing the right style can help your documents stand out.

Furthermore, these fonts can be added to and used on any of the Google Productivity Suite apps, such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, or Google Slides, making them convenient, free, and easy to use.

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