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Get a Free Google Slides Brochure Template Here [3 Styles]

This article will provide you with the perfect Google Slides brochure template for a range of purposes. Read on to find out more.

Why Should You Use a Google Slides Brochure Template

You should use a Google Slides pamphlet template for multiple reasons. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • Familiarity: Many people have used presentation software at one point or another, which means they already know how it works. This makes it easy to use a pre-made template and create one entirely from scratch.
  • Saves Time: Templates can provide a pre-made structure for the pamphlet or brochure, including text and image sections. This saves you a lot of time as you don’t have to start from scratch. Instead, you can replace the placeholder images with your own and add your text.
  • Customizable: Google Slides allows in-depth customization, enabling you to add your own text, logos, and images. For elements in the template, you can modify the colors and fonts. You can also replace the placeholder background with your own.
  • Consistent: Travel brochure Google Slides templates usually follow a consistent predefined design throughout the template to maintain consistency. A template ensures you stick to the specified design, producing a professional-looking brochure.
  • Sharing: Google apps feature a convenient feature that allows you to share your presentation file with others, allowing them to work on the same document simultaneously. This can allow you to share your document with others in the design team to streamline the collaborative process to ensure that everyone has access to the updated version of the document.
  • Accessibility: Google Slides is entirely online, meaning all of your progress is saved to Google’s cloud servers. This has the advantage that your presentation file can be accessed on any device as long as you have an internet connection and a supported web browser. If you need to, you can also download the file locally.

You can also make a brochure template in Google Docs, like Google Slides. Learn more from the linked article.

Best Google Slides Brochure Templates for 2024

If you have used Google Slides before to create a presentation, you may already know most there is to know about making a brochure template. However, the process can be very time-consuming. Instead, you can use one of our Google Slides brochure templates. If you also use Microsoft PowerPoint, you may want to learn how to convert PowerPoint presentations to Slides.

There are several benefits to using our Google Slides brochure templates. They are professionally designed, meaning all pages follow a consistent visual design. These templates are entirely customizable, meaning you can easily replace the placeholder text and images to add your own. Brochures are still a great way to advertise many things. Let’s take a look at some templates.

Simple Trifold Brochure Template

Google Slides Brochure Template 1

Access Template

This versatile Google Slides brochure template is the perfect solution if you’re looking to create professional and visually appealing brochures for any occasion. The color scheme used in this template is great for any brochure design, whether for an event, business, or educational purpose. The template’s design is clean and minimalistic, making it one of the best Google Slides brochure templates free for use in 2024.

This brochure template has two sides, containing three sections for text and images. The first page has a section towards the left that allows you to add an image, a heading at the top, and a short description. The middle part of the page has space for two headings. In the third section, you can add an image towards the top and accompanying heading and text towards the bottom part.

The second page has space for longer text towards the left and right sides of the page. Here, you can add paragraphs, bullet points, or images. In the middle part, you can add an image that takes up the entire section and acts as a background. Towards the bottom of the center part, you can add text to better describe the contents of the image.

This template is great if you’re looking to create a brochure with a modern design and informative text, allowing you to effectively communicate your message. The Google Suite is an essential part of many workplaces. Here is how you can make a resume in Docs.

Travel Brochure Template Google Slides

Google Slides Brochure Template 2

Access Template

This Google Slides tri-fold brochure template is great for showcasing the beauty of destinations for travelers. This template is great for tour operators, travel agencies, and companies looking to create attractive travel brochures.

As the name trifold suggests, this brochure template has three parts and two sides. The front side of the page has three sides: the left has a plain background and space for a heading and some text which you can use to describe the tour package or location. The middle and right parts of the first page can have the image of the location in the background. The center part of the page allows you to add a heading and some text about the location or tour. The right side of the page has the header.

The backside of the travel trifold Google Slides template has space to add descriptions about the tour and the destination. The left part of the page has space for a heading and detailed description. The middle part allows you to make smaller headings which is ideal for letting the reader know if you will visit multiple locations during the tour. Finally, the last section of the page has space at the top for a call to action prompt and any contact details, which you can add at the bottom.

The template is very clean with little visual clutter. Also, the template is fully customizable, so feel free to add your images and text.

Dark Minimal Bifold Brochure Template

Google Slides Brochure Template 3

Access Template

This Google Slides flyer template is great if you want to create a unique brochure. It features a sleek, dark theme designed with elegance in mind. This template is extremely minimalist but also has a dash of mystery which will grab the reader’s attention.

The first page features the front and back pages of the brochure. The left part of the page allows you to add the backside of the brochure, which includes a heading, text, and a footer that will enable you to add contact details. The right part of the page has space for the brochure’s title and a subtitle and text. You can also add a logo towards the top right part of the page.

The second page allows you to add the contents inside the brochure. The left page has an image on the top with descriptive text towards the bottom. You can add multiple images instead of the single one towards the top. The right page is similar to the left one and features descriptive text towards the top and the image at the bottom. You can also replace this image and add multiple ones. Hanging indents are a useful formatting tool in Slides. Here is how to use a hanging indent on Slides.

Whether you’re targeting a niche audience or want to create a sophisticated and modern look, this dark minimal brochure template is perfect for you in 2024.

How to Make a Brochure in Google Slides

To make your own brochure from scratch in Google Slides, you have to make two slides in Google Slides then divide them equally into 3 or more vertical sections. Then you simply need to add headings and text. You can do all of this by:

  • Adding a single row table to each slide through Insert >Table
  • Adding text boxes
  • Adding shapes with the drawing tool

But, the easiest way would be to use one of our above templates and change the images and styling to your liking.

Wrapping Up

Don’t forget that you can pick a Google Slides brochure template and make changes to it on your own. But we hope the above templates can get you close enough to what you’re after so you don;t have to make sweeping changes.

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