Get a Free Newspaper Template for Google Slides [3 Styles]

Did you know that the first Newspaper was published in Rome in 59 BC? That was way before the printing press was even invented.

Even though there are now plenty of other media formats, the need to keep up with events and daily gossip will ensure that newspapers always remain relevant.

And now you can make your own Newspaper online in Google Slides. We’ll take you through how to make a Newspaper Slide in Google Slides, and we’ve also included a couple of templates that you can use. Read on to find the perfect newspaper template for Google Slides.

How To Do A Newspaper Format on Google Slides

To do a newspaper format on Google Slide, follow the following steps:

Step 1: Change the Page Settings

  1. Go to File > Page setup
  2. Click the drop-down for the size, then Custom
Choose a custom page setup
  1. Change the paper size appropriately, adding the custom size you want to make the slides vertical. In our case, we chose 8” by 11”.
Apply the page set up dimensions
  1. Click Apply.

Step 2: Choose a suitable background color.

  1. Click Background in the toolbar.
Choose the drop down
  1. Click the drop-down for color.
Choose a background image
  1. Choose a color or create your own custom color.
Select a background color
  1. Click Add to theme to apply it to all the Slides.

Step 3: Create the Newspaper Header

  1. Remove the textboxes present by electing them and clicking backspace.
  2. Click the textbox icon and create a large text box at the top of the slide for the newspaper’s masthead or logo.
Add a text box
  1. Type in the Text.
Type in the text box
  1. Resize it and use a bold font that stands out and reflects the style of a newspaper.
Alter the formatting

Step 4: Add Your Columns

  1. Create smaller text boxes for headlines and article summaries in the layout that you want your columns to appear.
  2. Change the font to a serif font for the body text to create a traditional newspaper feel.
  3. Change the alignment to Justify and change the indentation of the text.
Finished page setup

Step 5: Add Images and Captions

You can use a variety of image styles, such as photographs or illustrations, to add visual interest.

  1. To add an image, click the image icon in the toolbar.
  2. Upload your image
  3. Resize and reposition it.
Use lines

Step 6: Add Design Elements

Use horizontal lines or boxes to separate the sections of your newspaper and create a structured layout.

You can use the draw feature in Google Slides to be more creative with your design.

Finished template

These are the steps to create a Newspaper template in Google Slides. Let’s look at some of our Google presentation newspaper templates.

Newspaper Slides Templates

Old Paper Google Slides Theme

Old time newspaper template

Access Template

This template has an old-timey Google Slides theme with a grey-and-white color scheme that gives it an aged look. It has three text columns and a section with a dark grey background for a highlight story.

This template comes in 3 slides with varying layouts to experiment with but maintains the theme of the template.

Modern Newspaper Template

Modern newspaper template for Google Slides

Access Template

The modern newspaper template is a popular newspaper Google Slides theme with part of the heading in bold red that pops out against the rest of the black-and-white format.

This template has 3 slides, each with a different layout following the same theme.

Vintage Newspaper Template for Google Slides

Vintage newspaper template for Google Slides

Access Template

The vintage newspaper template is reminiscent of the earlier newspapers with the bold heading font and the large headers.

It has a greyish-brown background color, and it’s divided into three text columns. The template comes with 3 slides with different layouts in the same vintage Google Slides background theme.

Why Use Our Templates?

Here are a couple of benefits of using our newspaper style templates:

  • Our pre-made Slide templates are convenient to use and will save you the time and effort it takes to make your own newspaper slides, not to mention the stress of trying to figure out the layout. You can publish your papers much faster thanks to our templates.
  • The templates in this article are easy to customize with a very clear layout that you can move around simply by clicking and dragging the different components on the slide.
  • You can collaborate easily with other writers and editors on the newspaper using the Google Slides collaborative feature and view changes being made simultaneously. All you have to do is share the slide and set the permissions for the other users.
  • Google Slides also automatically saves your newspaper in your drive and also saves the changes made so that you can easily backtrack and view changes made.
  • Our designs are professional and aesthetic, with industry-standard newspaper layouts and formats.
  • Our templates are versatile and can be adapted for any use. You can also convert our newspaper template to PowerPoint if you prefer.
  • A couple of our templates are also free to use, so you can save some costs for buying a professional newspaper template.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Newspaper Font on Google Slides?

The best newspaper fonts for your Newspaper on Google Slides are serif fonts characterized by small lines or flourishing at the ends of each letter.

Other really good newspaper fonts include Times New Roman, Georgia, and Garamond. These fonts are often used because of their readability and classic look, which can lend an air of authority and professionalism to a document or presentation.

Is There A Newspaper Template on Google Slides?

Unfortunately, You won’t find any newspaper templates in the Google Slides template gallery. However, you can create your own newspaper-style presentation using text boxes, images, and other design elements.

We’ve shown you just how to do this, and as a bonus, we’ve also provided you with our own templates.

Wrapping Up

The newspaper business is still going strong, and thanks to technology, it’s never been easier to make your own newspaper. We’ve already shown you just how easy it is with our step-by-step guide.

Skip right to the content and publishing of your newspaper thanks to our Google Slides newspaper templates. Now that you have the perfect newspaper template for Google Slides, just don’t forget to add the crossword.

If you found these templates useful, make sure you check out our premium selection too. Just remember to use the code SSP to save 50% at checkout.

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