4 Free Google Docs Templates for Teachers

As a teacher, you may have your hands full with a lot of responsibilities regarding your students and other school activities.

The purpose of this article is to offer a helping hand with some responsibilities you may have as a teacher by providing some Google Docs templates for teachers. The templates will help you have well-organized schedules and classes.

They also cover a wide range of responsibilities you may have as a teacher.

You can also learn how to create your own Google Docs templates in this article. Let’s get cracking.

Class Schedule Google Docs Template

A class schedule can be defined as a document or a timetable that clearly outlines various activities, courses, or classes that a student is expected to undertake during a particular academic year, such as a semester/ term or a quarter. A strict class schedule helps learners or students to keep track of their classes or activities and ensures they attend them all in time.

A class schedule usually contains the following key elements:

  • The course or class title
  • The time of each lesson or class meeting
  • The location of each class meeting. This is optional because, in many cases, the students are already aware of the venue.
  • The name of the teacher or Instructor

These are just some of the elements that are usually in a class schedule, there are many more details that one can add to a class schedule, such as course syllabus and assignments.

Below is an example of a Google Docs template for a class schedule. You can print send these to your students so they can stay on top of their class organization. Being clear with class times is particularly useful for neurodivergent students.

Google Docs Class Schedule Template

Google Docs Templates for Teachers - Class Schedule

Access Template

A Lesson Plan Google Docs Template

If you’re deep into your studies or have been teaching for a while, you’ll know what a lesson plan is. It is simply a document that outlines the objectives, lesson goals, assessment strategies, and other details related to a specific or particular class session/ lesson.

It is used by teachers to make sure they achieve and organize effective lessons.

Some of the details you may find in a lesson plan include the following:

  • Lesson Objectives: This entails the desired learning outcomes from the lesson, which are often based on specific standards or learning goals.
  • Instructional methods: These are the teaching strategies, materials, and activities that will be used during the lesson.
  • Assessment: This entails the methods that will be used to evaluate the student’s learning. They may include quizzes, tests, or class discussions.
  • Timing: The estimated or approximated time for each activity during the lesson.
  • Differentiation: This is how the teacher will meet the needs of all the students in the lesson or class.

Those are just some of the things to expect in a lesson plan. Lesson plans ensure that the teacher’s lessons are well structured, engaging, and aligned with academic standards hence maximizing student learning and achievement.

Below is one of our Google Docs templates for a lesson plan.

Lesson Plan Google Docs Template

Google Docs Templates for Teachers - Lesson Plan

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This lesson plan template is a functional template with all that you need to prepare for your lessons. It includes the summary of the topic, lesson activity, evaluation, and notes, among other things. The second column is more details about each of these sections.

Class Attendance Template

Class attendance lists are an essential everyday tool for any teacher. They’re necessary to keep track of your students’ attendance.

Class attendance lists are usually in the form of a table with the name of the students and the days of the week they are supposed to be in school.

Below is an example of a class attendance list in Google Docs.

Google Doc Attendance Template

Google Docs Templates for Teachers - Attendance

Access Template

This class attendance template is a simple table in Google Docs that has 4 weeks’ worth of attendance. It has a column for the student names and the attendance for each day for 4 weeks.

It is on a pageless doc to create space for more weeks, You can also use our Google Sheets attendance template instead.

Meet the Teacher Google Docs Template

“Meet the teacher” is a document that acts as a communication tool used by teachers or educators to introduce themselves to students and their families at the beginning of the school year.

It usually includes details or information about the teacher’s background, teaching philosophy, and sometimes expectations for the upcoming academic year.

The teacher’s contact information is also found in the document as well as other in-depth details like classroom policies and procedures and expectations for students’ behavior.

This document can also be presented or distributed in many formats. Here are some of the formats it can be presented in; letter, brochure, or digital document.

Sometimes information about the students and their learning expectations may be requested in the document.

The purpose of a “Meet the Teacher” document is to establish a positive and open relationship between the teacher and the students and their families early on. It helps create a good learning environment as well as a supportive classroom environment which can be essential for young or nervous students at the beginning of the academic year.

Below is a Meet the Teacher Google Docs template that you can use. The link to the template has been provided.

Meet the Teacher Google Docs Template

Google Docs Templates for Teachers - Meet the Teacher

Access Template

Our Meet the Teacher template is a fun and exciting template to use to introduce yourself to your class. It has a white and black polka dot background and different sections where you can write about yourself as a teacher.

Why You Should Use Our Templates

If you’re a teacher, here are some reasons why you should use our templates:

  • A teacher’s time is valuable and often very limited. Our templates will take time off your hands so that you can focus on other aspects of reaching.
  • Our templates are available in Google Docs and, therefore, very easy to customize and use.
  • Our designs are school friendly, and you can use them with your students as well.
  • Our templates offer full customization to meet your specific needs, such as adding your logo, changing fonts, and changing texts.
  • You can access our templates on any device since they are on Google Docs, which also serves as cloud storage.

Wrapping up the Google Docs Templates for Teachers Guide

A teacher always needs to be prepared with a number of tools in hand. Our templates will help you stay organized and on top of all your classes and focus on teaching.

If you find our Google Docs templates for teachers useful, you can also have a look at our premium templates. Just make sure you use the code SSP to save 50% at checkout.

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