How to Hide Columns in Google Sheets (An Easy Guide)

You may not always need all the columns that have the data or extra columns that are empty and need not be displayed.

In such cases, you can easily hide columns in Google Sheets.

And there are many ways to do.

In this tutorial, I will show you multiple ways of hiding columns in Google Sheets (basic + advanced)

Shortcut to Hide Column in Google Sheets

If you are a keyboard person like me and prefer using a lot of shortcuts (instead of switching between the mouse and keyboard), this one is for you.

To hide a column (or a range of columns), select the column(s) and use the below shortcut:

CONTROL + ALT + 0 (hold the Contorl and ALT keys and then press 0)

When you use this shortcut, all the selected rows would be hidden

Note: You don’t even need to select the entire column to use this shortcut to hide it. Even if a cell in a column is selected, this shortcut will hide that column. For example, if you have selected cell A5 and you use this shortcut, it will hide the entire column A.

Hide Columns with Right-Click

Another quick method to hide columns in Google Sheets is by using a simple right-click method.

Below are the steps to hide a column in Google Sheets:

  1. Select the entire column (or columns) you want to hide. To do this, click on the column header at the top of the working area
  2. Right-click anywhere in the column
  3. Click on ‘Hide Column’Right click and select hide column

The above steps would hide the selected column.

The above steps also work for a range of columns and even non-contiguous columns.

For example, if you want to hide column D and G, hold the shift key on the keyboard and select both these columns using the mouse. Once selected, right-click on any of the columns and click on ‘Hide Columns’

Hide Unused columns in Google Sheets

If you don’t want unused rows and columns to be visible in the Google Sheets worksheet, you can easily hide these.

Below are the steps to hide unused columns in Google Sheets:

  1. Select the first column next to the last used column. You need to select the entire column by clicking on the column header at the top.
  2. Hold the CONTROL and SHIFT keys and press the right-arrow key. This will select all the unused columns.
  3. Right-click on any of the selected columns and click on the Hide Columns E-Z option (in your case, it may show different column alphabets based on what columns you have selected.

In Step 3, you can also use the keyboard shortcut CONTROL + ALT + 0 to hide all the selected columns.

You can also use the same methodology to hide unused rows as well.

Hide Columns In Google Sheets App

If you use Google Sheets app on Android on iOS, you can easily hide columns there as well.

Below are the steps that will hide the columns in a Google Sheets app in an Android device (same for iOS as well):

  1. Open the Google Sheets document and select the worksheet in which you want to hide the column
  2. Tap the column header to select the entire column. In this example, I tapped on Column EHide Columns in Google Sheets Apps - Select the column
  3. Touch the Column header E and hold it for a second. It will make available a menu of options as shown below. Click on the three dots at the right of the menuClick on the three dots in the options that become available
  4. Tap on the Hide Column option and it will hide column E in the Google Sheets AppClick on hide Column option in the Google Sheets App

Unhide Columns In Google Sheets

When you hide a column or range of columns, you can easily unhide these using a single click.

Below is an example where I have hidden Column B and you will notice small double-pointed arrows in between columns A and C. This is a  visual indication that there is a hidden column(s) in between the two columns.

To unhide a column, simply click on this icon and it will show all the columns that hidden in between the two columns.

Unhide columns in Google Sheets

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