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Google Sheets Invoice Template [Free Download]

There are plenty of ways to invoice clients, but I find that an invoice template for Google Sheets is the simplest, best method out there. 

Here, I’m going to walk you through building a Google invoice template from scratch (including formulas). If you’d rather save some time, please go ahead and use my pre-made invoice template.

Access Template

Building an Invoice in Google Sheets

To build a simple invoice template in Google Sheets, follow these instructions: 

Step 1. Create a Title

Creating an invoice title is straightforward:

  1. Highlight the first six cells in row 1:Merging Cells to make an invoice title
  2. Navigate to Format > Merge cells > Merge all and type “Invoice.”
  3. In the toolbar, pick an appropriate text size, text color, alignment, and background color (use company colors, if possible).formatting invoice template in google sheets
  4. Repeat steps 1-5 with Row 2, but type your company name instead of “Invoice.” To make it look more professional, you can use inverted colors in row 2 (compared to those used in row 1).

Step 2: Add Company Details

Next, you’ll need to enter your business contact details:

  1. In cells A3 to A5, enter phone number, email, and website. 
  2. In cell D3, enter your company address. Use one row for street address, city/state/country, and ZIP code.
  3. Use left alignment in these cells by highlighting all of them and navigating to Format > Alignment > Left.

Tip: If you have a long street name, consider using text wrapping. Highlight all the cells and navigate to Format > Wrapping > Overflow.

Step 3: Add a Services Rendered Section

Include an appropriate heading for your business, either by adding quantities or hours (in my example, I’ve added both in separate sections).

To ensure easier calculations, keep the totals within the same column. In this example, totals are in Column F: 

  1. Click on the first cell with an item that requires a cost (F7).
  2. Type = to indicate you are starting a formula.
  3. Select the first cell you wish to multiply by (D7).
  4. Use the * sign as the multiplication operator.
  5. Click the second cell to use in the multiplication (E7).
  6. To apply the formula to multiple cells, click and drag the fill handle over your selection.
    • You can click and drag the formula down the whole column if you’d like. However, you’ll have to reenter the “Invoice item cost” heading and formatting again for the second set of titles.

using formulas in google sheets invoice template

Tip: Since column F in my spreadsheet is in currency format, you can alter this by clicking Format > Number > Currency.

Step 4: Add Formulas for a Totals and Taxes Section

  • Below the services section, format another section header that says “Totals.” Otherwise, leave it as a colored row.
  • In Column E, use appropriate headings for subtotal functions, taxes, and totals in column E

Next to the subtotal heading, type =SUM( followed by the cell range with invoice item costs. In our example, that would look like =SUM(F7:F13)

  • Once you have the total, click the cell next to Tax and enter =(subtotal result cell)*(Tax rate)
    • If we assume a tax of 15%, our example would be: =F15*15%
  • Next to Total type =F16+F15 (or the cells in your sheet that include subtotal and tax).

Note: If you add more rows to the sheet, you may need to update and expand the formulas.

Step 5: Build the Footer

  1. Create another colored title bar with titles for Invoice Details, Payment Details, and Terms & Conditions.
  2. Enter the appropriate details under each heading.

Note: You may need to experiment with resizing columns and rows, merging cells, and using “wrap text” to fit all the appropriate information.

Step 6: Export and Send Your Invoice

If you don’t want to email a Google Sheets file to your clients, make a copy of your invoice as a PDF: 

  • Navigate to File > Download > PDF.
  • In the Formatting tab on the right side, uncheck the Show gridlines box.

removing show gridlines in google sheets invoice template

  • Click Export in the top-right corner.
  • Print and post the invoice. Otherwise, send it via email.

completed invoice in google sheets

Our Google Sheets Invoice Templates

Use the following links to find the best Google Sheet bill template for you. Note: To edit them, you’ll be prompted to “make a copy” first. 

invoice outline template

Example Template

blank invoice template for google sheets

Blank Template

Template with Billable Hours

This modified invoice template has a special line for discounts.


Template with Discount Line

Remember, you can make copies of any of my invoice templates. There’s no charge. So feel free to use them for your business.

Quick Invoice Google Sheets Tips

  • Keep your original Google Sheet invoice template blank. Every time you need to issue a new one, make a new copy for each invoice (File > Make a copy).
  • Keep a blank Google Sheets invoice for each client. This means you won’t have to include their details every month. 
  • Ensure that all your hours are accounted for and the details are correct. It’s considered unprofessional to rescind an invoice. 
  • Keep copies of every invoice that you send. I recommend compiling each invoice’s hyperlink in a single spreadsheet. This will make your tax returns far easier.
  • To add rows to any template section, right-click the row header and click “Add 1 row below.” 
  • Check out these Google Sheets tips and tricks

Google Sheets Invoice Template Requirements

Don’t forget to include the following in your business invoices:

1. Company Name

It should go without saying, but you’ll need to include your company name. Most people use this as the invoice title. 

2. Your Company Details

You may be legally required to include your address, phone number, and email address on invoices. It’s always a good idea to include contact details so clients can contact you. 

You may also need to supply your tax number, banking details, or business license number. 

3. Recipient Details

Typically, you’ll direct an invoice to a company. If you occasionally send invoices directly to a person within the company, consider including their name, position, and contact details. 

4. Invoice Details

You must provide an invoice number, date, and visible label that identifies the document as an invoice. It’s also good to outline the timeframe that the invoice applies to.

5. Description of Services Rendered + Cost

Sometimes, you’ll outline the service and indicate an hourly rate, hours spent, and total cost for each service completed during the invoice period. Other times, you’ll forego charging for hours and list one lump sum. Be sure to include the cost of parts, physical expenses, etc., that are being passed on to the customer. 

Make sure the list of work completed is itemized and dated so customers can easily identify the work that’s been completed.

6. Totals and Taxes

Depending on the service you offer – and where you live in the world – you may have to include an invoice section to add/indicate tax. You can do this for each item in the services list, but it’s common practice that taxes are totaled afterward.

Tip: When using Google Sheets invoice templates, you can do this automatically with a formula.

7. Payment Details

The point of creating an invoice is to get paid. Therefore, you’ll need to include payment details on your invoice. 

  • If you’re transferring to a bank, include the institution name, branch ID, IBAN, account number, etc. 
  • For online payment systems (e.g., PayPal, Stripe, Payoneer, Revolut), you’ll need to include the necessary details. As these details vary, be sure to check with your service before finalizing your invoice. 

8. Terms and Conditions

For many industries, you’ll need to indicate the terms and conditions of the invoice (e.g., late payment). Consider repeating vital contract terms from the time you signed a contract or agreed to take on the position.

Video Guide

I made a short video that shows off my invoice template. This one is just a modification of the existing one. It adds a line item for discounts, which is super useful for clients who choose to pay up-front.

View on YouTube

Google Spreadsheet Invoice Template FAQ

Does Google Sheets Have an Invoice Template?

There is an invoice template in the Sheets template gallery. There are also plenty of other templates online, like Spreadsheet Point’s receipt templates!

How Do I Create an Invoice in Google Sheets?

The simplest way is with a ready-to-use template. However, if you need to include specific elements in your invoice, follow our guide and add the information to the relevant sections.

Does Google Have an Invoice Generator?

While Google lacks an invoice generator, there’s a workaround. Keep a template to create as many templates as you’d like. For each new invoice, navigate to your blank invoice and select File > Make a copy of the blank template.

How Do I Create a Google Sheet Invoice Template?

This article guides you through the process of creating an invoice template:

  1. Create a title
  2. Add your business details
  3. Add services rendered section
  4. Add formulas for totals and taxes
  5. Build the footer
  6. Export and send your invoice

Wrapping up

Now that you know how to build an invoice template in Google Sheets, make sure that you create one that suits your exact business needs. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

Access Template

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