20 Best Newspaper Fonts in Google Docs

Choosing fonts for your Google Docs documents is crucial, regardless of the paper you’re working on. This factor can greatly impact your audience count when it comes to newspaper publications.

Newspaper fonts work well in both print and digital formats, allowing you to create a more professional appearance for your papers.

Let’s explore the best newspaper fonts for Google Docs below.

What Is a Newspaper Font?

A newspaper font is a typeface that replicates the appearance of text in printed or digital newspapers, magazines, and other publications. These fonts are suitable for use in headlines and body copy.

What sets them apart as a unique font style are the following characteristics:

  • Features: Newspaper fonts have rounded edges and thin lines, even when bolded.
  • Purpose: Newspaper fonts are designed to ensure good readability when printed or released online.
  • Style: The primary goals of newspaper fonts are to convey a professional, informative, and warm tone to readers.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Google Docs Newspaper Fonts?

Selecting the right combination of newspaper fonts can be challenging, as they may make your text appear heavy and strain your readers’ eyes. They can also be distracting and confusing to look at.

However, utilizing the best newspaper fonts can enhance the overall appearance of your newspaper, giving it a more professional, sleek, and inviting look.

Best Newspaper Font Google Docs

Google Docs offers a wide selection of fonts, making choosing the most suitable one challenging.

To help you in this decision, we have compiled a list of our top picks for the best newspaper fonts on Google Docs:

1. Newsreader

Newsreader stands out as a highly versatile newspaper font. With its contemporary serif style, it exhibits moderate contrasts, tall letter heights, and wide letterforms. As a result, it ensures exceptional readability, particularly for lengthy texts.

Newspaper Font Google Docs—Sample text using Newsreader font

Get Newsreader from Google here.

2. Times New Roman

You can’t go wrong with Times New Roman on Google Docs. This classic font features moderate strokes and bracketed serifs, enhancing its letterform’s readability. As a result, it is widely favored for newspapers, essays, and books.

Sample text using Times New Roman font

Get Times New Roman here.

3. CG Times

CG Times is a variation of the classic Times New Roman font. It has moderate strokes and bracketed serifs, which are more suitable for digital newspapers.

Sample text using CG Times font

Get CG Times here.

4. Abril Fatface

Known for its elegant and stylish aesthetic, Abril Fatface features thick serifs and distinctive letterforms. As a result, it’s the ideal font for headlines and titles.

Sample text using Abril Fatface font

Get Abril Fatface from Google here.

5. Josefin Sans

If you need a stylish font that works well in any newspaper layout, you might want to consider Josefin Sans. This font showcases well-balanced letterforms and rounded terminals, making it excellent for headings and body text. Moreover, it has a tall height that adds to its appeal.

Sample text using Josefin Sans font

Get Josefin Sans from Google here.

6. Rozha One

Rozha One is a contemporary serif font with a touch of old-school typography — perfect for achieving various newspaper looks. Moreover, it offers good readability due to its condensed and angular letterforms.

Sample text using Rozha One font

Get Rozha One from Google here.

7. Libre Baskerville

Derived from the renowned Baskerville font family, Libre Baskerville exudes a timeless and elegant aesthetic. This newspaper font on Google Docs exhibits moderate contrast and offers high readability in print and digital newspapers.

Sample text using Libre Baskerville font

Get Libre Baskerville from Google here.

8. EB Garamond

EB Garamond traces its origins back to the Garamond font family. It showcases well-balanced letterforms and excellent readability when used as newspaper body text.

Sample text using EB Garamond font

Get EB Garamond from Google here.

9. Fjalla One

To achieve a clean and minimalist appearance for your newspaper, consider using Fjalla One. This sans-serif font features uniform stroke widths and condensed letterforms, resulting in highly legible headlines, titles, and body text.

Sample text using Fjalla One font

Get Fjalla One from Google here.

10. Lobster

Lobster mimics the aesthetic of handwritten calligraphy due to its flowing letterforms. Additionally, it features distinctive strokes and loops that exude boldness. As a result, this font is ideal for creating eye-catching headlines or logos.

Sample text using Lobster font

Get Lobster from Google here.

11. Cormorant Upright

Combining italic and Roman elements, Cormorant Upright is the perfect choice for a contemporary italic font. It boasts moderate strokes and well-balanced letterforms, making it suitable for newspaper headlines and body text.

Sample text using Cormorant Upright font

Get Cormorant Upright from Google here.

12. Cormorant Infant

Cormorant Infant is a popular choice for newspapers and children’s books because of its playful and warm appearance. It features wide letter spacing and rounded curves that enhance readability.

Sample text using Cormorant Infant font

Get Cormorant Infant from Google here.

13. Coustard

Coustard is a serif font that evokes a timeless design with a modern twist. It has a well-balanced visual texture due to its moderate strokes, bracketed serifs, and rounded terminals. Hence, this newspaper font will look remarkable in newspaper headings and body text.

Sample text using Coustard font

Get Coustard from Google here.

14. Fredericka The Great

If you’re aiming for a personalized newspaper, nothing beats hand-drawn font styles like Fredericka The Great. You can create a unique yet artistic aesthetic with it. This font features slightly irregular shapes and letterforms, making it ideal for headlines, logos, or other creative designs.

Sample text using Fredericka The Great font

Get Fredericka The Great from Google here.

15. IM Fell English SC

IM Fell English SC pays homage to historic English typography. It showcases small caps characters that add an old-school personality to your newspapers. You can utilize this font for headings, titles, or decorative purposes.

Sample text using IM Fell English SC font

Get IM Fell English SC from Google here.

16. Old Standard TT

Inspired by contemporary serif fonts like Garamond and Plantin, Old Standard TT evokes a vintage yet modernistic typeface. It looks great due to its slightly condensed structure and moderate stroke contrast, allowing for highly readable headings and body text in newspapers.

Sample text using Old Standard TT font

Get Old Standard TT from Google here.

17. Goudy Bookletter 1911

Goudy Bookletter is reminiscent of early 20th-century journal typography. This font creates a vintage look with its geometric proportions and slightly flared serifs.

Sample text using Goudy Bookletter 1911 font

Get Goudy Bookletter 1911 from Google here.

18. Playfair Display

You can create sophisticated newspapers with Playfair Display. This newspaper font on Google Docs features contrasting letterforms, vertical stresses, and narrow horizontal serifs, making it ideal for contemporary and traditional newspaper designs.

Sample text using Playfair Display font

Get Playfair Display from Google here.

19. Playfair Display SC

Playfair Display SC is a variation of Playfair Display in small caps format. This font contains characters that have a similar height to its lowercase letters, making it one of the most suitable fonts for newspaper titles in Google Docs.

Sample text using Playfair Display SC font

Get Playfair Display SC from Google here.

20. Gowun Batang

Recreate the popular Korean feel with Gowun Batang. This font features refined strokes and open counters, making it an excellent choice for body text in Korean newspapers. In addition, its sleek and contemporary typeface ensures high readability.

Sample text using Gowun Batang font

Get Gowun Batang from Google here.

How To Insert a Newspaper Font in Google Docs

Inserting newspaper fonts in Google Docs is a straightforward process that doesn’t require additional skills or knowledge.

To get started, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Open a document in Google Docs.
  2. Locate the “Font” section in the toolbar.
  3. Click the drop-down menu and select “More Fonts.
Where to find the More Fonts option in Google Docs


  1. Type the newspaper font name you want to use. In this case, we’re using “Gowun Batang.
  2. Click on the font and ensure it has a checkmark next to its name. Then, click “OK.
How to Insert Newspaper Font in Google Docs


  1. Highlight your text and apply the desired newspaper font.
Gowun Batang font style in Google docs


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Newspaper Font?

Newsreader, Times New Roman, and Abril Fatface are among the best newspaper fonts available on Google Docs. Nevertheless, all the fonts discussed in our list work well for newspaper articles.

Can I Create a Newspaper Article on Google Docs?

Yes, you can create a newspaper article on Google Docs. Although no specific templates are available on the website, we highly recommend using any of the newspaper fonts mentioned in our list.

How Can I Make a Google Doc Look Like a Newspaper?

Creating a newspaper article on Google Docs relies heavily on your font choice. Additionally, you should utilize the white space in your document and write intriguing titles to enhance its design. It’s essential to aim for good readability in your overall layout.

Final Thoughts

Using a newspaper font in Google Docs is an excellent way to enhance your newspaper designs. However, the choice of font ultimately depends on your preferences.

The best part is that you can also use newspaper fonts in other Google productivity apps, such as Spreadsheets and Slides, allowing you to be as creative as you’d like.

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