How To Add in Google Sheets

How To Add in Google Sheets [Easy Guide]

Using Google Sheets is the way to go when you have to deal with numbers — it’s useful too, even if you just want to add a couple of numbers.

Spreadsheets vs. Database: What’s the Difference?

In non-professional contexts, you’ll probably hear spreadsheets and databases used to refer to the same thing. But there are many differences between a database and a spreadsheet, with the most

The basic Google Sheets grocery list template

Google Sheets Grocery List Template

Forgetting important items when you go shopping? Time to start using a Google Sheets grocery list template. While it’s tempting just to scribble a grocery list onto a piece of

How format cells in Google Sheets

How to Format Cells in Google Sheets

Formatting is an incredibly broad term when it comes to document and spreadsheet processing. There are literally thousands of different formatting options. Luckily, it’s not as difficult as that makes