Get a Free Newspaper Template for Google Docs [3 Styles]

Whether you’re completing a project at school, creating an internal memo for your business, or even providing event updates, a newspaper template for Google Docs is an excellent option. They’re free, easy to use, and three are available in this article. Read on to find the perfect template for your needs.

Why Use Google Docs to Create a Newspaper Template

Editorial work requires skill and practice when setting up a page for the newspaper format. The size of the text and placement of images can make it difficult to arrange the newspaper elements so that space on the page isn’t wasted. Making a newspaper in Google Docs over traditional newspaper methods can have several advantages. These include:

  • Cloud Storage: When working in Google Docs, all the changes made to the document are saved instantly to Google’s cloud servers meaning that you don’t need to worry about losing your progress in case your operating system crashes or there is a power loss that deletes or corrupts the file. Additionally, you can access the document from anywhere if the device has an internet browser and a working internet connection.
  • Collaboration: In Google Docs, users can simultaneously work on a single document, which in this case can be particularly useful when editing for a newspaper that can require input from writers, editors, and designers. This can significantly streamline the process as you don’t have to send the file back and forth. Instead, everyone can access the up-to-date document using a single link. Every document has its own version history, which you can use to track changes in Docs.
  • Free to Use: Google Docs is free to use for individuals or small businesses, meaning that small newspapers and independent journalists can use an editable newspaper template in Google Docs instead of spending money on buying expensive publishing software.
  • Easy to Use: Google Docs has several features that provide you with options for formatting and pre-made templates that make it extremely easy to make a professional-looking newspaper. Adding images, charts, and graphs to the document is also very easy and intuitive.

Google Docs also have additional design features, making it a great tool for creating flyers or brochures.

Best Google Doc Newspaper Templates for 2024

Using a newspaper article template in Google Docs can have several benefits. Templates can save you time by providing a pre-made format that you can tailor according to your needs, saving you the hassle of starting from scratch. Templates can help make your documents consistent as they use the same layout and elements in the document, which gives newspaper format in Google Docs a cohesive look.

Templates also reduce errors and any need for manual adjustments. They can also improve your efficiency and standardize your workflow. Templates can also provide you with guidance on the design elements in the newspaper template. This can include the document’s font, colors, and spacing and serve as a guide on where to place the images and charts in the document.

Here are some of the best news article templates for Google Docs to use in 2024.

Classic Newspaper Template Google Docs

Newspaper Template Google Docs 1

Access Template

This newspaper template for Docs was created to replicate the classic newspaper look in a traditional newspaper. The template has space for adding news, articles, and other content. The template features four distinct pages. The first page is best suited for image-centric content where the picture will be the main focus for the reader. The next page has a layout best suited for smaller bite-sized stories with accompanying images. On the third page, you can add the priority topic towards the top and a subtopic in the bottom-right section. On the final page, There is space for longer text and images.

This free newspaper template for Google Docs is completely customizable, so you can change the font, font size, colors, and layout to fit your content. Feel free to make copies of the existing pages if you wish to add more pages. This newspaper docs template should be an excellent option for writers, editors, and journalists who want to create a professional-looking newspaper for their readers with a classic layout and design.

School Newspaper Template Google Docs

Newspaper Template for Google Docs 2

Access Template

The school newspaper template for Google Docs is best suited for creating student-run newspapers in educational institutions. The template features an eye-catching design and a printable A4 page format.

This student newspaper template is fully customizable, so you can add your own images, designs, and text to inform students about any upcoming events, competitions, or exams or even highlight the achievements of the students. When editing this template, you can add borders to enhance the overall appearance of the newspaper template.

Wedding Newspaper Template Google Docs

Newspaper Template for Google Docs 3

Access Template

This newspaper template for Docs is a great way to showcase one of the most important days in the lives of a couple. The template provides a simple yet elegant layout for presenting stories, photographs, and the special moment leading up to the wedding day. The template uses neutral colors that are easy on the eyes and an easily printable A4 page layout making it easy to distribute to the guests.

The pages have spaces for images, tidbits, stories, quotes, and checklists. The template is fully customizable, so you can easily replace the images and text in the template with your own.

This template is a great way for couples to create a unique way to celebrate their love story. The organized layout and well-crafted design make this template a creative and unique way for couples to showcase some of their best moments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Newspaper Template on Google Docs?

Google Docs does not have a dedicated newspaper template that you can use to create a newspaper. However, you can use several free and paid templates in Google Docs to create a newspaper more efficiently.

How Do I Format a Document Like a Newspaper?

There are multiple things you should do to format a document like a newspaper. The first part is choosing the proper page layout. You can choose the Tabloid (11″ x 17″) format as that is the traditional compact page size. To create a newspaper, you can create tables to divide the page into smaller sections where you can add images, text, and charts.

What Is the Newspaper Font Called On Google Docs?

Noticia Text is the typeface designed to be used for text in newspapers. This font style can be added by clicking More Fonts in the Font dropdown in the main toolbar. There, you can search for the font’s name and add it to Google Docs.

Can Two People Work in the Google Docs Newspaper Template?

Yes, multiple people can work on the same document, provided that they were given permission by the original creator. The changes are updated in real-time and saved to Google’s cloud servers. Active people in the document can also send messages to each other using the chat feature built into Google Docs.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, you found the perfect newspaper template for Google Docs to suit your needs. If not, you can always make changes in the document to shape it for your project. If you did find these templates useful, then you’ll love our premium templates. You can check them out with the link below. As a bonus, you can use the code SSP to save 50% on any purchases you make.

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