20 Google Sheets Keyboard Shortcuts You Must Know! ⌨️

There are so many things that a lot of us do regularly in Google Sheets. And while a lot of these options are readily available with a few clicks, you can be a lot of more productive if you get used to a few Google Sheets keyboard shortcuts.

You’ll be amazed at how much faster you can work when you know only a couple of shortcuts (mostly for the tasks that you do a lot – such as formatting cells or deleting rows).

In this article, I am sharing my top 20 Google Sheets keyboard shortcuts that I find myself using quite often (and I am sure these will also save you time).

In case you want a quick list, click here to get to the table at the end of this article that shows all Google Sheets keyboard shortcuts in one place.

So let’s get started!

Enabling Compatible Shortcuts in Google Sheets

Before I take you to the shortcuts, there is something you need to do to make sure you have access to all these shortcuts.

Since Google Sheets is a web-based tool, a lot of the keyboard shortcuts that are available in other spreadsheet tools such as MS Excel are not available and you need to enable these.

Below are the steps to enable compatible shortcuts in Google Sheets:

  1. Click the Help option in the menu
  2. Click on Keyboard shortcuts
  3. In the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog box that opens, enable the ‘Enable compatible spreadsheet shortcuts‘ option

Once you do this, you will get access to a lot of shortcuts that are also the same in Excel.

Top 20 Google Sheets Keyboard Shortcuts

Here is a list of my top 20 Google Sheets keyboard shortcuts.

In case you want to get the whole list, I have a bigger list at the end of this article (click here to jump to the bigger list).

1. Repeat the Last Action

If you can only pick up one Google Sheets shortcut from this article, it should be this one.

Below is the Google Sheets keyboard shortcut to repeat the last action:

Repeat the Last ActionF4

With this shortcut, you will be able to repeat the last action you performed again with a single button.

For example, if you color a cell red, you can go to any other cell and simply press F4 and it will color this cell red as well.

Just remember that it will only repeat the last action. So if you make the cell color red make the font style bold, using F4 will only apply bold font format as that was the last action it remembers.

2. Cut/Copy/Paste/Undo/Redo

These are the staple shortcuts that are standard and work across applications (Google applications as well as outside Google such as Excel and PowerPoint).

Below are the shortcuts to Cut/Copy/Paste/Undo/Redo:

In PCIn Mac
CutControl + XCommand + X
CopyControl + CCommand +C
PasteControl + VCommand + V
UndoControl + ZCommand + Z
RedoControl + YCommand + Y

3. Insert Row or Insert Column

Inserting a new row or column is again something we need to do quite often.

Below is the keyboard shortcut to quickly insert a row (or insert a column) in Google Sheets:

In PCIn Mac
Insert Row AboveALT + I + RCtrl + Option + I, then R
Insert Row BelowALT + I + WCtrl + Option + I, then W
Insert Column aboveALT + I + CCtrl + Option + I, then C
Insert Column belowALT + I + GCtrl + Option + I, then G

In case you’re not using Chrome on PC, you need to hold the Shift key with the ALT key when using these shortcuts.

Note: In case you want to insert multiple rows at one go (or multiple columns at one go), you can use the same shortcut. For example, if you want to insert three-row, first select three rows/cells and then use the above shortcuts. Google Sheets will insert the same number of new rows as the ones that you have selected already.
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4. Delete Row or Delete Column

Just like way we inserted rows and columns, you can also easily delete rows and columns using a keyboard shortcut.

Below is the keyboard shortcut to quickly delete a row in Google Sheets:

In PCIn Mac
Delete Current RowALT + E + DCtrl + Option + E, then D
Delete Current ColumnALT + E + ECtrl + Option + E, then E

In case you’re not using Chrome on PC, you need to hold the Shift key with the ALT key when using these shortcuts.

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5. Select the Whole Row (or Select Whole Column)

This could be useful when you want to apply or remove the formatting from the entire row or column at one go.

Below are the shortcuts to select the whole row or column in one go in Google Sheets:

In PCIn Mac
Select Whole RowShift + SpacebarShift + Spacebar
Select Whole ColumnControl + SpacebarControl + Spacebar

6. Paste Value Only (or Paste format only)

When you copy and paste cells in Google Sheets, it will copy the value in the cell as well as the formula and the formatting of the cell.

With this shortcut, you can copy the cell and only paste the value in some other cell. This is also useful when you want to convert formula to values.

You can copy the cells that have the formulas and simply paste them as value over them. This will make the formulas go away and you will be left with only the values and the formatting that was originally there.

Similarly, you can also just copy the format of cells and nothing else.

Below are the shortcuts to paste only values or paste only formats (use these after you have copied the cells and selected the ones where you need to paste these):

In PCIn Mac
Paste Values OnlyControl + Shift + VCommand + Shift + V
Paste Format OnlyControl + ALT + VCommand + ALT + V

7. Find Values (Or Find and Replace Values) in Google Sheets

You can easily find (or find and then replace) content of cells based on their values.

And to do this, you first need to open the find and replace dialog box.

Below are the keyboard shortcuts to open the Find (or Find and Replace) dialog box in Google Sheets:

In PCIn Mac
Find ValuesControl + FCommand + F
Find and ReplaceControl + HCommand + Shift + F

Note that when you open the Find dialog box, it just opens a simple search box at the top right of the sheet. And when you enter any text in it, Google Sheets would highlight all the cells that have the matching value (in real-time) and also show you the number of cells where it found the value.

When you use the Find and Replace option, it opens a dialog box that has a lot many options to find and replace text in Google Sheets.

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8. Add New Sheet in Google Sheets with a Shortcut

While it’s already quite easy to add a new sheet to your Google Sheets document, this shortcut makes it really easy and fast.

Below is the keyboard shortcut to add a new sheet in the current Google Sheets document:

In PCIn Mac
Add new sheetShift + F11Not available on Mac

Unfortunately, this shortcut is not available for Mac (at least at the time of writing this tutorial)

9. Formatting Shortcuts (Bold, Underline, Italics, Strikethrough)

There are a bunch of formatting shortcuts that can save you time and make it a good experience working with Google Sheets.

And thankfully, these are the standard keyboard shortcuts that you may already know if you have been using computers for a while.

Below are the commonly used formatting keyboard shortcuts:

In PCIn Mac
Apply Bold formattingControl + BCommand + B
Apply Underline formattingControl + UCommand + U
Apply Italic formattingControl + ICommand + I
Apply Strikethrough formattingAlt + Shift + 5Option + Shift + 5

While the first three are quite standard, the shortcut to apply strikethrough in Google Sheets is specific to Google Sheets (in Excel you need to use Control + 5 to apply strikethrough formatting).

Also, note that these are toggle shortcuts. This means that if you use it once, it will apply the formatting and if you use it again, it will remove the formatting.

10. Cell Alignment (Center, Left, Right) Shortcuts in Google Sheets

Alignment options are again something used quite often, and Google Sheets has made it quite easy to change the alignment by adding these options in the toolbar.

But in case you prefer shortcuts to change the alignment (center, right, left), here are the shortcuts:

In PCIn Mac
Center AlignCtrl + Shift + ECommand + Shift + E
Left AlignCtrl + Shift + LCommand + Shift + L
Right AlignCtrl + Shift + RCommand + Shift + R

11. Insert a Link in a Cell Using a Shortcut

You can link your cells with external URLs as well as to any sheet or cell/range in the current Google Sheets document.

And to do this, you need to open the ‘Insert link’ dialog box. Once you have it open, there are many options to create the link.

Below is the keyboard shortcut to insert a link by opening the Insert Link dialog box:

In PCIn Mac
Insert LinkControl KCommand + K
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12. Insert Date and Time Shortcuts In Google Sheets

If you want to quickly get the current date or the current time value in a cell, you can do that easily with a keyboard shortcut.

Below is the shortcut to insert the current date or current time in Google sheets:

In PCIn Mac
Insert Current TimeCtrl + Shift + ;Command + Shift + ;
Insert Current DateCtrl + ;Command + ;

Note that when you use this formula, it will insert a static value in the cell which will not change as time passes.

If you want to get a value that updates to reflect the current date or time, you can use the TODAY and NOW functions.

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13. Clear all formatting from a cell or range of cells

If you want to quickly remove all the formatting from a cell or a range of cells, you can use this keyboard shortcut.

It will remove everything (such as the color, border, font size, font color) except the value in the cell. Once you use it, you will have the cell in the default state with the cell content in it.

Below is the keyboard shortcut to remove all formatting from a cell in Google Sheets:

In PCIn Mac
Clear all formattingCtrl + \Command + \
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14. Move to the Next Sheet (or Previous Sheets) with a Keyboard Shortcut

As you get multiple sheets in a Google Sheets document, it can be a pain going back and forth these sheets.

Thankfully there is a keyboard shortcut that allows you to quickly go to the next worksheet (or go to the previous worksheet)

In PCIn Mac
Move to the Next sheetCtrl + Shift + Page DownCommand + Shift + Fn + Down arrow
Move to the previous sheetCtrl + Shift + Page UpCommand + Shift + Fn + Up arrow

Using these shortcuts would only take you to the next sheet (or previous sheet if you use the second one). If you need to go to the sheets which are next to next, you will have to use the keyboard shortcut twice.

15. Display All Sheets in the Google Sheets Workbook

Another useful feature when working with a lot of sheets is to quickly see a list of all the sheets in one place and then select the one to which you want to go.

When you have a lot of sheets, this is a better method than moving through sheets using the shortcuts covered in the above section.

In PCIn Mac
Display all sheetsAlt + Shift + KOption + Shift + K

The above shortcut will only show you a list of all the sheets in the workbook. You will have to go to the one-sheet name that you want to go to and then click on it.

Also, you will see hidden sheets in the list, and if you click on it, you will be taken to that sheet and it will be unhidden.

16. Open links with a shortcut

When you have a lot of links in cells and you want to open all these at one go, you can use this keyboard shortcut.

In PCIn Mac
Open HyperlinkALT + EnterOption + Enter

I find it useful when I have multiple URLs in cells that I want to open all at one go instead of opening it one by one.

17. Insert Note/Comment with Keyboard Shortcut

In Google Sheets, you can insert a note in a cell or a comment (which is a threaded conversation) using the below keyboard shortcuts.

In PCIn Mac
Insert NoteShift + F2Shift + F2
Insert /Edit commentControl + ALT + MCommand + Option + M

18. Show All formulas in the worksheet

When you enter a formula in a cell in Google Sheets, it would always show you the result of the formula.

But if you want to quickly see all the formulas (and not their values), you can use the below keyboard shortcut.

In PCIn Mac
Show All FormulasControl ~Control ~

This is a toggle keyboard shortcut, which means that if you use it again, it will revert the cells with formulas back to the original state where they will show values and not formulas.

19. Change references to Absolute/Relative/Mixed

When working with formulas in Google Sheets, you may want to change the reference to absolute or relative.

While you can do this by manually adding the dollar sign before the column alphabet or row number, it’s better to use the below keyboard shortcut:

In PCIn Mac
Absolute/Relative referencesF4Fn + F4

20. Fill Down (or Fill Right) the Value or formula

When doing data entry work in Google Sheets, you will often find yourself copying and pasting the same cell value that you have in the cell above (or in the cell to the right).

Instead of doing it the long way by first copying the cell and then pasting it, you can use the below shortcuts:

In PCIn Mac
Fill DownControl + DCommand + D
Fill RightControl + RCommand + R

When you use this shortcut, it will copy the value in the cell as well as the formatting/formula in it.

So there are my top 20 Keyboard shortcuts in Google Sheets that I use on a daily basis.

There are, however, a lot more of these and I am providing a bigger list of these shortcuts below.

100+ Google Sheets Keyboard Shortcuts

Commonly Used Shortcuts in Google Sheets
in PCin Mac
Select columnCtrl + SpaceCtrl + Space
Select rowShift + SpaceShift + Space
Select allCtrl + a⌘ + a
UndoCtrl + z⌘ + z
RedoCtrl + y⌘ + y
FindCtrl + f⌘ + f
Find and replaceCtrl + h⌘ + Shift + h
Fill rangeCtrl + Enter⌘ + Enter
Fill downCtrl + d⌘ + d
Fill rightCtrl + r⌘ + r
SaveCtrl + s⌘ + s
OpenCtrl + o⌘ + o
PrintCtrl + p⌘ + p
CopyCtrl + c⌘ + c
CutCtrl + x⌘ + x
PasteCtrl + v⌘ + v
Paste values onlyCtrl + Shift + v⌘ + Shift + v
Show common keyboard shortcutsCtrl + /⌘ + /
Insert new sheetShift + F11Shift + Fn + F11
Compact controlsCtrl + Shift + fCtrl + Shift + f
Input tools on/offCtrl + Shift + k⌘ + Shift + k
Select input toolsCtrl + Alt + Shift + k⌘ + Option + Shift + k
Search the menusAlt + /Option + /
Formatting Related
BoldCtrl + b⌘ + b
UnderlineCtrl + u⌘ + u
ItalicCtrl + i⌘ + i
StrikethroughAlt + Shift + 5Option + Shift + 5
Center alignCtrl + Shift + e⌘ + Shift + e
Left alignCtrl + Shift + l⌘ + Shift + l
Right alignCtrl + Shift + r⌘ + Shift + r
Apply top borderAlt + Shift + 1Option + Shift + 1
Apply right borderAlt + Shift + 2Option + Shift + 2
Apply bottom borderAlt + Shift + 3Option + Shift + 3
Apply left borderAlt + Shift + 4Option + Shift + 4
Remove bordersAlt + Shift + 6Option + Shift + 6
Apply outer borderAlt + Shift + 7Option + Shift + 7
Insert linkCtrl + k⌘ + k
Insert timeCtrl + Shift + ;⌘ + Shift + ;
Insert dateCtrl + ;⌘ + ;
Insert date and timeCtrl + Alt + Shift + ;⌘ + Option + Shift + ;
Format as decimalCtrl + Shift + 1Ctrl + Shift + 1
Format as timeCtrl + Shift + 2Ctrl + Shift + 2
Format as dateCtrl + Shift + 3Ctrl + Shift + 3
Format as currencyCtrl + Shift + 4Ctrl + Shift + 4
Format as percentageCtrl + Shift + 5Ctrl + Shift + 5
Format as exponentCtrl + Shift + 6Ctrl + Shift + 6
Clear formattingCtrl + \⌘ + \
Formula related keyboard shortcuts
Show all formulasCtrl + ~Ctrl + ~
Insert array formulaCtrl + Shift + Enter⌘ + Shift + Enter
Collapse an expanded array formulaCtrl + e⌘ + e
Show/hide formula helpShift + F1Shift + Fn + F1
Full/compact formula helpF1Fn + F1
Absolute/relative referencesF4Fn + F4
Toggle formula result previewsF9Fn + F9
Resize formula barCtrl + Up / Ctrl + DownCtrl + Option + Up and Ctrl + Option + Down
Navigate in Google Sheets
Move to the beginning of rowHomeFn + Left Arrow
Move to the beginning of the sheetCtrl + Home⌘ + Fn + Left Arrow
Move to end of the rowEndFn + Right Arrow
Move to end of the sheetCtrl + End⌘ + Fn + Right Arrow
Scroll to the active cellCtrl + Backspace⌘ + Backspace
Move to next sheetAlt + Down ArrowOption + Down Arrow
Move to the previous sheetAlt + Up ArrowOption + Up Arrow
Display list of sheetsAlt + Shift + kOption + Shift + k
Open hyperlinkAlt + EnterOption + Enter
Open ExploreAlt + Shift + xOption + Shift + x
Go to the side panelCtrl + Alt + .⌘ + Option + .
Move focus out of spreadsheetCtrl + Alt + Shift + mCtrl + ⌘ + Shift + m
Move to quicksumAlt + Shift + qOption + Shift + q
Move focus to popupholding Ctrl + Alt, press e then pholding Ctrl + ⌘, press e then p
Open drop-down menu on filtered cellCtrl + Alt + rCtrl + ⌘ + r
Open revision historyCtrl + Alt + Shift + h⌘ + Option + Shift + h
Open chat inside the spreadsheetShift + EscShift + Esc
Close drawing editorShift + Esc⌘ + Esc
Edit notes and comments
Insert/edit noteShift + F2Shift + F2
Insert/edit a commentCtrl + Alt + m⌘ + Option + m
Open comment discussion threadCtrl + Alt + Shift + a⌘ + Option + Shift + a
Enter current commentholding Ctrl + Alt, press e then cholding Ctrl + ⌘, press e then c
Move to next commentholding Ctrl + Alt, press n then cholding Ctrl + ⌘, press n then c
Move to the previous commentholding Ctrl + Alt, press p then cholding Ctrl + ⌘, press p then c
Open a menu (When not using Chrome on a PC, also hold the Shift key with the ALT key)
File menuin Google Chrome: Alt + fCtrl + Option + f
Edit menuin Google Chrome: Alt + eCtrl + Option + e
View menuin Google Chrome: Alt + vCtrl + Option + v
Insert menuin Google Chrome: Alt + iCtrl + Option + i
Format menuin Google Chrome: Alt + oCtrl + Option + o
Data menuin Google Chrome: Alt + dCtrl + Option + d
Tools menuin Google Chrome: Alt + tCtrl + Option + t
Open insert menuCtrl + Alt + Shift + =⌘ + Option + = (with cells selected)
Form menuin Google Chrome: Alt + mCtrl + Option + m
Add-ons menuin Google Chrome: Alt + nCtrl + Option + n
Help menuin Google Chrome: Alt + hCtrl + Option + h
Accessibility menuin Google Chrome: Alt + aCtrl + Option + a
Sheet menuAlt + Shift + sOption + Shift + s
Context menuCtrl + Shift + \⌘ + Shift + \
Add or change rows and columns
Insert rows aboveAlt + i, then rCtrl + Option + i, then r
Insert rows belowAlt + i, then wCtrl + Option + i, then b
Insert columns to the leftAlt + i, then cCtrl + Option + i, then c
Insert columns to the rightAlt + i, then oCtrl + Option + i, then o
Delete rowsCtrl + Alt + – (with rows selected)⌘ + Option + –
Delete columnsCtrl + Alt + – (with columns selected)⌘ + Option + –
Hide rowCtrl + Alt + 9⌘ + Option + 9
Unhide rowCtrl + Shift + 9⌘ + Shift + 9
Hide columnCtrl + Alt + 0⌘ + Option + 0
Unhide columnCtrl + Shift + 0⌘ + Shift + 0
Group rows or columnsAlt + Shift + Right ArrowOption + Shift + Right Arrow
Ungroup rows or columnsAlt + Shift + Left ArrowOption + Shift + Left Arrow
Expand grouped rows or columnsAlt + Shift + Down ArrowOption + Shift + Down Arrow
Collapse grouped rows or columnsAlt + Shift + Up ArrowOption + Shift + Up Arrow
Help for screen readers
Turn on screen reader supportCtrl + Alt + z⌘ + Option + z
Read columnCtrl + Alt + Shift + c⌘ + Option + Shift + c
Read rowCtrl + Alt + Shift + r⌘ + Option + Shift + r

Hope you found this tutorial useful.

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