How to Convert Google Slides to PowerPoint: 3 Easy Methods

Google Slides transformed how we create presentations by enabling seamless collaboration and incorporating other impressive features. Despite this, some people still prefer editing with Microsoft PowerPoint or sending files as attachments instead of a link.

Be it for compatibility, convenience, or simply for preference. You may find yourself searching for how to convert Google Slides to PowerPoint format. Fortunately, the conversion process is simple and straightforward.

In this guide, we will walk you through how to convert Google Slides to PowerPoint so you can take advantage of the unique features and familiarity that Microsoft PowerPoint offers. Let’s take a look at the different converting methods.

Method 1: Export Your Presentation from Google Slides

The easiest way to convert Google Slides to PowerPoint is to save your presentation from Google Slides. To do so, simply follow the steps below:

  1. To get started, go to your Google Slides presentation.
Google Slides home page displays new and recent presentations.
  1. Next, on the Google Slides main menu, click “File” > “Download” > “Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx).”
Goggle Slides displaying the steps to download a PowerPoint presentation.
  1. Wait for your Google Slides presentation to be exported as a PowerPoint presentation. Then, review the contents of the downloaded file.
An exported PowerPoint presentation that has been downloaded from Google Slides.

Once you have finished exporting Google Slides to PowerPoint, you can view, edit, and save it in Microsoft PowerPoint. Note, however, that there might be some formatting issues after the conversion, so be sure to check for any formatting mistakes.

Method 2: Converting a Presentation in PDF Format to a Powerpoint File

PDF-formatted presentations are easier to share, especially when the purpose of the presentation is to view the slideshow without animations. When your Google Slides presentation is saved in PDF format, you can convert the slideshow to PowerPoint using the following steps:

  1. Open your PDF file in Adobe Acrobat. Then, click “File” > “Save As…”
Adobe Acrobat reader displaying options, highlighting "Save as..."
  1. On the pop-up menu, enable the “Convert to Word, Excel, or PowerPoint” option and select .pptx as your file format.
Adobe Acrobat saving a PowerPoint presentation.
  1. Here you have two file location options for saving your presentation: the “Recent Folder” or the “Choose a Different Folder” section. A pop-up menu will appear if you click “Choose a different Folder.” Here, you can browse for the location of where you want to save your file.
Adobe Acrobat displays the "Choose a Different Folder" option, showing the locations of where the user can save a presentation.
  1. Once you’re done choosing the file destination, click “Save.”

Note that Adobe Acrobat’s conversion tool is only available in the paid version of the app. You can also use Adobe Acrobat’s online services for their PDF to PowerPoint tool. Here, you can simply upload your PDF file and then download the converted PowerPoint file.

Method 3: Download Your Slides from Google Drive

Google Drive chooses the most common file formats when downloading a file created from one of the Google Editors suite apps (Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.). Google Slides automatically downloads as a PowerPoint presentation.

Follow the steps below to download Google Slides as PowerPoint:

  1. Open your Google Drive and find your Google Slides file.
Google Slides main page displaying two saved presentations.
  1. Next, right-click on your file and select “Download.” Once the presentation has been downloaded, you can view and edit the presentation.
Google Slides displaying the "Download" button for a presentation.

Benefits of Converting Google Slides to PowerPoint

Aside from the benefits we have mentioned above, there are several additional benefits of converting Google Slides to PowerPoint:

  • File import compatibility – You can import different file formats, from various image formats such as .png, .gif, and .tif, to .mp4 videos, and many more.
  • Feature versatility – PowerPoint has more advanced features and tools than Google Slides, such as animations, transitions, shape-drawing, and other editing tools.
  • More control over your presentation design –  PowerPoint offers far more control over your presentation design, including transitions, animations, and slide layouts, giving you more flexibility.
  • Extensive range of templates – PowerPoint has a larger library of templates and themes, giving you more options to create different presentations for all purposes.
  • Access to legacy features – PowerPoint has been used for over two decades and has a large user base. Many legacy features, such as word processing, drawing, outlining, presentation management tools, and PowerPoint add-ons, have been added, making it particularly useful to specific users.

Extra Tips for Converting Google Slides to PowerPoint

While saving your Google Slides as PowerPoint is relatively easy, the feature sometimes gives you different formatting than your initial file. The best practices highlighted below are helpful to new users converting their Google Slides for the first time and for experienced users who have used the feature before.

When converting Google Slides to PowerPoint presentations, here are a few factors to keep in mind:

1. Use the Built-In Export Option

For most presentations, Google Slides’ built-in export option is the simplest way to open Google Slides in PowerPoint.

As we showed earlier, you can simply go to “File” > “Download” > “Microsoft PowerPoint” to convert your file into .pptx format.

2. Look for Formatting Problems That Need Correcting

Since the conversion process might involve some lost formatting, it’s good practice to double-check your file after converting it.

First, make sure all of your slides are formatted correctly. Then, check the images, animations, logos, and transitions, among other settings, to confirm that they still work. Also, check the embedded links and the inserted Google Sheets into Google Slides to ensure there are no formatting problems.

3. Converting to PDF Instead

It is common to encounter formatting issues when converting Google Slides to PowerPoint. Therefore, you can instead convert your presentation into a PDF file. This works best when you just need your presentation to be viewed without the animations.

The conversion freezes all the formatting and layout of your presentation. This way, everyone you share your file with can view your presentation with the same formatting you have. However, they won’t be able to make any changes to it.

4. Checking Defaulted Fonts

Some fonts from your Google Slides presentation may not be available in PowerPoint. In this case, the unavailable fonts may be replaced by default fonts, so it’s best to review your slides to ensure all the fonts are still appropriate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Convert Other File Formats to PowerPoint?

You can use the built-in features of the software you initially used to create your presentation. Alternatively, you can use an online third-party conversion tool to convert other presentation file types such as .odp, .key, .prezi, etc.

Is PowerPoint compatible with Google Slides?

Yes, Microsoft PowerPoint is compatible with Google Slides to some extent. You can import Google Slides presentations into PowerPoint, but some features and formatting may need to be recovered in the process. Conversely, you can export PowerPoint presentations to Google Slides, but some features and formatting may be lost.

How to convert Google Slides to PowerPoint without losing formatting?

Depending on the complexity of your presentation, you may not be able to convert animation-filled or more detailed Google Slides presentations to PowerPoint without losing some formatting. You can also use third-party tools to convert your file, but you may have the same formatting problems.

Wrapping it Up

Converting Google Slides to PowerPoint is a convenient way to reach a wider audience and utilize advanced features. In addition, the process is simple and can be done in just a few clicks.

By converting your Google Slides presentation to PowerPoint, you can expand your presentation capabilities, ensure compatibility with more software, and have more control over the design.

Whether you want to make minor adjustments, share your file with a specific audience, or just love editing presentations with PowerPoint, converting Google Slides to PowerPoint can help you get the versatility and control you need to create effective and dynamic presentations.

If you want to create expert-looking presentations or learn more about PowerPoint and G Suite apps, check out these online courses on PowerPoint and G Suite to start your creative process today.


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