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Insert Google Sheets Into Google Slides [Easy 2024 Guide]


When you have to give a presentation at work or school, you must remember that making a presentation entails effectively communicating your ideas. The ability to use spreadsheet data in a slideshow, especially one that you can easily update, can certainly help.

Now, if you want to do that, you must learn how to navigate through Google Sheets. So in this article, we will go over how to insert Google Sheets into Google Slides presentations, along with other valuable tips to take advantage of the easy integration.

Why Insert Google Sheets into Google Slides

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Among many other platforms, Google Slides has proven to be an instrumental presentation program that only requires a Google Drive account. Although the program itself is straightforward, it’s still packed with many features you can utilize to your advantage, and just like Google Sheets, these features can sometimes be a bit complicated to understand.

When attempting to make a proper presentation, you should never underestimate the importance of having up-to-date data. Consider Google Sheets integration. Related: Free Google Slides Jeopardy Templates

You can easily display existing worksheet data without manually entering it by linking a spreadsheet to your Google Slide presentation. This integration has the added benefit of automatically updating the presentation whenever the spreadsheet is modified.

Brief Overview

Adding a Google Sheets chart to your Google Slides presentation is a simple process. There are various ways you can embed a Google Sheet in a Google Slide you have created.

If you end up with a linked table, you can change the data range included in it by clicking on it and then clicking on the link icon in the upper right corner.

By selecting Open Source from the Linked Options Menu, you can edit the worksheet from Google Slides.

You’ll be prompted to do so if the Google Sheets file has been updated, whether through Google Slides or directly in Google Sheets. A small Update button will appear on the table’s upper right. In order to update your data, you must click on it.

Note, Before You Move On

While a table is linked to Google Slides, anyone with access to the Google Slides file will also have access to the Google Sheets table. It doesn’t matter if the users don’t have permission to access the Google Sheets file. As long as it’s linked, they’ll be able to see it.

You can also add a chart made in Google Sheets when you insert a spreadsheet into Google Slides for your presentation.

Step-By-Step Guide on How to insert Google Sheets into Google Slides

Let’s jump right into the action of adding Google Sheets to Google Slides!

Here are the two methods you can use to import a Google Sheet table or a chart into your Google Slide presentation:

Add a Table

Step 1: Go to the Google Slide you wish to import your table.

A sample slide

Step 2: Click on Insert, then click on table.

make a blank cell to Insert Google Sheets Into Google Slides

NOTE: You can select the 1×1 dimension even if your table is larger than that, Google Slides will adjust the size automatically.

Here’s how a 1×1 table should look:

An example of an empty single cell in Google Slides

Step 3: Go to the Google Sheet from which you want to import the table and select the cell range with the table, right-click, and copy it.

annual growth sheet - google sheets

In the Screenshot above, I have selected the cell range A1:D7 since that is where my table lies.

Step 4: Go back to the Slide and paste the table copied from Google Sheets into the 1×1 table in Google Slides.

A pasted spreadsheet inside Google Slides

NOTE: Remember to click inside the table before pasting. You can either right-click and select paste from the menu or press CTRL+V or CMD+V on a macOS device.

Now, let’s add a chart to this document.

Add Chart From Google Sheets to Google Slides

Step 1: Go to the Slide where you want to import the chart.

An empty slide to add a chart to

Step 2: Go to Insert > Chart, and click on From Sheets.

Import to Google Slides from Google Sheets

Step 3: Select the Spreadsheet.

Annual Growth chart from the insert chart menu

Step 4: Select the chart and click on Import.

Import the chart

NOTE: If ticked, the Link to Spreadsheet box will link the chart in the Google Slide to the chart in Google Sheets. As a result, any changes made to the chart in Google Sheets will also be reflected in Google Slides. If you do not want that, click on the box to untick it, otherwise, click on the box to activate Link to Spreadsheet.

And done! You have successfully added a chart.

An imported chart in Google Sheets

Here are the files we used so you can check them out to understand better:

How to insert a Google Sheet into a Google Slide – presentation template

Insert Google spreadsheet into Google presentation – spreadsheet template

And an article you might also find useful: 5 Simple Ways to Insert Google Sheets Images

Additional Things to Know

Now that we know the ways you can insert Google Sheets into Google Slides, there are still a few things worth noting, the reason a linked Google Sheets file is beneficial is because it allows you to display relevant information on your presentation without the hassle of manually copying data.

The updating option ensures that such data is always up to date in the file itself. The ability to display accurate information will significantly contribute to a well-delivered presentation.

Importing spreadsheet data into a slideshow eliminates the need to copy all that information manually. Furthermore, because Slides does such an excellent job of formatting it, you don’t even need to create the table or chart yourself; it’s all done automatically in seconds and looks exactly like it does in Sheets.

Also, copying and pasting an Excel spreadsheet may not work as well as a Google Sheet; for one thing, you won’t be able to update the copied version instantly.

Some third-party services will let you link an Excel spreadsheet into Slides. However, it’s easier (and more secure) to first paste the Excel sheet’s data into a Google Sheet and link from there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Import a Google Sheet Into Google Slides?

If you want to import Google Sheets to slides, you must go on your computer, open a document or presentation in Google Docs or Google Slides. From Sheets. Click the spreadsheet with the chart you want to add, then click Select. Click the chart you want to add and press Enter.

How Do You Turn a Google Sheet Into a Slide?

Contrary to the steps to link a Google Sheet to a Google Slide, in order to turn a Google Sheet into a slide, first Open a Google Docs or Google Slides document or presentation on your computer. After that, you must Click on Insert Chart.

The next step is to select the spreadsheet containing the chart you want to add. After that, go ahead and Select the chart you want to include. Uncheck Link to spreadsheet if you don’t want the chart to be linked to the spreadsheet, and lastly Select Import.

How Do I Merge a Google Sheet Into a Google Doc?

If a user wants to merge a Google Sheet into a Google Doc, they must click on a Google Sheet, and then select the Google Sheets file you created earlier from the drop-down menu that appears.

If your spreadsheet file contains multiple sheets, select the one you want to use for the mail merge. After that, click Connect to Spreadsheet. For a detailed guide, see our other article on How to Insert Google Sheets.

How Do I Fit a Spreadsheet on One Slide in Google Slides?

If you want to fit your Google spreadsheet, On your computer, open a document or presentation in Google Docs or Google Slides. After that, Click Insert Chart. Then click on From Sheets. After you have done that, Click the spreadsheet with the chart you want to add, then click Select. Click the chart you want to add. If you don’t want the chart linked to the spreadsheet, uncheck Link to spreadsheet. Then Click on Import. Thes you should be able to scroll the spreadsheet inside the slide


After going through all the necessary steps on how to insert Google Sheets into Google Slides, and knowing just how and why it is beneficial, you can independently upload your Google Sheets into your Google Slides.

It is also worth noting that because Google Sheets spreadsheets are online, updating what you see in the slideshow is as simple as updating the spreadsheet. Any changes you make to this type of document are reflected everywhere else it’s accessed from, including your Slides files, when you link it.

This means that even though Sheets is being accessed in your slideshow, you can still benefit from its structured format, helpful formulas, and so on. And as mentioned before, whilst you cannot directly copy-paste your Excel file onto your Google Slides, you can still use third-party applications.


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