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How to See Google Forms You Submitted

Fact Checked By Jim Markus

Google Forms is a great tool for collecting data for surveys and questionnaires. When filling out forms, it can be helpful to have easy access to the responses you have submitted.

This will allow you to confirm that your response was submitted and to see the responses you’ve made in case you might want to make edits. Stick around and find out how to see the Google Forms you submitted conveniently and how to edit them as well.

How To View & Edit Submitted Google Form Responses

Sometimes, you need to view your Google Form submission after you’ve already hit send. That’s what I cover here. There are several ways to view and edit submitted Google Form responses. The main limitation: The form’s creator must select an option that allows you to see your submission.

Here’s how it works. Follow along with each step. I’ve included screenshots on how to view you Google Forms responses, too.

Step 1: Finish filling out the form, then click Submit.

Fill the form and click Submit

Step 2: Immediately after you submit the form, you’ll see a link to Edit your response. This lets you go back and view your response.

Link to edit your response for Google Forms

Step 3: You can edit the form as many times as you want, then click Submit again, and the changes will be reflected in the response summary.

Depending on the form settings set by the form creator, you may have the option to edit your response. If don’t find the “Edit your response” button or link on the response details page, that means the owner of the form has not allowed for responses to be edited.

How to See Past Google Forms Immediately After Submission

Sometimes, you might also get an additional link after submitting the Google form:

Link to see previous responses

This link lets you see other respondents’ forms as well as your own. However, this is only possible if the owner of the form allows it, so this option may not always be present.

How to Check Submitted Google Forms as the Sender

As the sender, you can also view responses that have been submitted for your Google forms. After all, that’s why you created the form in the first place, right?

Before I go into the usual methods (which uses the Google Forms interface), I wanted to mention another method. It’s my preferred way to see all submissions in one spreadsheet or Excel workbook, and that’s to connect Google Forms with Google Sheets.

If you make that connection, you can export the sheet into a Microsoft Excel file and use pivot tables to sort responses. Neat!

Here are two more ways to check submitted Google Forms.

Option 1: Using the Responses Tab

Step 1: Go to Google Forms and sign in, then navigate to the form you created and want to view the submitted responses from your list of forms. Click on the form to open it.

Step 2: At the top of the form editor, click on the Responses tab. This will take you to the response overview page.

Option 2: Using Email Notification

Alternatively, if you set email notifications,  you can also go to your email and open the google forms notification, then click on View Summary.

email notification for google forms

Step 3: On the response overview page, you can see three different tabs for the responses.

Response overview page Summary tab

The first tab is the summary of the responses received. It provides information such as the number of responses, average completion time, and a graphical representation of the data. You can also scroll down to view individual responses in a summarized format.

The second tab is the responses by Question, which lets you see each question’s responses one by one. To change the question, you can click on the drop-down and select a different question.

Response overview page Questions tab

The third tab for Individual shows you the responses for each individual who has filled your form.

Response overview page individual tab

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How to Check Submitted Google Forms as the Responder

Ok, so it’s easy to check submissions in Google Forms if you created the survey. But what about checking form submissions as a responder? There are a couple easy ways to do that too.

Here’s how to see what Google Forms you’ve submitted as the Respondent:

Option 1: “Using the Edit Your Response Link”

Step 1: Fill out the form and click Submit.

Step 2: Once you’ve submitted your response, you’ll see a link for edit response which takes you back to the form you have filled.

Option 2: Using the “See Previous Responses” Link

You can view your responses through this link and even edit them. You can also view your response through the link to see previous responses if it is allowed by the Form owner.

This link lets you see your responses and other responders before you, but you can’t edit any of the responses.

Option 3: Checking Your Email

The final way how to check if you submitted a Google Form is by checking your email. If the owner allows it, you can receive a copy of your response in your email account after you’ve submitted it.

How To Change Your Google Forms Submission Settings

Google Forms also lets you add settings for submissions in your Form. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Open the form in Google Forms and go to Settings.

Open the Settings

Step 2: Configure General Settings:

  1. Make this a quiz- This setting allows you to add points to other questions in your form. If you toggle it on, you’ll get more settings.
  1. Responses-  If you click on the drop-down for responses, you’ll also get more settings for the submissions to your Google Form.
    1. The first setting lets you collect email addresses from your respondents. If you choose Verified, responders will need to sign in before filling out the form.

If you choose Responder input, then the responder will be required to type in an email address instead. This is convenient in case they’re using a different email server from Google, like Yahoo.

Select how to collect email addresses
  1. The second setting lets you send a copy of the response to each respondent, and it needs you to add the setting for Collect email addresses.
  2. The third setting, Allow response editing lets you set whether users can edit their responses after submitting the form.
  3. Finally, you can also limit the number of times a responder can submit a form by toggling on Limit to 1 response. This will require the responder to sign in with a Google account to fill in the form.

Step 3: Presentation Settings.

These options let you set how you view your responses.

Turn off settings

You have the following presentation setting options:

  1. To show the progress bar – This shows the responder how far into the form they have progressed.
  2. Shuffle question order- shows different orders of questions for each responder.
  3. Confirmation message- Let’s you set a message for after a responder has submitted a form.
  4. Show link to another response- Sets the option that allows responders to view previous responses.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I See Sent Google Forms?

To see the forms you have sent in Google Forms after you have submitted the form, click on the link to Edit your response.

This lets you go back to your responses and view or edit them.

Can You Edit the Sent Google Forms?

As the sender, you can edit a sent Google Form at any time, even after you’ve sent the form and responses have been submitted. All you need to do is go back to the Google Forms site, click on the form, and edit it as you wish.

How to See Google Form Responses Without Permission?

You can not view the answers to the form unless you are the owner or have been nominated by the owner as a collaborator. However, if the form owner has enabled the Show a Summary of Responses option, you can view the responses.

To do this, after submitting your response, click on the link to see previous responses.

Link to see previous responses

Final Thoughts

Sometimes you may want to confirm that you have submitted a Google Form or check your responses. Google Forms lets both the sender and the respondent view submitted forms in different ways.


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