How to Find Answers on Google Forms

So, you’ve created a Google Form, and your group has completed it. Great! Now you just need to check out the responses. This guide will show you how to find answers on Google Forms, which if you boil it down, is as simple as heading to the responses tab. But if you need a more detailed step-by-step guide, read on to learn more.

How to Find the Answers on Google Forms in 2024

Once you create the form and get the responses, you can view them in Google Forms or link a spreadsheet with Google Forms where the answers will be stored.

How to See Google Form Answers From the Responses Tab

You can view the answers in Google Forms directly by accessing the Responses tab. Here is how to see responses on Google Forms in the responses tab:

Open the form you want to get the answers from
  1. Go to Google Forms in your web browser and open the form you want to view the answers.
Open the responses tab
  1. With the form opened, you will be taken to the Questions tab by default. Click on the Responses button.
how to find answers on google forms
  1. You can view your answers in three ways in the Responses tab. These are Summary, Question, and Individual. Click on the desired option to go to that tab.

Let’s take a look at the data provided by these various tabs.


The summary section will show a summary of the responses on the Google Form. The options are displayed visually in graphs and charts, which help make analysis easier. Using the summary option, you can view the percentage of people who chose one option over the other. However, you won’t be able to see the individual names of the people who chose a particular option using the Summary option.

The summary tab

For example, you can see that two candidates chose option B for a question, but only one candidate chose option A. To view the names of the people filling out the form, you can add a Name field to the initial questionnaire, which will be shown on the Summary page.


Where the Summary tab shows the general count of people answering the form, the Question tab shows all the responses to the questions. You can scroll through the individual question fields using the left and right arrows. The responses are then displayed under the question, and you can click on the response to be taken to the person who gave that particular answer.

The question tab

This is very useful when you’re looking for opinions as you can go to the form of a person who gives a particular answer. For example, let’s say you create a form asking students who want to go on a trip. Students will be able to choose between yes and no. You can then go to the Question tab and check for the students who answered no to the question.


Where the Question tab shows the questions and the answers to them, the Individual tab shows the entire form per submission. You can go through the forms using the left and right arrows near the top.

The individual tab

This tab is great to use for teachers checking quizzes, as the entire form is shown to you. You can add a Name field towards the top of the form to know which student is submitting the form. While checking, you can use the arrows to move to the next or previous quiz. Click the Print button towards the top to print a form.

For more security, you can turn on the option to Collect email addresses in the forms. This will help avoid duplicate responses, and it prevents impersonation.

How to Get the Answers for a Google Form in Sheets

If you want a much more robust way of saving the answers in Google Forms, you can link the form to Google Sheets. Before you can access them, you must do a little setup from Forms to Sheets. Here is how to do this:

Open the form you want to get the answers from
  1. Select the form you wish to edit.
Open the responses tab
  1. Click on the Responses tab towards the top.
Link to sheets
  1. In the new tab, click the Link to Sheets button towards the top right of the section. This will open a smaller window where you can select the destination for the form.
Create a new spreadsheet or select an existing one
  1. Here, you can either Create a new spreadsheet or Select existing spreadsheet. If you create a new one, you can enter a name for the spreadsheet in the textbox beside the option.
  2. Click on Create, and Google Forms will start generating the spreadsheet. After a few moments, a new tab will open in your browser, taking you to the generated spreadsheet.

You can access the spreadsheet by heading to the Responses tab in Google Forms and then clicking View in Sheets. Alternatively, you can go to Google Sheets and find the spreadsheet there. For more detailed information, read out guide on how to easily connect Google Forms to Google Sheets.

How to Find the Answers on Google Forms on Mobile

Sadly, there is no dedicated Google Forms application on Android or iOS. However, you can access Google Forms using the default web browser on your phone. The steps are the same on Android or iOS. Here is how to view the responses on Google Forms on Mobile:

  1. Head over to the Google Forms website. You can create one or access an existing form in Google Drive.
Check results on a mobile device
  1. With the form edit screen open, click on the Responses tab toward the top.
  2. Here, you can select Summary, Question, or Individual, which will take you to the respective tab screen.
Create a new spreadsheet or select an existing one
  1. To link the form’s responses to a spreadsheet, click the Google Sheets icon towards the right of the responses header.
  2. Here, you can either Create a new spreadsheet or Select existing spreadsheet. If you create a new one, you can enter a name for the spreadsheet in the textbox beside the option.
  3. Now, click on the Create button, which will take you to the spreadsheet on another tab.

You can also import the data into Google Sheets and view it on the dedicated application on iOS and Android. To access the spreadsheet in the Google Sheets application, open it and click on the name of the spreadsheet you selected in the steps above.

Get Responses on Google Forms Using Addons

To enhance the functionality of Google Forms, you can use the Apps Script addon by Google or you can use some from the Google Workspace Marketplace.

You can use the Advanced Summary addon if you wish to build a summary of the form responses. The Form Duplicates addon allows you to find as well as delete any duplicate responses in the form. You can use the Form to Calendar extension to create an event on Google Calendar based on the responses in the form. There are plenty of other apps you can use to explore results from Google forms, just browse the marketplace after typing in “Google Forms Addon.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Find Answers on Google Forms?

To access the response in Google Forms, go to the form and click access the Responses tab. Here you can select between  Summary, Question, and Individual. The Summary will visually represent the responses received, while the Question tab shows the count of people who select a specific option. In the Individual tab, you can see the entire form per submission.

How Do I View Responses to a Google Form Without Permission?

You can not view the answers to the form unless you are the owner or have been nominated by the owner as a collaborator. However, if the form owner has enabled the Show a summary of responses option, you can view the responses. If you wish to share Google Forms responses without giving full permission, you can link the Google Forms to Google Sheets and then share the spreadsheet. In Google Sheets, you can give view-only permissions so the viewer can not alter the responses.

Why Can’t I See Responses on Google Forms?

If you cannot see the responses on Google Forms properly, you’re likely using a connected spreadsheet, which may cause the issue. To fix the issue, go to the Responses tab and then select the spreadsheet. Now, unlink the form from the spreadsheet so that the responses are synced to the form only. Afterward, relink the form to the spreadsheet, and the responses will be updated. You also may plain and simple not have permissions to view the responses, in which case, you’ll have to get the owner of the Google Form to give your email address the correct permissions.

Wrapping Up How to Find Answers on Google Forms

That’s everything you need to know about how to find answers on Google Forms. If you found this guide useful, check out some of our related content below.

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