The Ultimate Google Forms & Sheets Masterclass Course: Become a Pro

The Google Forms & Sheets Masterclass Course is a comprehensive tutorial that covers everything a person needs to know about Google Sheets and Forms. Comprised of 11 modules split into several lessons, the course begins with Google Forms and Sheets basics before progressing to more advanced topics like formulas, functions, and collaboration.

While we have pre-made templates for people who need quick solutions for specific challenges, this Google Sheets tutorial teaches you how to create, filter, and evaluate complex spreadsheets yourself.

This article provides an overview of the course while highlighting the benefits of using these two powerful tools.


Why You Need to Learn How to Use Google Sheets and Forms

Mastering Google Sheets and Forms can help users:

  • manage and organize data more efficiently
  • streamline workflows
  • reduce errors
  • analyze and visualize data
  • gain valuable insights, and
  • make more informed decisions.

Whether you’re creating forms or sharing spreadsheets, knowing how to use Google Forms and Sheets also increases collaboration between teams.

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What Will I Learn From This Google Forms Tutorial?

Google Forms is great for collecting responses from varied audience sizes, as well as making sense of the data collected requires you to be competent with Google Sheets’ core functions.

The course begins with the basics of how to use Google Forms, including:

  • creating a form
  • choosing appropriate question types
  • customizing questions for specific purposes, and
  • navigating Google Forms more effectively
  • understanding question types (e.g., multiple-choice, checkbox, short answer, long answer)

This course also covers how Google Forms can be updated with a theme, custom form headers, images, videos, conditional logic, and quizzes. These customization features offer users the ability to create a professional-looking form that’s tailored to their specific needs.

Finally, users will discover straightforward methods to connect Forms with Google Sheets to manage their data.

What Will I Learn in This Google Sheets Tutorial?

By learning how to work on Google Sheets effectively, you’ll discover ways to manage and organize your data efficiently while increasing your collaboration skills. In this Google Sheets tutorial, users can expect to master the following elements:

  • creating basic charts and graphs
  • utilizing comments
  • protecting sheets and ranges
  • entering data
  • formatting text (including dates and numbers)
  • using conditional formatting
  • importing, exporting, sorting, and filtering data
  • collaborating with filtered data
  • mail merge
  • data analyzation


Advanced Elements in This Google Sheets Tutorial

Later on in the Google Sheets course, you’ll apply practical knowledge to more advanced-level topics. In addition to learning about pivot tables, users will study advanced formulas and functions like:

By understanding these formulas and functions, you’ll gain valuable insights into your data, make better informed decisions, collaborate more effectively with others, and streamline your workflows.

Who Is the Masterclass Instructor?

Yahya Zakir Sait is Google Certified Professional with years of real-world experience. As a highly-qualified expert in Google Forms and Sheets, he has shared his expertise with thousands of users through in-person and online training sessions.

By taking this course, users can learn from someone who deeply understands these tools and how they can be used to improve workflows and productivity.

Unlock Your Potential & Enhance Your Productivity

The Google Forms & Sheets Masterclass is an excellent course for anyone looking to improve their productivity, decision-making capabilities, and collaboration skills.

From basics to advanced features, this course is comprehensive and covers all aspects of using Google Forms and Sheets. Unlock the full potential of Google Sheets and Forms and enhance your productivity and teamwork!


UPDATE: We also have a brand new course called Spreadsheets for Everyone, where you can learn spreadsheet fundamentals, problem-solving, and advanced formulas in Google Sheets with this seven-hour, expert-led course.


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