3 Easy Ways to Print Google Docs with Comments

Any writer will tell you that comments are a vital part of the editing process. But how do you print Google Docs with comments? 

While the program doesn’t have a feature for this, printing Google Docs with comments is definitely possible! Here, I’ll show you three step-by-step methods to accomplish this task.  

3 Methods to Print Google Doc with Comments

There are three ways to print Google Doc comments:

  • Exporting the Doc to Microsoft Word
  • Turning the Google Docs into a webpage
  • Printing a screenshot of the document

Note: These are the only formats for printing Google Docs with comments. If you download the Google Doc as anything else (e.g., PDF), the comments won’t be included. 

1. Exporting Google Docs to Microsoft Word

In your Google Docs file, right-click and select File > Download > Microsoft Word (.docx).

Select the format for Microsoft Word (.docx)

To open the document:

  • Locate the document on your device.
  • Right-click on the document and choose “Open with.”
  • Choose Microsoft Word.

Note: You can also open it from Word by going to File > Open.

Open with Microsoft Word from desktop

In the Word document, go to File > Print. Adjust your printer settings, select the printer, and click Print.

text with 'how to print google docs with comments'

Note: With this method, you’ll have a hard copy version of your document with the comments.

Why Can’t I See Comments in Microsoft Word?

To reveal comments in Microsoft Word, locate the toolbar and select Review > Show Comments.

Go to the Word toolbar and click Review then select Show Comments.

2. Turn Your Google Doc into a Webpage

To download the file as a webpage, go to File > Download > Format (.html).

Go to File > Download.Select the format for the webpage (.html)

The webpage will be downloaded as a ZIP file. Extract the file and open the HTML file in your desired browser. For this article, I’ve used Chrome, but different browsers may vary.

Open microsoft word with options for webpage
Google docs converted to a webpage

To print the page, click on the vertical ellipses symbol (⋮). Choose “Print” or use the keyboard shortcut (CTRL+ P).

Print menu for Chrome

The print window will appear, and you can adjust your settings, select the printer device and click Print.

Print window in Chrome

3. Take a Screenshot of the Pages

You can print a Google Doc with comments by taking a screenshot and then printing the image. This method is particularly useful if you want commenter names to appear in the printed document (the other two methods don’t show them).

There are multiple ways to take a screenshot in Windowslike keyboard shortcuts, the snipping tool, or even downloadable extensions.

Option 1 

  • If you’re using Windows 10 or 11, you can take screenshots by pressing SHIFT +Win + S. Use the cross cursor to crop whatever you want to screenshot. Be sure to save the screenshot (it’s only saved in your clipboard and will be replaced when you take a new screenshot).
  • Taking screenshots on a Mac can be done by pressing SHIFT +Cmd + 4, and then dragging the cursor over your desired screenshot. Your screenshot will automatically save to your desktop after a few seconds. 

Finally, print your document. 

Option 2

You can use an extension (like Lightshot) to screenshot Google Docs with comments. 

  • After installing the program, click it for screenshot options.
  • Take the snapshot within Lightshot, then select the print option.
    Lightshot extension menu
  • Save the image as a PDF, open it, and click the Print icon.

Tips for Printing Google Docs with Comments

Before printing a Google Doc with comments, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Review the comments before printing to ensure they are relevant and appropriate for the printed document.
  • If you can’t see the comments in Microsoft Word, go to Review and click Show comments.
  • Print the document with color so that the comment sections are easy to spot and read. For example, if you’re printing from Word, the comment sections are highlighted in blue so that they are easy to spot.
  • You can’t print comments on Google Docs from your mobile device since neither the Google Docs app nor the Word app shows the comments on the page. Instead, they appear in a menu when you click the comment icon.

Why Should I Print Google Docs with Comments?

Comments allow you to add suggestions to a document – without altering the text itself. There are a number of reasons why they’re incredibly useful: 

For Presentations

If you’re working with a team, having comments printed out can streamline meetings and presentations. If viewing permissions aren’t public, screenshots are another great way to share input. 

Receiving Feedback

If you’re facing specific challenges – or want to have documentation of certain comments – printing screenshots can help. I can personally say that this process helps me understand how my work is developing (and what improvements I need to make). 

Sharing Feedback with Others

If a colleague or peer is struggling to grasp specifics, you could print Google Docs comments. Seeing these comments in context can help them understand and track changes that have been made (and why).

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Print a Google Doc with Comments?

Currently, Google Docs doesn’t have a feature that lets you print comments with your document. There are a few workarounds, like saving the document as a Word file, webpage, or screenshot. You can find step-by-step instructions for each of these methods (above).

Can I Print Google Docs with Comments from My Phone? 

You can’t print comments on Google Docs from your mobile device. 

Wrapping Up

Knowing how to print a Google Doc with comments is certainly useful, especially because you require a workaround method to accomplish it! I hope that my step-by-step guide has helped you hone your skills. 

If you’re new to Google Workspace, there are fast ways to get up to speed – like Udemy courses! Whether you require assistance with Sheets or Slides, there are countless programs designed to hone your skills. 


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