Free Organizational Chart Template for Google Docs (3 Types)

In this article, we’ll show you how to create an organizational chart template for Google Docs by using the drawing feature. And if you just want a ready to go template, we have you covered with three free downloads.

What Is an Organizational Chart?

Organizational charts are used to show the hierarchy of the roles in an organization through a visual representation. These charts can be used to show the responsibilities of a specific role and their reporting relationships in the organization.  These charts are usually created as a hierarchical, matrix, or flat structure, depending on the type of organization.

These charts are used by government agencies as well as businesses and non-profit organizations. Their purpose is to show their structure of operation to the employees or stakeholders, or the general public.

Tips for Creating an Organizational Chart in Google Docs

Creating an organizational chart template Google Docs takes a lot of careful planning. Here are a few tips for creating Google Org charts:

  • Identify the Purpose: Before making the Google Org charts, you need to define why you’re creating them. Some organizational charts focus on showing the names of the particular people working in the organization, while others focus on the designation.
  • Determine the Structure: Define a rough structure shape for the organization. This should serve as a basis for the chart. Before starting, also make sure you clearly understand the key roles and their responsibilities in the organization.
  • Use Clear Language: Use simple, easy-to-understand business language in your Google organization chart. Avoid using unclear abbreviations or longer texts in the labels. Keeping it concise makes sure that you’re only communicating the relevant information.
  • Make Regular Updates: The positions in many companies frequently update, whether it’s due to new hires, promotions, or people leaving. Keeping the organizational chart up to date can save people from a lot of confusion.

How to Create an Organizational Chart for Google Docs

You can easily create an organizational chart in Google Docs if you know how to use the Google Drawings tool built into Google Docs. Here is how to make an organizational chart in Google Docs:

  1. Head to to create a Blank document.
Change the page setup
  1. Select an appropriate page layout. To do this, click on File in the main toolbar and then on Page setup. If your company has many employees, it’s often better to use Landscape orientation.
Pick the paper size and orientation
  1. Make sure to select the Pages tab. Depending on the type of organizational chart you’re creating, you may wish to use either Portrait or Landscape orientation. Also, choose the Paper size that you like. A4 and Letter paper sizes are used in most office environments.
  2. Finally, set the Margins to a number between 0 and 1. Using smaller margins gives you more room to work with.
  3. After choosing the page setup, click the blue OK button to save the changes.
Add new drawings
  1. To add the organizational chart Google Docs, we are going to use the Drawings tool. To access it, click on Insert in the main toolbar and then on Drawing. Here, click on New.
Select the shapes you want to use
  1. The organizational chart can be created with three basic elements: shapes, lines, and text. To add a shape, click on the Shapes icon in the main toolbar and then click on Shapes. Select the desired shape here. Click and drag your cursor to add the shape.
Join the shapes with lines
  1. After adding multiple shapes, you can connect them with each other using a line. To access this tool, click on the Line icon and select the type of line you wish to use. Hover your icon over the element you want to connect, and click and hold the purple dot in one of the corners. Now, drag your cursor to the box you wish to connect to and let go of the mouse button over one of the purple dots. This will create a line connection between the two elements.
Add text boxes
  1. To add text to the boxes, click on the Text box icon in the main toolbar. Now, click and drag the cursor on the shape where you wish to add the text. After the textbox is added, click inside it and add the text.
  2. After adding all the elements to the template, click the Save and Close button towards the top right part of the window.

Now that you know how to make a hierarchy chart in Google Docs, you can also check out how to easily make an organizational chart in Sheets.

Free Google Docs Organizational Chart Templates

Would you rather skip making your own document? Here are a few Google Doc Org chart templates you can use to create an organizational chart quickly.

Company Organizational Chart

organizational chart template for google docs 1

Access Template

This Org chart template Google Docs was created in the portrait orientation. This template is print-friendly, especially if you’re printing it out in color. The top part of the template contains basic information about the organization. This includes the name, address, email, and phone numbers. You can add them by simply clicking on the field name and adding the elements there.

To make changes to the hierarchy diagram, click on it to select it. This is indicated by a blue border and a contextual menu towards the bottom left part of the image. Here, click on the Edit button. In the new window, simply click on the Designation and the Name text boxes to select them. Add the relevant names and positions in the boxes. If you wish to add a new box, simply click and drag and make a copy of an existing box.

The organizational charts are created using a similar process used to create flowcharts. You can learn how to make flowcharts in Docs from the linked article.

Landscape Organizational Chart

organizational chart template google docs 2

Access Template

Using a landscape layout allows you to have a lot more freedom to provide a wide view of the organization’s hierarchy without making it cluttered. This organizational chart template moves from left to right, meaning that the top-level management is towards the left part of the chart and is denoted by the red color. The first-level positions are denoted by a light yellow color, and the middle management is denoted by a light orange color.

To make changes to the chart, click on it and then click on the Edit button, which will open the Google Drawings window. Feel free to add or remove boxes here and edit the text in the boxes to add the Name and Designation for the position.

Printable Organizational Chart (Double-Sided)

organizational chart template google docs 3

Access Template

If you’re looking for something more visually appealing and print-friendly, this Google doc organizational chart template is for you. The top part of the template features a header and space for organization details. Feel free to add the Company Name, Address, Email, and Phone Number here. The main body of the template contains the organizational chart.

In this template, the middle part of the chart features the section for the top-level and middle-level management, denoted by the blue color. The entry-level management is shown using the boxes towards the outer part of the chart and is denoted by a light blue box. To edit it, click to select it and press the Edit button towards the bottom left part.

If you work in a company, you may already use objectives and key results to monitor organizational goals. Here is a free OKR template for Sheets that you can use to hit your organizational targets.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, you found the perfect organizational chart template for Google Docs to fit your company. If not, we’ve given you the knowledge to make your own from scratch. If you found these templates useful, you’ll love our premium templates. Remember to use the code SSP to save 50% from your purchases of our paid templates.

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