Free Use Family Feud Template for Google Slides [3 Styles]

Family Feud is a popular television game show that has been around for several decades and is a great way to add fun, entertainment, and a little bit of tension to an occasion.

To get ready for your Family Feud game, Google Slides is a great place to start to make. You can prepare the questions and come up with a fun game-like design for the lids. Better yet, you could use a premade Family Feud template for Google Slides.

We have a step-by-step guide and a couple of templates you can try out below.

How to Make Your Own Family Feud Game in Google Slides

Here’s a step-by-step guide for how to make Family Feud on Google Slides:

Step 1: Open a Blank Slide

  1. Go to Google Slides and click Blank to start a new presentation, or click File > New.
File > new
  1. Front the window on the right, you can choose a theme or template that you like. You can also change the page settings in File > Page setup for example, you can make the page vertical.
Theme window

Step 2: Add a Background

Family Feud templates need a background that pops to add to the atmosphere of the game. You can do this by adding a background image.

  1. Click Background in the toolbar.
Background tool
  1. Select choose image.
Background settings
  1. Upload the image from online or from your device
  2. Click Add to theme

Step 3: Create a Bold Cover Page

Next, we should add the title for the first slide.

  1. Type the title in the text box.
Cover slide
  1. Change the font size and color
  2. If you want more formats for the text, then insert word art instead, Go to Insert > Word art.
Go to Insert > Word art.
  1. Type the text and click Enter.
Type the text and click Enter.
  1. You can click Format options to add effect, and you can also add gradient color to the text.
Select a gradient
  1. Add design elements or shapes around the title.

Step 4: Add Instructions

Create a slide with instructions on how to play the game, including how to earn points and the rules of the game.

  1. Click the + sign to add a new slide.
  2. Click the text box icon in the toolbar to add a text box
Insert a textbox
  1. Type in the rules.
  2. Format the text.
Add instructions

Step 5: Add Text Boxes for Questions and Answers

  1. Create a new slide and add a text box for the question.
text box for first questions
  1. Customize the text size, font, and color according to your preferences.
  2. Repeat the process for each question.
text boxes for questions and answers

Step 6: Add Animation

To make your Family Feud template more interactive, you can add animations to your answers that will appear during the presentation.

  1. You can add a blank  button below the answer button
  2. Click on the Answer button
  3. Go to Insert > Animation.
  4. Under object animation, click Add animation.
Under object animation, click Add animation
  1. Choose the animation type, duration, and direction.

You can also preview the animation before adding it.

Step 7: Add the Scoreboard

No Family Feud game is complete without a scoreboard. You can either create a scoreboard from scratch or use a template from the Google Slides library. Customize the scoreboard with your preferred font, color, and size.

Family Feud Templates in Google Slides

Free Family Feud Template Google Slides

family feud template for google slides 1

Access Template

The free Family Feud template is a simple and easy template suitable for all kinds of occasions. It may look a bit toned down compared to the other templates, but it works great to keep the players focused on the game.

It comes with 6 slides, including the cover, rule page, and 4 question slides. This template also includes animation for the answers that you can set to play automatically or on click.

Family Feud Online Template Free

family feud template for google slides 2

Access Template

Show off to your friend or coworkers with our Family Feud online template. The template has a great design that generates the same atmosphere as the original Family Feud game.

It comes with 7 slides, including the cover, rule page, 4 question slides, and a scoreboard.

Family Feud Templates for Teachers

family feud template for google slides 2

Access Template

This Family Feud template is perfect for teachers looking to keep their students on their toes. It has sample history questions that you can use or that can guide you when making your own. The template includes the cover, rule page, 4 question slides, and a scoreboard.

Why Use Our Templates?

Here’s why you should use our Family Feud templates:

  • Fun and exciting designs: Our Family Feud templates come in fun and exciting designs and colors to keep the players stimulated throughout the game.
  • Time-saving: Our templates will also save you a great deal of time since they are ready to use.
  • User-friendly: The templates can be easily customized in Google docs and are easy to use during the game.
  • Versatile: The templates can be used for all kinds of situations, including in class, with your friends and family, or at a work retreat.

Final Thoughts on Using a Family Feud Template for Google Slides

If you enjoy game shows or simply want to spice things up for an occasion, then you should definitely try out Family Feud.

In this guide, we’ve taken you through the steps to make a Family Feud template for Google Slides. There are also some ready templates that you can use right away to customize and make your own Family Feud game.

If you found these templates useful, check out our premium templates too. Remember to use the code SSP to save 50% at checkout!

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