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How to Make a Waterfall Chart in Google Sheets

How to Make a Waterfall Chart in Google Sheets [Easy]

Waterfall charts, also known as McKinsey Charts, are becoming an increasingly popular visualization tool. These charts have several names — sometimes they are referred to as Cascade charts or Bridge charts. Some lesser common names

Pi in Google Sheets

How to Use Pi in Google Sheets [3 Easy Examples]

Pi is an important irrational number for a plethora of applications. Pi is the ratio of the diameter and the circumference of the circle. Pi always has a value approximate to 3.14159. As the number

Google Sheets Slicer

Google Sheets Slicer: How They Work & How to Add

  Slicers provide a quick and convenient way to analyze your data. Not only do they let you interactively filter all the elements on your worksheet at the same time, but they also look great

google sheets ledger template

Free Google Sheets Ledger Template [and How to Use]

Every business should maintain a ledger to keep their financial records organized. Ledgers help businesses track profits, balance assets and expenses, and keep track of all their transactions. Traditionally, companies maintained their ledgers in the