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How to Switch x and y Axis in Google Sheets

How to Switch x and y Axis in Google Sheets

When you create a chart in Google Sheets, you will find that the software tries to understand your selected data and automatically picks a column each for your x and y-axes. However, the axes it

Google Sheets FORECAST Function

Google Sheets Forecast Function: Easy Beginner’s Guide

Discovering trends and predicting values is an essential application of financial data analysis. Google Sheets, like most spreadsheet processors, includes multiple tools for financial analytics. In fact, just for data forecasting based on current trends,

google sheets address book template
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Free Google Sheets Address Book Template + How to Use

A few years back almost everyone had an address book where they stored all their contacts along with phone numbers and addresses. These address books were organized with alphabet tabs, so that you could easily

How to Find Quartiles in Google Sheets

How to Find Quartiles in Google Sheets (Easy Guide)

The quartile function in Google Sheets makes it simple to calculate quartiles without having to manually reorder your data from smallest to largest. Quartiles are markers at three points in a dataset. They include: The