10 Best Google Forms Templates to Use in 2024

Google Forms is one of the best (and free) tools that you can use for conducting surveys, organizing events, collecting feedback, and managing job applications. However, it can be time-consuming to set up an effective form for these purposes.

To avoid this, you can find and download a ready-to-use form template instead. Read on to explore the most useful and free Google Forms templates below!

Free Google Forms Templates for Businesses

From conducting market research to managing contact information, a Google Forms template is a valuable tool that can make your work easier and more efficient. You can use this free online tool for all sorts of purposes, from gathering market research to qualifying freelance hires from Fiverr. Here are four top-rated business templates you can download:

1. Market Research Form

Google Forms templates—Preview of a marketing survey form template

Market research is the cornerstone of any successful business venture. It helps you understand your target market to identify your customer’s needs and preferences. Learn more about your potential customers by using this simple market research form template.

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2. Job Application Form

Preview of a job application form

A good job application form not only attracts qualified candidates but also helps streamline the hiring process. In this template, we created three separate sections where your applicants can:

  • Fill in their personal details, such as their name, contact channels, and other personal information (in the first section).
  • Ask questions about the position they are applying for (in the second section).
  • Upload documents, such as resumes and CVs (in the third section).

Keep things organized by incorporating this template into your employment process today.

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3. Customer Complaint Form

Preview of a customer complaint form

Despite the best efforts of your business, occasional customer complaints are inevitable. One important tool to address these concerns effectively is a well-designed customer complaint form template. Our version of this Google form allows you to:

  • Collect the basic information of your customers, including their names and contact details.
  • Ask about the specific issue and when it happened.
  • Request supporting documentation and evidence for the customer’s claim.
  • Understand the preferred resolution of your clients.

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4. Contact Information Form

Preview of a contact information form

As a valuable asset to a business, having the contact information of your clients, partners, suppliers, and/or sponsors allows you to communicate more effectively. You can achieve this using the free contact information form template Google Forms offers.

This template lets you gather essential details like name, phone number, email, and address. You can also add some remarks that you want to take note of about a certain contact.

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Google Forms Templates for Teachers

Do you want to assess your students’ learning? Or perhaps you want to know what they think about your course content. Below are three useful templates that you can use:

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5. Course Evaluation Form

Preview of a course evaluation form

Our course evaluation form template features three sections where students can:

  • Indicate the course details they want to evaluate (course code, title, and name of the lecturer).
  • Rate their satisfaction with the content offered by the course.
  • Evaluate the lecturer.

To encourage honest responses, we omitted questions regarding the student’s personal details, which allows them to remain anonymous.

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6. Two Things Form

Preview of a "two things" form template

Finding effective strategies to reinforce and retain knowledge is paramount for student learning. As a teacher, one way you can achieve this is with a “two things” form template.

Basically, you can ask your students to fill in at least two things that they have learned in your class. This will encourage them to engage in memory recall, which can help them retain information.

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7. Assessment

Preview of an assessment form template

Another way to test what your students have learned is to give them an assessment exam. You can quickly set one up using the free assessment form available in Google Forms’ template gallery. This template contains questions that allow you to:

  • Collect the names and email addresses of your students.
  • Ask multi-choice questions.
  • Add short-answer and checkbox questions.
  • Insert essay-type items.

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Google Forms Templates for Events

Organizing an event involves many steps, including attendee registration, RSVP tracking, and gathering attendee feedback. You can use the following Google Forms templates for these three crucial steps.

8. Conference Registration Form

Preview of a conference registration form

Registering for a conference should be a smooth and hassle-free process for attendees. You can streamline it with a handy conference registration form they can access online. In our template, we included sections where you can:

  • Ask participants to indicate their names, contact details, dietary preferences, and workshops they want to attend (if applicable).
  • Request for their payment details.
  • Receive additional questions and comments from registrants.

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Preview of an RSVP form template

Planning and organizing an event requires efficient management of guest attendance. You can achieve this using an RSVP form, where you can track the answers of your invitees and ensure accurate headcounts. Google Forms offers a free, simple RSVP form template that you can customize to your needs.

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10. Event Feedback

Preview of an event feedback form template

As an event organizer, it’s essential for you to gather feedback from attendees to continuously improve and refine your future events. You can do this using an event feedback form that attendees can fill out. This form is freely accessible in the template gallery of Google Forms.

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How To Find Templates in the Google Forms Template Gallery

You can find some of the templates we discussed above in Google Forms. They are available in the platform’s template gallery by default. If you want to access them, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Launch your browser and go to Google Forms.
  2. In the “Start a new form” section, click “Template gallery” on the right.
Opening the template gallery in Google Forms


  1. Select a suitable template from the list.
  2. Click on your preferred form template to start editing it.

Benefits of Using Google Forms Templates

Google Forms templates can save you a lot of time configuring your online forms. Besides this advantage, using these templates can benefit you in the following aspects:

  • Easy customization: You can customize the form’s theme for branding purposes. For example, you can add your company’s logo as a header image and change the form color.
  • No to minimal costs: Most form templates are free to use, making them a cost-effective solution for creating forms.
  • Ease of access: Google Forms lets you share your forms with respondents easily using either a link, email, or embed. This allows you to collect your responses with less hassle.
  • Integration with other tools: You can connect your forms to a Google Sheets spreadsheet, allowing you to manage your responses better.
  • Real-time response tracking: Google Forms allows you to monitor the number of responses received (and who responded) in real-time.

Final Thoughts

When you don’t have enough time and effort to allocate to setting up your online form, you can always access a handy Google Forms template. Simply download our templates above, edit them to your preferences, and you’re good to go.

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