How to Hide Gridlines in Google Sheets (Easy Guide)

Gridlines are something that makes data look good in Google Sheets.

By default, Gridlines are already applied to all the cells in Google Sheets. But sometimes, you may only want to have these gridlines (or borders) on some specific cells or rows/columns and not everywhere.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to hide gridlines in Google Sheets and how to make them appear while printing.

Hide the Gridlines in Google Sheets

Below are the steps to hide gridlines from the entire worksheet in Google Sheets:

  1. Activate the worksheet in which you want to hide the gridlines
  2. Click the View option in the menuClick the View option in the menu in Google Sheets
  3. Click the Gridlines options. This will uncheck this option and remove gridlines from the entire worksheet.Show or Hide Gridlines by using the option in the menu

Gridlines option in the View tab is a toggle option. This means that if you want the Gridlines to come back again, you need to go back to this option and click on it.

Also, note that when you show or hide gridlines in Google Sheets, it’s only applied to the sheet that is active. If you want this to be applied to all the worksheets, you will have to go to each sheet and hide the gridlines manually.

In case you want to show gridlines only in a specific range and not in the entire worksheet, first remove the gridlines using the steps above, and then apply the border to the selected range of cells using the below steps:

  1. Select the range of cells where you want to have a gridline
  2. Click the Borders icon in the toolbar
  3. Click on the Borders icon to apply a border to all the selected cells.Hide Gridlines in Google Sheets - but apply border to a range of cells

Show/Hide Gridlines While Printing

When you have gridlines in the worksheet in Google Sheets, and you print that worksheet (or a part of that worksheet), you’ll notice that it also prints the gridlines.

If you don’t want the gridlines to be printed, you have an option to disable it.

Below are the steps to print a range in Google Sheets while hiding the gridlines:

  1. Select the range of cells that you want to print
  2. Click the File option in the menuClick the File Option in the Menu
  3. Click the Print option (you can also use the keyboard shortcut – Control + P)Click the Print Option in the File Menu Options
  4. In the Print settings screen, click on the Formatting option and uncheck the ‘Show Gridlines’ optionUncheck the Show Gridlines option to not print the gridlines
  5. Click Next and Print

The above steps would hide the gridlines from the selected range of cells. If you want to show the gridlines, make sure this option is checked.

However, in case you have applied a border to the range of cells you want to print, you can’t remove it from the Print screen. If you don’t want the border to be printed, you need to go back to the worksheet and remove it.

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