The 4 Best Google Data Studio Templates for 2024

The best Google Data Studio templates come from those that know the program the best, Google. They run the Looker Studio, which outputs a ton of templates that you can use.

This article details the four best Google Data Studio templates available:

  • Google Analytics Behaviors Overview by Looker Studio Team (Analytics)
  • YouTube Channel Report by Looker Studio Team (Content Creation)
  • Google Ads Overview by Looker Studio Team (Advertising)
  • Search Console Report by Looker Studio Team (SEO)

We also discuss how they’re beneficial and how to find other templates you may like. Read on to learn more.

How Are Data Studio Templates Beneficial

Data Studio report templates are pre-designed frameworks customized according to the user’s specific needs. This saves the users the hassle of creating the template from scratch, saving you a lot of time. Let’s look at some of the benefits of using Data Studio templates:

  • Free: The best part about using Google Studio templates is that they are free of cost. You can access the Google data studio templates for free if you have a Google account with access to data studio. Using templates is also very cost-effective for small startups or businesses without the resources to create templates from scratch or pay for third-party ones available online.
  • User Friendly: The data studio templates by Google already have the proper charts and graphs added, so you don’t have to figure out which chart you should use for a specific data type. You can also switch the type of charts in the templates if one doesn’t fit your needs.
  • Customize: The whole point of using Google Studio is to create a dashboard that fulfills your needs. All Looker Studio templates have the flexibility to allow minor changes according to the user’s requirements. You can also change the template’s theme to match your company’s color scheme.
  • Real-Time: Data studio updates in real-time, so the information you see on your dashboard will always be up to date. This allows you to monitor some of the key metrics of your business and make informed decisions.
  • Scheduled Reports: Data Studio allows you to turn on automatic data updates and scheduled reports which means you can get hourly or daily reports. This saves you from the hassle of opening the dashboard, as you can get the reports automatically at a specified frequency.

Using Google Sheets can also significantly upgrade your workflow. Similar to data studio, you can also use pre-made templates to save time and cost. Here are the 9 best templates to use in Google Sheets.

How to Use a Dashboard From Looker Studio Template Gallery

Before we look at some of the best data studio templates, let’s look at how you can access the template gallery. To do this:

  1. Open Looker Studio in your web browser and log into your Google account.
Open the template gallery
  1. Here, click on the Template Gallery button towards the top-right side of the screen, which will expand that section.
Change the category
  1. Scroll and find the category for which you want to find a template. To see additional templates, click the arrow button beside the category name to expand it.
  2. Click on the template you wish to use, and it will open in a new window.

Best Google Data Studio Templates 2024

Here are some of the best Google Looker Studio templates.

Google Analytics Behaviors Overview by Looker Studio Team (Analytics)

Google Data Studio Templates - Analytics

Analytics is an analysis tool for the web by Google that can be used to track and analyze an app or website’s performance. This tool allows you to access a wide data range and website traffic reports. Analytics is available for anyone to use as long as they have a Google account, and there are free and paid versions of this tool.

If you wish to have a comprehensive analytics report in Looker Studio, this template is perfect as it allows you to easily view and report your data. The template sorts out the analytics data into various categories. The top part features line graphs that show the page views and the bounce rate. The part below has charts that show the most popular page, a breakdown of the popular pages, and the type of content group that is popular on the site. The last part shows some popular search terms and categories and the website’s general performance.

You can use the Google Analytics data studio template in two ways. You can add your own data or link your analytics which will directly import the analytics data into the template. When you add Google Analytics to the free data studio template, you will need to authorize Google to connect the two accounts.

YouTube Channel Report by Looker Studio Team (Content Creation)

Google Data Studio Templates - Youtube

Channel reports are extremely important for people running YouTube channels as they help you gauge the success of your YouTube videos. Although YouTube has its own creator dashboard, if you already use Google data studio to get online reports, you may wish to get the YouTube channel report into Looker Studio directly.

This template is divided into three sections. The first part shows the total views, average watch time, and video shares towards the left side and the top videos towards the right side. The middle section shows the likes, subscriptions, dislikes, and comments on your videos. The last section shows a map view showing the top countries by views.

If you’re someone who has a significant social media presence, then you understand the hassle of keeping track of the various platforms without using a calendar. Thankfully, you can do this without ever having to leave the Google apps ecosystem. Here are five free social media calendar templates for Sheets.

Google Ads Overview by Looker Studio Team (Advertising)

Google Data Studio Templates - Google Ads

Google Ads is Google’s online advertising platform that allows businesses to create, publish and manage advertising campaigns across various services by Google like Google’s search engine, YouTube, Maps, and more. This allows advertisers to reach a wide audience as not only does Google have a large presence on the web but also on Android, where users can download apps with advertisements from the Play Store.

This template helps you track some of the crucial metrics from your advertising campaigns. This Google data studio ads report template has three different sections. The first one shows the data for the click-through rate, conversion rate, and cost per click, along with charts. The second part shows the top campaigns, and the third part shows the device breakdown with pie charts for clicks, cost, and conversions. This template will help you see which marketing campaigns give the best results so you can choose a different strategy for the ones that underperform.

Search Console Report by Looker Studio Team (SEO)

Google Data Studio Templates - Search Console

Search Engine Optimisation has become a popular technique over the past few years to drive organic traffic. Not only that, SEO helps you build trust with website visitors and provides long-term, cost-effective results. If you use the Search Platform tool by Google, then this data studio gallery template can be very useful for you.

The header bar shows filters that allow you to select the country and the device category to filter through for the metrics. Besides the filter bar is an overview of the past month, which contains the Impressions, URL clicks, and URL CTR. The middle contains charts showing impressions and URL clicks in a monthly breakdown. The last part of this data studio dashboard example template shows the per-page data as well as the impressions for specific keywords.

Creating and publishing content on your website isn’t an easy task. It takes a lot of careful planning and organization. However, having a content calendar can help you sort things out and make it easy to manage. Here are three easy-to-use content calendar templates for Google Sheets.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Difference Between Google Data Studio and Looker Studio?

Google Data Studio and Looker Studio are essentially the same software suite. In December 2022, Google rebranded Data Studio to Looker Studio after acquiring it in early 2022. Looker also has some extra features like predictive analysis and advanced data modeling.

Why Should I Use Google Looker Studio Templates?

There are multiple benefits to using Looker Studio templates. Templates save you much time as you don’t have to create a new dashboard from scratch. These templates are often designed by professionals that understand some of the best visualization practices. You can also change the data studio template to suit your needs better.

What Is the Best Way to Use Google Data Studio?

First, you should define the objectives and insights you wish to get from your data. Once you know exactly what you want, connect the data source to Google data studio. Make sure you select the type of visualization that appropriately conveys your data. Review and update your dashboards regularly to ensure the data stays accurate, valuable, and relevant.

Wrapping Up

Most of the best Google Data Studio templates are the ones made by Google themselves. If the ones we mentioned above aren’t exactly what you were looking for, browse the template library, and you’ll find something closer to what you need.

Since we’re talking about excellent templates, you may also want to consider checking out our premium Google Suite templates. If you find some you like, make sure you use the code SSP to save 50% at checkout.

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