The Perfect Google Form Header Image Size [Complete Guide]

Google Forms allows you to insert a header image into your online forms. You can use them to either represent your brand or simply create a seamless form theme. While there are preset header images in the tool, you may need to upload your own graphics in some cases.

Here, we show you the ideal Google Form header image size to use for these uploads, as well as a step-by-step process to insert a header image in your form. We also provide tips to ensure that you pick a great header photo.

What Is a Google Form Header Image?

When respondents click your Google Forms link, the header image is the first element they’ll see. This simple photo serves multiple purposes:

  • Provides visual cues about the form’s content and theme.
  • Customizes the form to align with company branding.
  • Enhances the form’s visual appeal.

Google Forms offers a selection of pre-formatted stock images as header options. These come with the appropriate resolution and aspect ratio for a seamless fit. However, if these photos don’t meet your preferences and requirements, you have the option to upload your own custom image.

So what image size for the Google Form header should you use?

What Is the Ideal Google Form Header Image Size?

For optimal results, it’s recommended to set your Google header size to 1600 x 400 pixels (width x height). This resolution adheres to the enforced Google Forms header dimensions set at a 4:1 ratio. This ratio also ensures it’s large enough to prevent blurring and pixelation when viewed on various screen sizes.

Meanwhile, a resolution of 1000 x 1400 pixels is more suitable if your Google Form is primarily designed for mobile device use. This adjustment ensures that the image remains proportionate and doesn’t overwhelm the slimmer screen dimensions of mobile devices.

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What Is a Good Google Form Header Image Size in Inches?

If you prefer using imperial system units (e.g., feet, inches, pounds), you’ll need to know the header size for Google Forms in inches. As long as the photo maintains a 4:1 ratio, there isn’t a strict requirement for a specific size.

Based on our experience, a 5.33” x 1.33” image should work well as a Google Form header. To get these accurate on a computer, you can use photo editing apps that come with a ruler feature, like Adobe Photoshop.

Where to Resize Your Google Form Header Image

Google Forms already includes a crop tool for the header image (more on that in the next section). For greater control over the size of your header photo, consider using the following tools:

How To Add an Image in Google Form Header

Method 1: Using a Stock Image in Google Forms

This is the easiest method that you can try, especially if you’re fine with using the generic header photos offered in Google Forms. Just click your preferred image in the “Themes” tab, then hit “Insert.”

Google Form header image size—Using the stock images as a header image

Method 2: Uploading Your Own Header Image

If you’re choosing to use your own photo (rather than the stock images available for use on the platform), add an image to a Google Form header:

  1. Go to Google Forms and locate where you want to insert a header image.
  2. Click the “Customize Theme” icon in the top-right portion of your screen.
The "Customize Theme" button in Google Forms


  1. In the “Theme” panel editor on the right, scroll down to the “Header” section.
  2. Click “Choose image.”
"Choose image" button when inserting a new header image


  1. When the “Select Header” panel appears, switch to the “Upload” tab.
  2. Click the “Browse” button.
Uploading a header image to Google Forms


  1. Insert your header photo from your local storage.
  2. Adjust the crop settings provided, then click “DONE” once finished.
Adjusting a header image and clicking "Done"

Method 3: Using an Image Saved in Google Photos

If you’ve already saved the preferred header image in your Google Photos account, you can switch to the “Photos” tab in the “Select Header” panel instead.

"Photos" tab in the "Select Header" panel in Google Forms


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Other Tips for Selecting a Good Header Photo

Besides using the correct resolution and header size for Google Forms, you should consider the following:

  • Choose an image that’s relevant to the topic of your form
  • Use a high-quality image
  • Add a text overlay to your image
  • Consider using a transparent background

Using a transparent background for the header photo helps blend it with the form’s background color, making it more seamless. This is especially useful for creating a cohesive design. Additionally, if you’re creating a corporate online form, you can overlay text on top of the image to include the details about your company.

Customer satisfaction header image with transparent background


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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Make an Image Fit in the Header of Google Forms?

To make an image fit in the header of Google Forms:

  1. Open your chosen image in any photo editing tool.
  2. Crop the image to an aspect ratio of 4:1 (width by height).
  3. Alternatively, you can create a canvas with dimensions of 1600 x 400-pixel canvas (which is the ideal size for Google Form headers). Tools like Canva and Figma can help you achieve this easily.

Can You Add a GIF in the Header in Google Forms?

Yes. By default, you can add JPGs and GIFs as header images in your Google form. So if you want to insert an animated GIF image, you can do so without any issues.

Final Thoughts

The header image in your Google Form is more than just a decoration: It serves as a primary visual element to introduce your brand and convey the Form’s purpose. To ensure that it serves its purpose well, it’s important to use the correct Google Form header image size.

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