10 Incredible Google Forms Add-Ons [2024]

What would we do without Google add-ons? Extensions unlock the full potential of your Forms, making them more effective, professional, and impressive.

But with so many to choose from, it can feel like a challenge. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the best Google Forms add-ons you need in your arsenal.

The 10 Best Free Google Forms Add-ons

Whether you’re crafting a survey or questionnaire, having a few add-ons at your disposal can enhance your output. Here are ten must-have add-ons for Google Forms:

1. FormLimiter

Google Forms add-ons—How to use FormLimiter


Due to its versatility, FormLimiter stands out as one of the best Google Forms extensions. With over 86 million downloads, this third-party add-on allows you to set limits on responses.

You can:

  • Set time and date limits on submissions
  • Stop accepting responses once you’ve reached the maximum amount of responses
  • Close your form once a spreadsheet cell reaches a certain value (seamlessly syncing to Google Sheets)

Say you’re planning an event with only 50 slots. You can instruct FormLimiter to immediately close the survey once 50 responses have been received on Google Forms. If you’re running a business that can only accept a certain number of orders, FormLimiter can close your form as soon as you’ve reached your cap.

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2. Form Notifications

How to receive notifications on Google Forms—Form Notifications


Form Notifications is a handy, native Google Forms plugin, and it’s especially useful if you want to add a personal touch to your forms (like surveys). While Google Forms has a built-in feature for notifying respondents once their form is submitted, the default email can feel impersonal and cold.

With Form Notifications, create a custom email to send to your respondents. Thanking them for their time and participation can create a more positive, memorable, and on-brand experience.

You can also use it to notify yourself once you’ve reached a certain number of responses. For instance, you can set it up to email you every time you receive 50 responses.

3. Certify’em

Certify'em extension—screenshot of Certify'em google forms add on


If you’re using Google Forms to conduct certification tests or training, consider installing Certify’em. This extension awards participants an e-certificate once a test or activity is completed. This is a great way to reward participants while reducing the use of paper!

Certify’em comes with a huge selection of certificate templates. All of them can be modified to suit your preferences, or you can create your own from scratch. The best part is that Certify’em maintains a database of all certificates that have been issued, allowing you to keep track of them with ease!

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4. Booking Calendar

Booking Calendar extension screenshot google forms


Google Forms offers amazing functionality, including the capability to book appointments. However, it takes time to manually populate your form with time slots and add client details to your calendar.

Created by Apps Vietutd, The Booking Calendar add-on seamlessly links Google Forms with your Google Calendar. Whenever you create an available time slot in your Google Calendar, the add-on will automatically include it as an option in your form. This ensures that your Form choices are accurate and current.

Furthermore, when someone books an appointment, this Google Forms extension will automatically update your Calendar with their details. This reduces the need for manual data entry and ensures that each client’s information is accurately recorded.

5. QR Code Generator

QR code screenshot google Forms add-ons


Want people to participate in your survey? Don’t paste the form’s link directly into your email or social media post: The QR Code Generator is a free Google Forms add-on that creates QR codes directly within the app.

Once you’ve saved your QR code, all you need to do is share it. Be sure to incorporate it into social media and printed materials (like posters and flyers) to distribute to the widest audience possible.

6. Form Approvals

Form Approvals extension google forms screenshot


With over 8 million downloads, there’s no doubt that Form Approvals is one of the best Google Form add-ons out there. This extension turns Google Forms into a productivity tool streamlining the approval process (e.g., PTO requests, travel requests, and projects). It establishes a sequence of approvals, ensuring that requests are routed to the appropriate people.

Let’s say your company uses Google Forms to file PTOs. With the Form Approvals add-on, that PTO will go through designated “approvers” (i.e., supervisor, HR department) who can approve or decline it. The person who filed for a PTO will receive an email notifying them of the decision.

Because this Google add-on meticulously tracks the request from start to finish, you’ll have greater transparency within your company.

7. Timer & AI Proctoring with GPT

Timer & AI Proctoring with GPT extension for Google Forms


Timer & AI Proctoring with GPT is a must-have for every educator. It does exactly what you think it does — adds a time limit to online tests and exams, ensuring that students complete them within the allotted timeframe. You can even configure it to force-close the Form once the time has finished!

This Google Forms plug-in also doubles as a reliable proctoring tool. It actively monitors your students’ screen activity, reducing the risk of cheating. Your students will be less tempted to open other websites!

Note: You’ll need to create a Quilgo account to access the dashboard (the central hub for managing the data gathered from your Form). This is where you can view information, such as your students’ names, scores, test completion time, and more.

8. Form Publisher

How to save Google Forms as doc files using extensions


While Google Forms comes with a built-in feature for saving responses, you may want to use Form Publisher to display your data in a more presentable and professional way. This Google Forms add-on extracts data from your Form and saves it as an editable file in Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, or PDF.

When someone enters information, Form Publisher will instantly populate a template with their responses and save it in your Drive. When respondents edit their answers, Form Publisher will also auto-update the data in the document. This reduces the need for manual data entry (and reduces the risk of human error).

It’s easy to email your published file to people and streamline collaboration when workflows are established.

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9. Choice Eliminator Lite

How to use the Choice Eliminator Lite extension


Want to prevent people from booking the same appointment slots or keep students from selecting identical topics? With its easy-to-use interface, setting up Choice Eliminator Lite is a no-brainer.

Simply create a question and configure the add-on to eliminate choices as soon as they’ve been selected. It’s important to note that Choice Eliminator Lite will only remove options from dropdown, multiple-choice, or checkboxes.

Note: The add-on can be slightly unreliable with a high volume of respondents.

10. SurveyMonkey

How to use the SurveyMonkey extension for Google Forms


If you’ve ever created a survey, you’ve probably heard of SurveyMonkey.

While this add-on isn’t intended to improve your Google Form, it does allow you to export it to SurveyMonkey. From there, explore various customization options to take your survey to the next level. This add-on is particularly useful if you prefer to create your survey’s structure within Google Forms and deal with aesthetics later.

Note: To use this add-on, you’ll need to link it to your SurveyMonkey account. Fortunately, SurveyMonkey is free to use.

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How To Install Google Forms Add-ons

Now that we’ve shown you the best Google Forms add-ons, how do you install them? Our step-by-step guide shows you how to install add-ons for Google Forms:

  1. Open your Google Form.
  2. Click on the three-dot icon (⋮) in the upper-right corner and choose “Get add-ons.
How to install Google Forms add ons


  1. In the Google Workspace Marketplace, set the filter to “Works with Forms.” You can also set a price if you want to be shown only free add-ons.
How to filter options on the Google Workspace Marketplace


  1. Choose an add-on from the selection.
  2. To a specific add-on (like those listed in this article), simply type its name into the search box. Once done, press the “Enter” key on your keyboard.
Searching for add-ons on the Google Workspace Marketplace


  1. Select the add-on.
  2. Select “Install.”
How to install the FormLimiter add-on


  1. A dialog box will appear, asking for permission to install the add-on. Click “Continue.”
Granting permissions to formLimiter


  1. Sign in to your Google account.
  2. Once you see a page that says the add-on “wants to access your Google Account,” select “Allow.
How to confirm the installation of Google Forms add-ons


  1. Hit “Done” once you see a page that says the add-on has been installed.
Completing the installation of Google Forms add ons


  1. Click “X” to exit the Google Workspace Marketplace and continue working on your Google Form.
How to exit the Google Workspace Marketplace


  1. On Google Forms, click the “Add-ons” icon. Select the add-on you installed to activate it. (Do note that you may have to refresh Google Forms first).
How to launch add ons on Google Forms


  1. A pane will pop up on the lower right. This is where you can change the settings of your add-on.

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How To Remove Google Form Add-ons

Uninstalling add-ons for Google Forms is as easy as installing them. If there’s a Google Form plugin you no longer want to use (or one that isn’t useful to you), it’s easy to remove it:

  1. Open Google Forms and click the three-dot icon (⋮) in the upper-right corner.
Where to find add ons on Google Forms


  1. Choose “Get add-ons.
How to open the add-ons page on Google Forms


  1. Select “Settings” or the gear icon in the upper right corner. Go to “Manage Apps.
How to view the list of installed add-ons


  1. Click the three-dot icon (⋮) on the Google Forms add-on you want to remove.
How to uninstall Google Forms add ons


  1. Select “Uninstall.”
Uninstalling extensions on Google Forms


  1. To confirm the removal of the add-on, select “Uninstall App.
How to complete the uninstallation of add ons

Final Thoughts

We hope this list has given you a glimpse of the wonderful capabilities of Google Forms add-ons!

Remember: The Google Workspace Marketplace is home to a wide selection of add-ons — be sure to check it out, too!

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