Get a Free Google Docs Estimate Template [3 Simple Styles]

Google Docs allows users to create detailed and professional estimates with just a few easy steps. In this article, you will learn all you need to know about estimates and also find the best Google Docs estimate template for your business. Read on to learn more.

What Is an Estimate?

From the term estimate, you already get a general idea of what it might represent when carrying out a particular project.

An estimate is basically an approximation or a prediction of cost, time and other resources required to complete a certain project. It’s a very important part of project management.

Difference Between Estimate, Invoice, and Delivery Note

Most people confuse an estimate with an invoice or a delivery note but there are some differences between the three documents. An estimate is used to approximate the cost of goods or services that a customer is interested in purchasing.

Unlike an estimate, an invoice outlines the amount owed by a customer for goods or services that have already been provided.

A delivery on the other hand is given after the sales. It’s a document that goes with a shipment and provides a detailed list of the items included in the delivery. It is used to confirm that the goods have been received by the customer and to ensure that there are no discrepancies or missing items.

Basic Components of a Google Docs Estimate Template

A job estimate template Google Docs is usually very detailed and should include the following components:

  • Project scope: Define the scope of the project, you will first need to determine what needs to be done, what you need for your project and also the assumptions you are making.
  • Equipment costs: Determining the budget or cost of materials. Calculate the approximate cost of all the resources that will be required in your project.
  • Labor cost: Estimate the cost of labor. it is better if you determine the hours of labor needed and then the cost per hour.
  • Other expenses:Account for other expenses.Consider additional expenses like transportation costs or permits and fees.
  • Markup: This is an additional percentage of fee added to the total cost to account for profit or other overhead expenses.
  • Total Cost: This is a summary of all the costs added up and presented in an organized way.
  • Notes or special considerations: Include special considerations, mention any special considerations that may affect or impact the project in any way such as delays
  • Terms and conditions: Provide terms and conditions, include any relevant terms and conditions like payment terms or deadlines.
  • Present the Estimate: Present the estimate to your customer in a professional manner and be prepared for questions they might ask.
  • Follow up: Follow up on the customer after presenting the estimate to them to make sure they understand the scope of the project and the cost involved.

These specific steps may vary depending on the industry. However, it is important that you remain accurate and transparent when making an estimate to avoid misunderstanding or disputes later on regardless of the industry or field you are working in.

How to Write an Estimate

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Creating an estimate isn’t a hard task, below are simple steps to take when writing an estimate in Google Docs:

  1. Open a bank document by heading to
  2. Write the company name and the heading. Format the heading by changing the size and font style.
Write the company name and the heading.
  1. Add the details of the project. Include the name of the project, customer, date and quote.
Add the details of the project.
  1. Add a table for the description of each item or service and amount and resize the columns appropriately.
Add a table for the description of each item or service and amount.
  1. Add a section for the total and discounts. You can do this by selecting the last for cells for the first column and removing the border. Change the alignment for this cells to the right and type in the total, discounts tax and grand total.
Add a section for the total and discounts
  1. Format the document with the style you want to use.

That’s all it takes to create an estimate on Google Docs. Once you’re done, you can share the document but clicking share at the top left and setting the permissions.

Free Estimate Templates for Google Docs

Below are some of our free estimates templates:

Simple Estimate Template

Google Docs Estimate Template 1

Access Template

This template has a simple format with two tables for the project details and the descriptions and amount.

This template is easy to customize and suitable for all businesses. You can add more branding to this template by inserting your company logo and incorporating your color scheme.

Formal Estimate Template

Google Docs Estimate Template 2

Access Template

The formal estimate template is a professional template with a grey color scheme and a table for the price estimates.

It also has space for the official names and signatures.

Independent Contractor Estimate Template

Google Docs Estimate Template 3

Access Template

This printable contractor estimate template is an appealing template with a dark and mustard color scheme. It’s perfect for independent contractors but also customizable for any other business.

Why Use Our Templates?

Making your own template is a simple task in googe docs but you can also get templates online. However, you don’t need to go to far. You can use one of our templates since:

  • Our templates are designed to make your life easier since they save you the time and effort of creating your own. You simply need to add the necessary details to the template, such as the recipient.
  • The templates are also very easy to customize. You can change the format, font, color scheme, and any other edits you might wish to make.
  • You can access the template and edit it on different devices with your Google account.
  • Thanks to Google, it’s also very easy sharing the templates with other people. You can also set the permissions of access and track changes being made in real-time.
  • We provide quality templates that have a professional layout and doormat for any official business.

Wrapping Up

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You can create a clean and efficient Google Docs estimate template in just a matter of minutes. You could also use some of our estimate templates in this article instead.

You can also enjoy a 50% discount on all our premium templates with the promo code SSP.

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