Download a Free Google Docs Resume Template (8 Styles)

Using a Google Docs resume template will help you save time while writing your resume. It will also ensure you have all the correct sections and the resume is compatible with the ATS software many employers use.

Read on to learn how to make your own resume template from scratch, use the built-in Google Docs options, or download one of our free templates.

Types of Resume

There are three commonly used resume formats. These are:

Chronological Resume

In this resume, the history of your work is listed in reverse chronological order. It begins with your most recent or current job and goes backward.

In this type of resume, the employment record is emphasized, and employers can easily see the job titles and work history dates. One of the disadvantages of this resume is that the sole focus can be on the employment gap. Also, the skills may be hard to see unless they are listed in recent job listings.

A chronological resume highlights the past development and career growth of your career. You should only use a chronological resume if there are a few gaps in the work history. This could potentially cause issues if you change jobs regularly or when you are entering the job market for the first time.

Functional Resume

This resume mainly focuses on strengths and skills that are important for the employer. It does not add specific places, dates, or names. The history of work is also de-emphasized in this resume.

It allows you to focus on specific transferable strengths and skills that are not obvious in chronological order. However, it also has some disadvantages, as it does not allow you to see the detailed history of work. The content may appear shallow, which is disliked by the majority of employers.

This resume can be used to highlight the transferable abilities you’ve used in school, paid work, or voluntary activity. You should refrain from using this resume if your duties and tasks in recent positions were constrained and you want to emphasize your progress or professional development. If you recently graduated, have little work experience, are switching careers or working as a freelancer, or don’t want to draw attention to your age.

Combination Resume

The combination resume blends the strengths and flexibilities of the resumes mentioned above.

This resume is great if you have a solid employment history with possibilities for advancement. It explains how your past experience and talents relate to the position you are seeking and focuses on transferable abilities. This resume type will highlight your abilities rather than the exact positions you’ve held in your career. If you’re changing careers, the names of your previous employers might not be apparent to a potential employer.

How to Make a Good Google Docs Resume Template

Your resume is the most crucial document you will submit when applying for a job. A strong resume will help you stand out. Here are a few tips to help you craft the best resume:

  • Keep It Direct and Short: The resume should be concise and not exceed one page. However, it can be longer if there is a good reason. To keep it short, only add information for the past 10 to 15 years. If your resume is long, it might distract the employer from your qualifications.
  • Create an Original Template: Originality is what matters the most. Format it in a way that does not divert the attention away from your qualifications but toward them. It is essential to write it in a logical order.
  • Highlight Relevant Skills: Using one resume for various jobs is not a good approach. It should target the specific job that you are trying to get.
  • Social Media Profiles: If used properly, your social media presence can be a powerful recruiting tool to support your professional career, especially LinkedIn.
  • Show Results With Numbers: It is always a good idea to give specific numerical examples of your accomplishments when discussing your prior professional experience. Metrics can be used to highlight your accomplishments.
  • Optimize the Text: Including keywords from the post in your resume is very helpful. You can add the job description to a word-cloud tool to identify the most frequently used terms and ensure the terms that apply to you are used in your resume.
  • Use Perfect Grammar: Many employers will simply ignore your resume if there are any types or incorrect grammar. To avoid this happening, we recommend using the premium version of Grammarly.

How to Make a Resume on Google Docs

You can get a resume in Google Docs in two ways. Let’s take a look at both of them.

Template Gallery

This is the quickest way to create a resume in Google Docs. The template gallery in docs has several prebuilt templates to craft a resume within a few minutes. Here is how to craft a resume from the template gallery:

  1. On your browser, head to the Google Docs website and log into your account.
Open the template gallery
  1. Here, click on the Template gallery button towards the top right part of the screen.
Select a resume template
  1. Scroll down to find the Resumes section. Click on the template you wish to use here, which will be loaded into Google Docs on a new window. In this example, we chose the Modern Writer Resume template.
An example of the modern writer google docs resume template
  1. Customize the resume by adding your relevant information when the template is loaded.
  2. After you are done customizing, click on File and then on Download. There, you can select the file format. We suggest using the .docx or .pdf format as it is better understandable by the ATS software.

Creating From Scratch

Creating a template from scratch can be a time-consuming process. However, this can be worthwhile if you want to create a highly customized resume template that suits your needs perfectly. Here is how to create a Google Docs resume template from scratch:

Open a blank doc
  1. On your browser, head to the Google Docs website and log into your account. In the main screen, create a Blank document.
Navigate to file then Page setup
  1. The first thing you should do is set the page layout. To do this, click on File in the main toolbar and then on Page setup.
Select the letter paper size
  1. Here, select the Pages layout and then select the Paper size. Most resumes are created in Letter paper size. Set the Orientation to Portrait and set the Margins. Anything above 0.5 inches should be ATS-friendly.
Add tables
  1. To better divide the template into sections, you can add tables. To do this, click on Insert in the main toolbar and then click on Table. Here, you can select the table from the grid. Now, you can start creating the resume.
Download the resume
  1. After adding the sections and the relevant information, you can download the resume by clicking on File and then Download. Here, choose the format in which you wish to download the resume.

You can learn how to make a flyer on Google Docs in 2023 from our linked article.

Free Resume Template for Google Docs

Here are some CV template Google Docs files you can customize and use according to your needs. To use these templates, click on File and then on Make a Copy.

General Google Docs Resume Template

Google Docs resume template 1

Access Template

This Google Docs resume template is very simple to use and easy to understand, as every section is clearly divided. In the left column, you can add contact information, education, skills, and other interests related to the job you’re applying for. Towards the top, write your name and job title.

In the column towards the right, you can add your profile and job experience. You can add your job title and the company name in the heading. Then you can add a short description of your job below. This template is better suited for people with a lot of job experience, as the experience section has a lot of space.

Simple Google Docs Resume Template

Google Docs resume template 2

Access Template

Sometimes, keeping it simple is the best option when making a resume. This template has been designed to make it easy for anyone reading your resume to instantly find the section they want. The template features key sections to add to the resume, such as the summary, experience, education, and relevant skills.

Feel free to change the text color for the name and headings by selecting them and changing them using the text color option in the main toolbar. You can add sections by going to Table properties and setting a border width other than 0. Then right-click on any vertical bars and click on the Add row option.

Modern Google Docs Resume Template

Google Docs resume template 3

Access Template

If you want to go for a modern look in your resume, then this template is perfect for you. It features all the sections you want to add to your resume, such as skills, contact information, languages, experiences, and education. The template is divided into two separate columns. The colored section allows you to add your general information, while the other section allows you to add your specialized information.

This template is better suited when you’re looking to submit your CV online. Feel free to edit any of the sections to add your own information. However, if you want to print this CV template, go for a colored print with the proper dimensions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Resume Format on Google Docs?

Google Docs has 5 built-in resume templates. However, only three of the templates are ATS software friendly. These include the Coral, Spearmint, and the Modern Writer Google Docs resume template.

How Do I Download a Resume From Google Docs?

After creating your Google Docs resume, you can download it by clicking on File in the main bar and then Download. Here, you can select the file type in the popup menu. It is recommended that you download the templates in .docx or .pdf format.

Are Docs Resumes ATS Friendly?

Most Google Docs resume templates are ATS-friendly. You can change the fonts, formatting, and margins to ensure your resume template is ATS-friendly. If you want to use them from the template library, use  Coral, Spearmint, or the Modern Writer templates.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, you found the right Google Docs resume template for your job applications. While the templates are useful, you may still want to consider making slight changes to font size, color, etc., not make sure your resume stands out.

While Google Docs is excellent for simple resumes, you may want to build one in Canva instead for a unique resume. This is especially true if you work in a creative field.

If you found these free templates useful, you will love our premium templates. You can use the code SSP to save 50% on all purchases.


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