How to Wrap Text in Google Docs

Learning how to wrap text in Google Docs is as simple as uploading an image, heading to the image menu, and selecting the type of text wrapping you want. If you need a more detailed guide with step-by-step screenshots, then read on to learn more.

Why Use Text Wrapping in Google Docs?

This format style type is recommended for people who wish to publish their text. The set a suitable print area before you print the file.

Text wrapping also improves the readability of your documents, as well-formatted documents with correctly aligned photos will flow more smoothly than having images that abruptly split the page. Such page breaks may break the focus of the reader.

Options to Wrap Text Google Docs

The Google Docs image-wrapping options are identical to the ones in Microsoft Word. As such, Google Documents have 5 image-wrapping options. These are:

  • Inline with text: This is the default setting, and it restricts the position of the image according to where the words are. The image can be placed after these letters within lines.
  • Wrap text: This option lets you place the image anywhere in your document. If you place it at the center of a paragraph, this setting will wrap the text to create room for the image. With this option, you cannot place an image before the text as it will wrap the text.
  • Behind text: This setting will position the image behind the text, so you can put the image wherever you like. However, if you have text in the same place, your image will be shown underneath the text.
  • Break text: With this option, you can add the image anywhere on the page. The difference between this and the wrap text option is that the latter will break and rearrange the lines to provide room for your image. It does not affect the spacing between words like the wrap text option.
  • In front of the text: This setting is similar to the behind text option, and it lets you insert the image wherever you want in your document, including areas with text. When the image is placed on top of the text, your image will appear over the text.

How to Add an Image in Google Docs

You have to insert the image into your document before you can text wrap in Google Docs. Here is how to insert an image in Google Docs:

  1. Open the document where you wish to add the image.
How to insert an image in Google Docs
  1. Here, click on Insert in the main toolbar, which will open a drop-down menu. Here, hover your cursor over the Image button, which will show another popup where you can select the image source.
  2. If the image is stored locally, click the Upload from computer option. You can also select whether you wish to add the image from Google Drive, Photos, or By URL, or you can add the image directly using the Camera or Search the web.
Select an image to upload
  1. We chose to add the image from the local storage. This will open the file explorer of your operating system. Navigate to the location of the image and double-click on it. This will insert the image in the location of the text cursor.

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How to Wrap Text in Google Docs

Now that the image is added to Google Docs, the image can now wrap around text in Google Docs. One thing to know about word wrap in Google Docs is that the option is only available in the page layout. If you’re currently in pageless mode, you can easily change this by going to the Page setup options in Google Docs.

Here is how to wrap text around an image in Google Docs:

  1. On the document where you wish to use Google Docs to wrap text around an image then click on the image to select it.
Open up the image options
  1. With the image selected, click the Image options button in the toolbar. This will open the options in a sidebar.
Open the text wrapping menu
  1. Here, click on the Text Wrapping option to expand it.
how to wrap text in google docs
  1. Here you can select the text wrapping style you wish to apply. You can choose between Inline with text, Wrap text, Break text, Behind text, or In front of the text.
  2. After selecting the option, simply click and drag the image around the document to adjust it.

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How to Wrap Text on Google Docs on Mobile

Using the text wrapping options on Google Docs for mobile devices is as simple as using it on the desktop version. The steps below should work for Android and iOS devices, as the Google Docs mobile application is essentially the same for both operating systems.

Here is how to use text wrapping on Google Docs for mobile:

  1. Open Google Docs on mobile and head over to the document where you wish to use text wrapping.
how to wrap text in google docs for mobile
  1. With the document open, click the Pencil icon towards the bottom right of the screen to enable editing.
  2. Click the Text Wrapping icon in the bottom toolbar in the edit window.
  3. Here, select the text wrapping option you wish to apply. The options are the same as the ones found on the web version of Google Docs.
  4. Close the menu and drag the image to adjust its location.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Choose Which Side of the Image the Text Wraps In?

You can choose the side of the image where you wish to wrap the text around. This can be done by changing the alignment of the image or the text. Text wrapping allows you to put the image in between the text, and the alignment of the text can change which side of the image will wrap around the text.

Can I Wrap Text With Specific Margins?

You can wrap text around an image even with margins that are different than the default ⅛” one. Make sure to change the text wrapping option to Wrap text and then click and drag the image to set its location in the document. The text will automatically adjust accordingly.

How Do You Wrap Text in Google Docs Mobile?

To use text wrapping in Google Docs for mobile, open the document and click on the Pencil icon to enable edit mode. In the main edit toolbar, click the Text Wrapping icon and select the option you wish to apply. You may need to adjust the image depending on the option you choose.

What Do I Do if the Wrap Text Option is Missing from Google Docs?

This is most likely caused by your document being in pageless mode. To change it back, head to File > Page setup > Pages.

Is There a Keyboard Shortcut for Text Wrapping Around Images in Google Docs?

There is not a direct one, but you can open the image options menu by clicking the image and using the following keyboard shortcut: Alt+O, M, J.

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Wrapping Up

We’ve shown you everything you need to know about how to wrap text in Google Docs. To summarize, you simply have to open the image options menu, select text wrapping, and then click or tap on the type of text wrapping you want to use. If you found this article helpful, feel free to check out our related content below.


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