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How to Draw on Google Docs (2 Unbelievably Simple Ways)

If you need to add a personal touch to your documents, you’ll be glad to know that you can draw on Google Docs.

To do so, you just need to use the built-in drawing feature under the Insert tab of Google Docs.

Need a more in-depth answer? In this article, we’ll take you through how to draw on Google Docs. Let’s get started!

How to Draw in Google Docs Step by Step

There are currently two methods you can use to draw on Google Docs:

We’ll now show you how to draw on an image in Google Docs using these 2 methods.

Using the inbuilt Google Docs Drawing Feature

Google Docs has a native tool that you can use to draw in. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Place the cursor where you want the image to appear.
  2. Go to Insert > Drawing.
  3. Click New. A window will appear for drawing.
Go to Insert > Drawing. A window will appear for drawing.Click New.
  1. Using the toolbar in the window, you can add shapes and lines.
  2. Once you are done with your drawing, click Save and close.

The drawing will appear in your document where your cursor was. If you’d like to edit your drawing all you need to do is double-click on it to reopen the drawing window and make the necessary changes you want to make. When you’re done, click Save and Close.

Tools in the Drawing Feature in Google Docs

When you open the drawing window in Google Docs, you’re going to see a couple of tools that you can use for your drawing.

In this section, we are going to look at some of the tools.

The Toolbar

Screenshot of the toolbar in the drawing window and the quick-access tools that you can use for your drawing.

The toolbar in the drawing window has some quick-access tools that you can use for your drawing. They include:

  • The undo and redo buttons: These buttons let you reverse actions that you do in the drawing window. Undo lets you reverse an action, while redo lets you reverse the undo.
  • Paint format: This option lets you combine all the formats in your drawing into one.
  • Zoom: This tool lets you zoom in and out in the drawing window.
  • Select: This tool lets you select objects in the drawing window.
  • Line: This tool lets you add lines to your drawing. It comes with different options in a dropdown menu.
  • Shape: This tool lets you add different shapes to your drawing. It comes with more options that let you choose different objects, including shapes, arrows, callouts, and equations.
Screenshot of the shapes tool in the drawing toolbar
  • Text box: This tool lets you add text to your drawing. To use it you click it then click and hold on the drawing space and drag to create a box. Once you release it, a cursor will appear in the box, and you can type in it.
  • Image: This option lets you add an image from your computer or online into the drawing window.
  • Format options: This tool contains format options for texts like bold, italics, font and font size.


The Actions option in the toolbar also has a feature that you can use to customize your drawing.

Screenshot of the Action menu in the drawing tool bar

You can download your image from Google Docs using the download option in 4 formats: PDF, JPEG, PNG, and SVG.

There is also the word Art feature.

The rest of the functions let you copy and paste objects, change alignment, and add guides in the drawing window.

All these tools make the drawing feature convenient for drawing on Google Docs.

Using Google Drawing

Google has an extensive suite of different tools, including Google Drawing. If you’re working with a slightly more complex drawing, then it’s best to use Google Draw.

Here’s how to insert drawings in Google Docs using Google Drawing:

  1. Go to Google Drawing
  2. Name your file by typing in the name box.
Name your file by typing in the name box.
  1. Start your drawing using the tools available.
Start your drawing using the tools available.
  1. You’re drawing will be saved automatically.
  2. Go to Google Docs.
  3. Click Insert > Drawing.
  4. Choose from My drive.
Click Insert > Drawing. Choose from My drive.
  1. Locate your drawing file in your drive in recent.
  2. Click Select.
Locate your drawing file in your drive in recent and click Select.
  1. A prompt will appear with two options:
A prompt will appear with two options to link to source or insert unlinked
  • Link to source: This will let the drawing update automatically if there are any changes ever made to the file.
  • Insert unlinked: This lets you add the image without linking it so that changes made to the original file won’t affect it.
  1. Once you’ve chosen your option, click Insert.

The image from your drawing will appear where you placed your cursor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Draw in Google Docs?

Yes, you can draw an image in Google Docs using the inbuilt drawing feature. To draw an image in Google Docs, you need to insert it using the drawing method:

  1. Go to Insert > Drawing.
  2. In the drawing window, create your image.

You can also work with an already existing image in Google Docs. Just copy it and paste it into the drawing window using the keyboard shortcut CTRL + V. Then you can edit it and add your drawings to it.

Where is the Drawing Tool in Google Docs?

You can find the drawing tool by going to Insert > Drawing in Google Docs and selecting New. This will open a drawing window with all the tools you need to draw with. We’ve broken down some of these tools for you in this guide.

How Do I Add a Signature in Google Docs?

One way to add a signature in Google Docs is to use the scribble option in the drawing feature.

  1. In your Google Docs, go to Insert > Drawing.
  2. Click New.
  3. In the window, go to the line icon.
  4. Choose Scribble.
  5. Write down your signature.
  6. Click Save and Close.

If this method is a bit difficult to use, then you can add the signature as an image by taking a picture or a scan of it and importing it into Google Docs.

How Do I Draw a Line Through Text in Google Docs?

You need to use the strike-through feature in Google Docs to draw a line through the text.

  1. Select the text.
  2. Go to Format > Text.
  3. Choose Strike-through.

You can also select the text and use the keyboard shortcut Alt + Shift + 5.

If you want to use the drawing feature instead:

  1. Go to Insert > Drawing
  2. Click New
  3. Add a text box and type in your text.
  4. Click the line option in the toolbar and add a line on top of the text.
  5. Click Save and Close.

Your text will appear as an image with the line going through the text.

Can You Freehand Draw In Google Docs?

Unfortunately, since Google Docs is predominantly a text editing tool, there aren’t any features that allow you to draw freehand. There is also no direct method for how to handwrite on Google Docs.

The closest tool to freehand drawing is the scribble tool in the line options. You can use this tool to make curved lines and shapes and even create a signature. It might take you a while to learn how to scribble on Google Docs using this tool.

Wrapping Up

Google Docs is very versatile, to the point you can even draw on it. In this article, we’ve shown two methods to draw on Google Docs.

We’ve also given you a quick guide to the tools in the drawing feature in Google Docs. Now that you know how to draw on Google Docs, you can start explore the Picasso in you. Or, if you’d like to learn more about the G Suite, check out a comprehensive Udemy course. Alternatively, you could check out some of our related content below:


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