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You may be passionate about cooking, like collecting recipes, or simply want to preserve grandma’s incredible home-cooked recipes.  Recipes are also very helpful when meal planning.

You don’t need to be an author or a professional writer to make your own cookbook. All you need is the right Google Docs recipe template. Lucky for you, we’ve got some for you in this article and a guide on how to make a recipe card or book from scratch.

How to Make a Recipe Card Template for Google Docs

  1. Here’s how you can create your own recipe card in Google Docs:
  2. Open a new Google Doc
  3. Add the name of the recipe and a short description of the dish. This can include information about the dish, where it originated, or how it’s traditionally served.
Add the name of the recipe and a short description of the dish.
  1. Format the text and change the font and size.
  2. Create the ingredients list with a header. Use bullet points or a list format to add your ingredients. Also include the specific measurement.
Create the ingredients list with a header.
  1. Add the instructions or procedure. Write the cooking procedure from the preparation to the end using bullet points or numbered steps to make it easy to follow. Include the cooking times and temperatures if needed.
Add the instructions or procedure.
  1. Add the images for your dishes.
    1. Click the image icon in the toolbar and upload an image
    2. Click the image option and change the text wrap
    3. Resize and reposition the image.
Add the images for your dishes.

You can duplicate this recipe template to make an entire cookbook template in Google Docs with different recipes.

Google Docs Recipe Templates

Below are some of our editable recipe templates for Google Docs:

Free Recipe Template for Google Docs

Google Docs Recipe Template

Access Template

Our free recipe template will help you create recipes that are visually appealing and easy to follow. It’s a simple one-page recipe template that you can customize and duplicate as many times as you want.

You can change the color of the green box by double-clicking on it and editing it as you wish in the drawing window.

Recipe Card Template for Google Docs

Recipe Card Template for Google Docs

Access Template

This template is designed to look like a traditional recipe card. This is a blank recipe template that you can start using immediately. It is in a column format with all the details, including the recipe name, recipe details like prep time, ingredients, procedure, and an image.

Recipe Book Template Google Docs

Recipe Book Template

Access Template

Our Google Docs cookbook template is one of our fantastic book templates that comes in a simple and aesthetic design and layout that is easy to use.

It has a cover page with the title of the cookbook and an image that you can replace with your own. It also has an introduction page followed by the recipe pages, which include the ingredients, procedures, and more images.

The pages are numbered at the bottom right.

Why Use a Spreadsheet Point Google Docs Recipe Template

There are several benefits to using recipe templates in Google Docs, including:

  • Using one of our templates is a great way to save time and effort. Our templates provide you with a preformatted layout that you can easily customize to suit your needs. This will help you avoid the hassle of formatting your recipe from scratch every time you create a new one.
  • Using our templates can help ensure consistency in your recipes. You can duplicate the template as many times as you need, and by using the same layout and formatting for each recipe, you can make it easier for your readers to follow along and understand your instructions.
  • Our templates are also user-friendly, meaning you won’t have a hard time navigating and customizing them in Google Docs, even if you’ve never used it before. The layouts and graphics are designed in a way that’s easy to format or completely replace with your own designs.
  • Our recipe templates are also easy on the eye. They have simple designs that are appealing but not distracting for the readers.
  • You can get some of our templates completely free, making them an affordable option if you’re on a budget.

Tips for Writing Your Recipes Like a Pro

Here are a couple of tips for writing your recipes:

  • Use an organized layout that’s easy to read. They are plenty of different layouts that you can use if you want variations, but columns are the easiest and most organized layouts.
  • Be concise with your words, especially when writing the procedure. Do not add in too many unnecessary details since it might make it hard to follow the recipe.
  • Cooking is a science, so you need to be very detailed by including all the necessary parts, like the measurements. If even slight detail is off, the recipe might not come out the same, and this can frustrate the user.
  • Use high-quality images of the dishes for the recipes to make the recipe look more appealing and to also help the user know what the end result should look like.
  • Include variations and substitutions in your recipes, such as alternative ingredients or ways to customize the dish to fit different dietary needs, like allergies.
  • Add a personal touch when describing your recipes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Google Docs Have a Recipe Template?

Google Docs has on recipe template called the coral recipe. It is a one-page template with an image and a simple layout for the ingredients and procedure. The title is formatted in a strawberry color to make the template pop.

Here’s how you can access this template:

  1. Go to File > New
  2. Choose From template gallery
  3. Scroll down and find the recipe template
  4. Customize it as you wish.

What is the Best Format to Write Recipes?

Recipes are not formal, so you don’t need to be strict with the format. The most important thing is to make sure that your recipe is readable, so choose formats and layouts that are easy to read.

You can use columns or an article format and fonts like Arial, Georgia, and Baskerville.

Wrapping Up

Recipe templates in Google Docs are a great way to simplify your cooking experience and share them with others.

Following our simple step-by-step guide outlined above, you can create a beautiful, easy-to-use Google Docs recipe template that will make cooking a breeze.

You can even fast-track the process by using one of our templates. If you enjoyed using our recipe templates, then you may also be interested in our premium templates. Remember to use the code SSP to save 50%.

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