Best RACI Template Google Sheets Guide for 2024

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This article discusses three of the best RACI templates in Sheets for 2024. Every template in this article has different features, so you can find one that best suits your needs.

Feel free to download them all to see which meets your requirements. Keep reading to learn more about the best RACI template Google Sheets offers in this comprehensive guide.

What Is a RACI Chart?

RACI charts, also known as the RACI matrix, assign responsibilities to individuals working on a project.

Defining roles is crucial in the realm of project management. My favorite way of doing it is using RACI charts. They are an excellent tool for assigning responsibilities to the individuals working on a project. Filling out a RACI spreadsheet template in Google Sheets and sharing it with the team members is a great way to do this.

These worksheets typically list all stakeholders in a project, and their involvement is denoted with the acronyms R, A, C, and I. The letters stand for:

  • R – Responsible: This represents who is responsible for the task’s progress, completing the task, and is hands-on when doing the job.
  • A – Accountable: This represents the supervisor who is accountable for a task. The supervisor is not responsible for the task, but they manage and ensure it is completed to a high standard.
  • C – Consulted: This represents an individual or team providing specific information about a deliverable. They are consulted for their expertise, helping the individual who is responsible for a specific task to complete a job successfully.
  • I – Informed: This shows the individual or team who is updated on the project’s progress. If any decisions are made, those held accountable must be notified.

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Why Use the RACI Model?

RACI charts are often used because it is designed to improve workflows and communication. Essentially, a RACI chart prevents miscommunication and missed deadlines, thus avoiding major complications when there are drastic changes in a project.

Furthermore, the RACI matrix relies heavily on communication. It ensures that individuals and teams are consulted properly throughout a project. Therefore providing clarity within the project’s role and responsibilities for each task, milestone, and decision.

RACI matrices are crucial for executing and managing tasks and projects, particularly in IT and business contexts. They help clarify and enforce roles and responsibilities, leading to better project outcomes (Costello, 2012).

RACI matrices can be effectively integrated with business process models, such as BPMN, for managing human resource responsibilities in processes (Cabanillas, Resinas & Ruiz-Cortés, 2012).

When To Use a RACI Matrix?

A RACI matrix can be used on almost any project. It is a helpful project management tool to ensure project success and collaboration, whether for large or small projects, because it clearly defines each role and responsibility, ensuring a project’s tasks and milestones are met.

A project manager usually uses a RACI chart to avoid missing important task details while ensuring there is clear communication between the team throughout the project.

RACI Template Google Sheets: Important Inclusions

Creating a RACI chart can seem like a massive undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some of the steps I follow when using a RACI template:

1. Identify Deliverables

To start, I list all the tasks that must be completed with set deadlines during the project. I list deliverables in ascending order, beginning with the first deliverable.

2. Role Identification

With the tasks listed, I identify the team members’ roles working on the project. This can include individuals, teams, or even entire departments.

3. Fill Template

Open the RACI template in Google Sheets and fill out the details in the spreadsheet dashboard. In most spreadsheets, you will fill out basic information about the project, such as task names and the roles of the people working on the tasks.

Many templates have designated columns for RACI. However, in some templates, you must fill out the columns with team members’ names and mark their roles in the cells below.

4. Finalize

Once the RACI template for Sheets is complete, I review the data to ensure I assign the correct roles to the team members and the tasks are filled out correctly.

5. Sharing the Template

Finally, I share the template with my team. This can be done by clicking the share button towards the top right part of the window.

I can also assign specific permissions to team members. For example, I can set up the template so that only other managers can edit the chart, whereas the team members can only view it.

Short on time? Learn how to use my three RACI templates in 2 minutes!

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Or head over to our Spreadsheet Point YouTube channel to watch the tutorial.

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What Are the Disadvantages of a RACI?

While a RACI matrix is great for seeing who is accountable for each task, it also has several disadvantages, such as:

  • Limited project scope: Inevitably, smaller teams will have fewer resources, which may mean individuals must perform multiple tasks and responsibilities. In such cases, an individual may be responsible for a task and be accountable for the outcome.  Therefore, smaller teams need more clarity to avoid confusion in task responsibilities.
  • Insufficient roles: Sometimes, an assignment of one of the four letters (RACI) cannot describe an employee’s actual role on a specific project. This is because the matrix is often rigid and does not account for a project’s complexities. Therefore, adjustments must be made to account for the mixing of responsibilities and roles.

Best Google Sheets RACI Templates for 2024

For your convenience, I have made several responsibility matrix templates for Google Sheets, which you can use to assign roles to your team members.

If you’re looking for alternative template designs, please check out some of the others I made at the SpreadSheet Point store. Use promo code “SSP” to get 50% off all templates!

Get Premium Templates

Now, let’s take a look at the RACI templates below.

Simple RACI Chart Google Sheets

RACI template Google Sheets—simple RACI chart

When making this RACI Google Sheets template, I kept simplicity in mind. The template features one section that contains the RACI matrix. In the column headers, you can add the names of the individuals working on the project. In the rows, you can add the names of the tasks.

You can choose the R, A, C, and I letters in the matrix using a dropdown menu. I also formatted the roles and responsibilities template to support smaller teams. Each team is represented using a different color. You can add or remove the team members by deleting or adding a column.

You can do this by right-clicking any letter in the column header bar and clicking “Insert 1 column.”

Access Template

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Small Team RACI Matrix Template Google Sheets

RACI matrix template for small teams

I made this responsibility matrix template in Sheets with smaller teams in mind. The template features a simple, intuitive interface that uses colors to simplify project management. The template contains space towards the top where you can enter the name of the project and manager.

Below, I added a section where you can add details about the project. First, add the name of the task and mark its Status. I applied conditional formatting to the Ready column so it turns green if the checkbox is clicked.

You can add the Due Date and then choose its Status and Priority using a dropdown menu by clicking the arrow in the cell.

Finally, add the member names in the Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed sections. These sections are represented using distinct colors, which make it easy to see the data at a glance. You can also add any Notes in the column towards the right.

If you wish to use your labels for the Status and Priority columns, you can change the ones I added to the right of the main Google Sheet RACI template.

Access Template

Gantt Chart RACI Chart Template Google Sheets

RACI template with Gantt chart

Project managers use Gantt charts with the RACI matrix as it combines two of the most important aspects of project planning: scheduling and resource allocation.

I made this RACI chart template with both aspects in mind. This template is similar to the previous one but features a Gantt chart, allowing you to represent the project schedule visually.

You can add the Project Name, Manager, and Date to the top of the RACI project management template. With the basic information filled in, let’s move on to the main section of the template.

This template features two sections. The first section is the RACI template Google Sheets, where you can clarify the roles of the individuals in your team. Write the Task Number, Task Name, and Due Date here.

Now, define the team members’ roles in the Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed columns. Scroll towards the right side of the screen, and you will find the Gantt chart.

Here, all you have to do is click on a cell corresponding to a date, which will fill it. Use this to create a visual timeline of the project.

I recommend using this template if you’re a project manager who needs a free RACI template in Google Sheets to assign roles and create a project schedule.

Access Template

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Project management can be challenging, but it doesn’t need to be. Using a RACI template will save you time and allow easier coordination between team members.

To use the RACI template Google Sheets files I included in this article, open them, click “File,” and “Make a Copy.” This will make a copy of the RACI template in your Google account.

Feel free to share your feedback below and mention tips that have helped you manage your teams effectively. Leave a comment and let me know which template you liked the best.



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