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The Best Habit Tracker Google Sheets Templates for 2024

The best habit tracker spreadsheet templates help you visualize your progress with an interactive worksheet. And what’s the best way to start the new year? For me, it starts with a renewed journey of self-improvement using an intuitive habit tracker Google Sheets template.

In this article, I discuss three habit tracker Google Sheets templates. Each template has benefits and features, allowing you to organize your goals and start the new year correctly. Keep reading as I walk you through the templates, and feel free to download them below to see which template best meets your needs:

What Is a Habit Tracking Spreadsheet?

A Google Sheets habit tracker is a spreadsheet that tracks daily habits and activities. It allows users to organize their habits into easy-to-read rows so that users can track their progress more visually. Furthermore, tracking habits provides extra incentive to persevere while keeping people more motivated to continue doing activities and eventually making it a habit.

I’m trying to learn Swedish, so I like to use a daily habit tracker in Sheets to track the days I have completed a lesson. This helps me stay on track and identify trends to improve my routine later.

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Benefits of Using a Habit Tracker Google Sheets Template

There are many advantages to using a habit tracker template in Sheets. I have found it one of the most effective ways to evaluate my achievements over time while identifying any recurrent setbacks.

Additionally, here are some other reasons why I love about using a habit tracker:

1. Visibility

Habit tracker Google Sheets templates visually represent my habits, making it easier for me to see patterns, trends, and areas for improvement. Using a habit tracker increases my goal awareness while allowing me to stay focused on areas that need improvement.

2. Consistency

Consistency is key to forming new habits. Using a habit tracker Google Sheets template helps me establish a routine by encouraging me to do my tasks consistently and track my success streaks. The visual cues work as reminders to act and stay consistent.

3. Accessibility

Google Sheets can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, allowing me to track and update my habits from anywhere at any time. I can access my habit tracker using a mobile device or a PC, ensuring I stay on track with my goals and habits.

4. Reinforcement

Seeing proof of my progress provides positive reinforcement while boosting my confidence and motivation to continue working on my habits. Additionally, tracking my habits creates a sense of accountability as I see my progress or lack thereof. It motivates me further to continue my progress because I don’t want to break my streak.

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Features of a Google Sheets Habit Tracker Template

Multiple things can be included in a habit tracker template. Some of the ones I like to include are:

  1. Formulas: Whenever possible, I use formulas in my Google Sheets habit trackers to help me calculate streaks, completion rates, or averages based on my habit data.
  2. Tracking: The template should include a system for tracking habits over time, with columns for each day or week where I can mark whether I completed each habit or not.
  3. Customization: A habit tracker Google Sheets template allows me to input my specific habits into a list that I can customize based on my needs and goals.
  4. Data Representation: The template can include visual elements such as conditional formatting, charts, or graphs to help me visualize my habit data and progress.

If you’re looking for how to make a habit tracker in Sheets, adding some features will ensure you create an intuitive and useful template.

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Habit Tracker Spreadsheet Video

Short on time? Check out my 2-minute video, which runs you through the features of all three habit tracker Google Sheets templates. Hit the play button now!

Best Habit Tracker Google Sheets Templates 2024

For your convenience, I have created several habit tracker Google Sheets templates for you to track your habits in 2024.

If you need more variation, then be sure to check out my other spreadsheet templates at the SpreadSheet Point store. Don’t forget to use the promo code “SSP” to get 50% off all templates!

Get Premium Templates

Let’s take a look at the trackers below.

Daily Habit Tracker

Daily Habit Tracker Google Sheets screenshot

This habit tracker Google Sheets 2024 template was designed with two distinctive features in mind: Ease of use and an adaptable interface that works in landscape and portrait orientations.

This daily habit tracker is free and has two sections. The first section shows the total of tracked days, the number of days the task was done, and a progress bar of your progress for the year.

The second section allows users to track habits (a maximum of five habits). Every day the user completes their habit, they can mark the task as done using a checkbox. You will also notice that towards the right, there is a column indicating the success rate with a percentage score and a progress bar that dynamically changes the color according to the completed tasks for the day.

When using this template in Sheets, I recommend entering the top five habits you want to track. The great thing about this template is its simplicity, making it the perfect tool for people who want a quick and easy daily habit tracker.

Monthly Habit Tracker

Monthly Habit Tracker Google Sheets Template

This monthly habit tracker template is great for tracking specific days to complete your tasks. This template allows you to organize and track your habits neatly while being a print-friendly template, so users can have a physical tracker to record their progress.

The template is divided into 12 sections, each representing a month of the year. The top (colored) rows show the month, date, and day of the week. Additionally, I have included a progress bar that allows you to track your progress easily.

I created this template with simplicity in mind. That means you enter your habits in the January section when you open the template. The same habits will automatically be copied to the next month’s section throughout the year so you can track your progress more efficiently.

2024 Habit Tracker

2024 Habit Tracker Google Sheets Template

I designed this free Google Sheets habit tracker template with an overview of the entire year in mind. The template features 12 separate sheets, one for each month of the year. Additionally, every sheet comprises four sections.

The first section has a mini calendar with the dates in that specific month. Below the calendar are columns that track the total number of completed and incomplete habits. These values update automatically according to the habits you enter. Below the statistics is a donut chart that represents the visual values of the statistics above.

Towards the right side of the sheet, there is sufficient space for you to enter your habits, the time, date, and the status of the habit, which you can mark as complete using a checkbox. I recommend using this template if you have multiple tasks that you wish to track.

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As we step into 2024, what are some positive habits you hope to create this year? If you want to use one of my premade habit tracker Google Sheets templates, the easiest way to access them is to click “File” and then “Make a Copy.” This will create a copy of my habit tracker Google Sheets templates in your Google account, allowing you to access them freely.

As mentioned earlier, if you are unsure which template best meets your requirements, download all of them and personalize them according to your needs. Additionally, feel free to share your techniques on how you maintain consistency. Leave your comments below, and let’s inspire others to smash goals in 2024 by making positive changes!

Note that I also made a few RACI templates, which help with project management!


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