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Download a Free Google Sheets Christmas List Template [3 Options]

Want to organize your Christmas shopping more efficiently? If so, a Google Sheets Christmas list template is just what you need. Lucky for you, I’ve created three simple spreadsheet templates that you can download for free, so keep reading to check out my 2024 Google Sheets Christmas list templates below.

Best Christmas List Google Sheet Templates for 2024

If you’re ready to start your Christmas shopping, then check out the first of my Christmas list templates. The first one is the Christmas gift tracker, perfect for streamlining your holiday gift-shopping experience with an easy-to-follow spreadsheet.

Christmas Gift Tracker Template

Google Sheets Christmas list template—gift shopping tracker

This user-friendly Google Sheets Christmas template is divided into three sections. The first section is the heart of the Christmas gift planner spreadsheet template, allowing users to input necessary information, such as:

  • The recipient’s name
  • Gift ideas
  • Essential links to the store pages
  • Gift price
  • Progress status
  • Additional notes

In the second section, I added a Money Box section where I can add my Christmas Budget. This will automatically tell me how much money I have spent and how much of my budget is left, giving me a stress-free holiday season.

The “Money Spent” is calculated by summing up all the values in the “Price” column, while the “Money Left” is calculated by subtracting “Money Spent” from the “Budget.” This real-time calculation ensures that I always stay within my specified budget and remain in control of my budget so I don’t overspend and adjust my Christmas gift list template accordingly.

In the final section of the gift tracker template for Google Sheets, I have added a space to include additional notes about the gifts, such as adding reminders, wrapping preferences, or delivery instructions.

To start tracking your Christmas shopping, hit the button below to get your Christmas Gift Tracker Template.

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Christmas Budget Template

Christmas budget tracker template

It is easy to get carried away with the craziness of the holiday season, so I designed this Christmas budget spreadsheet for Google Sheets with simplicity in mind. The template allows me to organize my expenses into different sections, keeping the spreadsheet tidy. I used simple formulas in the template to automate the calculations so you can focus on having a fantastic Christmas.

The Christmas budget tracker template is divided into six sections. The first section is designated to information about the “Gifts.” Therefore, users add the following information:

  • Recipient’s name
  • Gift
  • Budget
  • Actual amount spent (expenditure)
  • The total amount left after buying the gift

The following sections are reserved for “Food, Decorations, and Miscellaneous” expenses. In these sections, you can clarify the individual items, the budget, and the actual expenditure. By entering these details, the last column will automatically calculate what money is left, ensuring you do not exceed your budget.

The fifth section automatically calculates the total “Budget, Expenditure, and Amount Left.” Using a simple SUM formula, the formula considers the previous four areas, ensuring you can track your expenses.

Finally, the sixth section is the additional “Notes” section. This is useful so you can add specific details, reminders, or other related notes concerning your Christmas budget,

Check out the Christmas Budget Template here.

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Want to track your holiday spending better? Check out our free, downloadable Christmas templates. Watch this 1-minute video to learn more!

Christmas Planner Spreadsheet Template

Christmas planner template

I created this template for people who want to plan their Christmas ahead of time. This template was created vertically, making it mobile and print-friendly. The template has the months of November and December neatly divided along with the dates for both months.

In the “To-Do” column, you add your “to-do” list and mark the checkbox after you have completed the task by simply on it. I have also included a space for additional notes in the rightmost column. Here, you can include any critical details that must be completed on a specific day.

If you want to print out this template, “Make a Copy” > “File” > “Print.” I designed this template for the A4 paper format, so if you want to enlarge or reduce the printable, select the appropriate “Paper size.” To do this, set the “Page orientation” to “Portrait” and the “Scale” to “Fit to page.”

Check out the Christmas Planner Spreadsheet Template here.

Access Template

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Why Use a Google Sheets Christmas List Template?

Although you can use multiple spreadsheet software to create a Christmas list, I prefer to use Google Sheets for some of the following reasons:

Cloud-Based Accessibility

One of the best things about using Google Sheets is that it is entirely web-based. This means I don’t have to worry about taking or printing my spreadsheet files wherever I go. Instead, I only need an internet connection and a supported browser to access my files anywhere.

This is particularly useful when shopping for Christmas gifts because I can create the Christmas list template for Google Sheets on my desktop and access it seamlessly through my smartphone when I am out and about.

Easy Collaboration

Google Sheets allows users to share spreadsheets with others easily (I do this with RPG character sheets, for example). This means I can share my Christmas spreadsheet with my family members, allowing them to view and edit it accordingly.

It is a great feature when coordinating gift purchasing and giving with family members or friends, ensuring everyone receives their gifts on time.

Real-Time Changes

Google Sheets updates in real-time, meaning whenever I change or add information to the Google Sheets Christmas template, it is automatically updated for everyone with access to the sheet. This ensures that my family and friends and I are updated, ensuring no one is confused about what to buy and for how much while keeping everyone on the same page.


One of the best things about using a Google Sheets template is the ability to customize my Christmas list to fit my needs. The sections keep my information well-organized, making my gift-buying and giving process more streamlined.

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Helpful Christmas Gift Shopping Tips

Christmas shopping can be more time-consuming than one might think. Here are some of the things I like to keep in mind when shopping for gifts for Christmas:

1. Plan Gift Shopping a Month Before Christmas

I tend to do most of my Christmas gift shopping near Black Friday. This ensures I finish my Christmas shopping well in advance while increasing my chances of finding the best deals.

2. Use The Christmas Shopping Spreadsheets

Christmas shopping spreadsheets are great for tracking what gifts and where to buy them. I have included a helpful column to indicate if I can buy the gifts online or if I need to go to the physical shops, ensuring I stay organized.

3. Go Online Shopping Before Heading Out to Physical Stores

I prefer to buy gifts online because it means I can have most of them delivered to my doorstep without the hassle of physically going to the shops and carrying heavy bags around a mall.

Additionally, the closer it gets to Christmas, the busier the shops will be, which, if you’re like me and you don’t like crowds, you can avoid the hustle and bustle of the high streets.

4. Buy Gifts from Reliable Retailers

Christmas can be expensive, especially when you have multiple people to buy gifts for. Every penny counts, so looking around to find reputable retailers selling the same product for a cheaper price is always beneficial.

For example, if I want to buy a PlayStation 5 directly from Sony or another authorized seller — I would do a quick Google search to see if there are any special offers from other reputable sellers. I can then check the stores to see if the product is in stock and how much the shipping cost is before paying.

I can also check for any special vouchers for Christmas so I can purchase the product at an even lower price.

5. Look For Inspiration

There are many places I go to for inspiration. My recommendations are Google, Pinterest, Reddit, and YouTube. Just be sure to note everything in your Google Sheets Christmas list template so you can return to it later.

“Wrapping” Up This Google Sheets Christmas List Template Guide

As we wrap up, I hope you have downloaded at least one Google Sheets Christmas list template or all of them if they are helpful. Remember that you can personalize each template to meet your needs, which should help streamline your Christmas shopping this year. So, all you have to do now is wrap up all your presents and enjoy the festive season!

If you want more templates, don’t forget to check out our SpreadSheetPoint store and enter the promo code “SSP” to get 50% off all templates! Happy holidays!

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