How To Turn Off Scroll Lock in Excel in 2 Minutes

Do you need to learn how to turn off scroll lock in Excel? You’re in luck because it is simple! You need to find the scroll lock key on your keyboard and press the Fn + Shift + F12 shortcut for Windows or Fn + F14 on a Mac. And that’s it, but don’t worry; we will share more information in this article. So, read on to keep learning.

What Is Scroll Lock?

In most operating systems, scroll lock is a function that allows the user to alter the behavior of arrow keys on the keyboard. When the function is activated, you can use the arrow keys to scroll through the worksheet instead of moving the active cell. This feature is extremely useful when I work with more extensive spreadsheets or don’t want to use my mouse to move around the spreadsheet.

Power users generally use scroll lock to improve efficiency, as they can navigate documents more easily without accidentally moving or scrolling through the page. It is relevant when working with extensive data sets that span dozens of rows and columns. Furthermore, the scroll lock feature can be activated using a single key on most keyboards, making this feature accessible to most users.

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Benefits of Using Scroll Lock in Excel

I like using scroll lock in my Excel workbooks for several reasons. Some of them include:

Easy Navigation:

  • Scroll Lock facilitates effortless navigation through extensive spreadsheets.
  • The arrow keys can be used to scroll without changing the active cell.

Efficient Analysis:

  • Scroll Lock streamlines data analysis.
  • The function allows the user to keep a specific cell or header in view while scrolling for easy comparison.

Precise Data Entry:

  • Scroll Lock enables precise data entry into a fixed location.
  • It also prevents accidental cell changes, ensuring data input accuracy.

Enhanced Visualization:

  • Scroll lock maintains context during data work.
  • It also considers the key data points for better trend and pattern recognition.

Improved Productivity:

  • Accelerates data analysis tasks in Excel.
  • It saves time by eliminating the need for constant scrolling and repositioning.

Customized Navigation:

  • Toggle the scroll lock for flexible Excel interaction.
  • Adapts to different tasks, enhancing overall workflow efficiency.

How To Check if Scroll Lock Is Enabled

Before I show you how to turn off scroll lock in Excel, let me first show you how to check if the scroll lock is enabled in Excel.

How to turn off scroll lock in Excel—Scroll Lock in the bottom corner in Excel

When the scroll lock is enabled, a “Scroll Lock” message will appear in the bottom status bar of your Excel workbook. When the message is displayed in the Excel status bar, the scroll lock feature is enabled in your current Excel workbook.

Check Scroll lock in the menu

If you can’t see the scroll lock text in the Excel status bar, ensure the option to show the scroll lock status is enabled. To do this, right-click the status bar to open a drop-down menu. You will see the “Scroll Lock” option, which should be turned “On.”

If the “Scroll Lock” option is “On,” but you can’t see the “Scroll Lock” message in the Excel status bar, then that means that the feature is turned off.

An alternative way to check if the scroll lock is enabled is by using the arrow keys to see if the selected cell cursor moves in the arrow direction. If the entire spreadsheet starts moving instead of the selected cell, then that means that the scroll lock feature is turned on in your workbook.

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How To Toggle Scroll Lock in Excel

Scroll lock isn’t an Excel-exclusive feature. Instead, it’s an operating system functionality that you can enable or disable systemwide on your Windows or macOS computer. Turning the scroll lock function off in Excel can also be done outside of Excel.

Next, we will discuss several methods to remove the scroll lock function in Excel in the section below. To ease you into the different techniques, I will start with the most straightforward way and progress to the harder ones.

How To Turn Off Scroll Lock in Excel With Keyboard Shortcuts

Both macOS and Windows allow users to control a lot of the functionality of the OS using their keyboards. Let me show you how to unlock the scroll lock in Excel on both Windows and Mac.


The easiest way to turn off the scroll lock is by pressing the “Scroll Lock” key on your keyboard. However, this only works for keyboards with a dedicated ScLk key, usually present in full size on 100% keyboards. The key can generally be found between the “Pause/Break” and “Print Screen (prt sc) keys on your keyboard.

However, if you are using a laptop or a compact keyboard, it’s more than likely that you will not have a dedicated scroll lock key. If you use an external keyboard attached to your laptop or computer using a wired or wireless connection, it is likely to be a full-sized keyboard, meaning you can press and hold the “Function (Fn) key and then click on the “Scroll Lock” key.

Of course, there are always variations, depending on your laptop manufacturer, which will have different shortcuts for scroll locks on the keyboard.

Below, I have included a list of the common laptop manufacturers and the subsequent keyboard shortcuts:

  • Dell: Fn + S
  • HP EliteBook/Probook & Lenovo ThinkPad: Fn + C
  • HP Zbook: Win + Fn + C
  • ASUS Vivobook and Lenovo 440: Fn + K
  • Logitech K220: Fn + PgUp


Mac essentially has two keyboard variations: Compact/short and extended keyboards. If you’re using the extended keyboard for Mac, you can turn the toggle on for the Excel scroll lock by pressing the F14 key. Press the Fn + F14 shortcut to activate the scroll lock if the function key is turned off on your Mac.

Similar to a Windows keyboard, if you use a Macbook keyboard, you will not have an extended keyboard layout, meaning you won’t be able to use the F14 key for Excel to turn off the scroll lock. If so, you can use the keyboard shortcut Fn + Shift + F12 to turn the toggle on for the scroll lock.

How To Remove Scroll Lock Using the Onscreen Keyboard

If you cannot use the scroll lock shortcut on your physical keyboard, an alternative method is to use the onscreen keyboard in Windows to disable the scroll lock. Follow the steps below to undo the scroll lock on Excel:

  1. I first need to open the onscreen keyboard to turn off the scroll lock. I open the start menu by pressing the “Windows” key or the “Start Menu” button.
Open the on screen keyboard on Windows
  1. In the start menu, I type in “Onscreen Keyboard” and click on the application’s name to open it.
Turn on scroll lock using an on screen keyboard
  1. I press the “ScrLk” button on the keyboard window to enable or disable the scroll lock.
    • The key will appear lighter if the scroll lock is on.
    • Alternatively, if the key is the same color as the other keys, this indicates that the function is disabled.
  1. When done, I press the “Cross” button at the top right side of the window to close the onscreen keyboard.

How To Toggle Scroll Lock in Excel With Registry Editor

If, for some reason, the other methods don’t work for you, I recommend using the Windows registry editor to turn off the scroll lock.

The registry editor is a powerful tool that allows users to change Windows settings. Before using this method, I suggest backing up your Windows if anything goes wrong. Once you have done that, follow these steps to turn off the scroll lock feature using the Windows registry editor:

  1. First, I open the start menu by pressing the “Windows” key or the “Start Menu” button.
Open the registry editor
  1. I type “regedit” in the start menu and click on the app.
Open the keyboard options in the registry editor
  1. To expand the options, I click the little arrow beside HKEY_CURRENT_USER in the registry editor.
  2. Now, I click the arrow beside the “Control Panel” and then on the “Keyboard” button.
Change the value to 0 and press okay
  1. I double-click on “InitialKeyboardIndicators” and change the “Value data” parameter to “0.”
  2. Then, I press the “OK” button to save the changes.

If you have followed these steps and the scroll lock isn’t disabled on your PC, restart your computer, and the scroll lock should be turned off.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Scrolling Locked in Excel?

Scrolling may be locked in your Excel workbook because the scroll lock is turned on. When the scroll lock is turned on, pressing the arrow keys on your keyboard will allow you to scroll through the worksheet without moving the cell cursor.

This feature can help with data analysis, precise data entry, and consistent referencing in more extensive spreadsheets, improving workflow efficiency.

Where Is the Scroll Lock Key?

The location of the “Scroll Lock” key depends on your keyboard type and manufacturer. Most full-sized, standard desktop keyboards have the scroll lock key towards the top right side between the “Pause/Break” and “Print Screen” keys.

However, smaller, compact keyboards, like laptop keyboards, do not have a dedicated scroll lock key. Instead, it may be a secondary keyboard function that can be accessed using the “Fn” key.

Where Is the Scroll Lock Key on a Laptop?

As mentioned above, laptop manufacturers tend to have different shortcuts for scroll locks. Here are some of the common shortcuts:

  • Fn + S for Dell
  • Fn + C for HP EliteBook/Probook and Lenovo ThinkPad
  • Win + Fn + C for HP Zbook
  • Fn + K for ASUS Vivobook and Lenovo 440
  • Fn + PgUp for Logitech K220

How Do You Disable Scroll Lock Without a Keyboard?

You can turn off the scroll lock without a physical scroll lock key using the onscreen keyboard. To do this, open the start menu by pressing the “Windows” key button, type in “OnScreen Keyboard,” and click on the application’s name to open it. Then, press the “ScrLk” button to enable or disable the scroll lock there.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know how to turn off scroll lock in Excel by pressing the scroll lock key, you can tackle your complex spreadsheet tasks more quickly and efficiently. Of course, it is worthwhile for you to try using the function to see if it meets your needs. You can turn it off and try another keyboard shortcut if it is not applicable.

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