3 Easy Reseller Spreadsheet Templates for Google Sheets

Google Sheets makes it simple to meet your reseller inventory needs. With its ability to organize and centralize your data, share with business partners, and customize it according to your needs, Google Sheets offers a cost-effective solution to inventory management.

In this article, we’ll explain what a good template needs and provide some free reseller spreadsheet templates for Google Sheets to streamline your life and boost your sales.

Why Use a Google Sheets Reseller Spreadsheet

There are multiple reasons why you should look to use Google Sheets for creating a reseller inventory spreadsheet (and, of course, for figuring out the impacts of compound interest). Some of these include:

  • Organization of Data: Spreadsheets are often used by businesses as they let users structure and organize their items by creating columns for various categories like item names, quantities, prices, and other relevant information. Proper organization of data means that you won’t have to spend time sifting through data trying to find a search term. You can also use the find feature in Sheets to quickly locate an item’s name in the spreadsheet.
  • Centralized Data: When you use an inventory template, all your inventory data is stored in one file on Google’s cloud servers which means your data is safe. This also means that you don’t have to go through multiple pages of a physical invoice book.
  • Sharing: You can also share your Google Sheets with your business partners using Google Sheets collaboration features. You can give them specific permissions. You can either allow them only to be able to view the reseller spreadsheet template, or they can also make changes to it. These changes are also stored in the version history so you can view all the individual changes.
  • Cost Effective: Google Sheets is free-to-use if you’re running a small business or are an individual seller. This saves you from the cost and hassle of buying specialized inventory management software. Sales tracking software is often very costly, so using free Sheets sales templates can save you a lot of extra costs.
  • Customization: Google Sheets inventory spreadsheet examples can be customized according to your needs. You can format the cells in your spreadsheet to be visually appealing, and you can use formulas to automate many calculations. You can also add charts to your template, which can be used to represent the profit made visually.

Now that you know some of the benefits of using Google Sheets. Here are 9 of the best Sheets templates to streamline your life.

Free Reseller Spreadsheet Templates for Google Sheets

Here are three of the best reseller Google Sheets templates:

Reseller Inventory Spreadsheet Template

Reseller Spreadsheet template 1

Access Template

This first spreadsheet for resellers is better suited for people who create multiple listings for multiple items on different sites. The template is straightforward and uses formulas that can automate many calculations. You can add data for various categories in this reseller inventory template. These are Item ID, Item Name, Price, Quantity, Total Price, Listing Date, and the platform the item is Listed On.

The Total Price is calculated automatically by multiplying the Price and Quantity. To add the sites on which you want to list the items, click and drag to select the H5:J242 cell range. Right-click on the selected part and click on Dropdown in the popup menu. Here, you can edit the options under Criteria. We already added the space for three options, but you can add more by clicking the Add another item button.

Sales and Inventory Spreadsheet Template

Reseller Inventory Spreadsheet Tracker 2

Access Template

This next template is better suited for people who resell individual items. The template is similar to the previous one in its format but features different categories. As an item identifier, you can add the Name, Description, the item’s Brand, and Store. You can also add the Purchase Date and Purchase Price as well as the Sell Date and Sell Price. Once you add the sell and purchase price, the template will automatically calculate the Profit for the item. Optionally, you can add any additional notes in the Notes section.

Creating profit and loss statements for a scaling company is essential as they help you make the right business decisions. Here is a free Sheets profit and loss template for 2024.

Buyer and Seller Tracking Spreadsheet Template

Reseller Spreadsheet Template 3

Access Template

This free inventory spreadsheet template best suits resellers who want to keep track of their items in categories. This template contains four distinct sections: Item, Seller, Buyer, and Transaction details. You can add the item’s Name, Brand, and Condition in the Item Details section. In the Seller Details, you can add the seller’s Name and Contact number as well as the price the item was Bought For and its Buying Date. In Buyer Details, you can add the customer’s Name and Contact, the price the item was Sold For, and the date it was Sold On. Finally, you can check the Profit for the item in the Transaction Details and add your Notes there.

Inventory management software can cost a lot of money, which is essential for a scaling business. Instead, you can use our free inventory template for Google Sheets to keep track of your inventory.

Wrapping Up

Reselling is supposed to be an efficient way to make money. Make it a little easier by using a reseller spreadsheet template for Google Sheets from our above article. Let us know in the comments which one you chose and anything you changed about it. If you found these templates useful, check out our premium templates too. Remember to use the code SSP at checkout to save 50%.

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